Watching Thru Window

The sun was just starting to set as the cab dropped me off
on the corner of my apartment complex. I’d been flying all day
and was dead tired, all I was looking forward to a hot shower and
a warm bed.

I closed my front door and collapsed into my easy chair for
a few minutes to rest my feet. I disposed of my high heels,
dimmed the light next to the chair and fell back with my eyes
closed to let the hectic day I’d had disappear along with the sun
that slowly drifting below the horizon. I could still see rays
of sunlight peeking across the roof of the house next door.

I must have fallen asleep there in the chair, because when my
eyes opened again, it was dark outside. My own living room was
dark as well, the only illumination coming from a window in the
house next door..

I sat there for a few minutes just daydreaming; the nap had
refreshed me and I was feeling a lot better. I was just getting
ready to head for the shower when I saw a figure move in the
window of the building next door. The window was a rear bedroom
and the room was lit only by a small lamp on a bedside table.

My eyes opened wider when I realized that the figure was a man
moving around in the room wearing only a pair of jockey shorts.

He sat on the edge of the bed with his back to me. I couldn’t
quite make out what he was doing but he was leaning over toward
the table at the side of the bed.

I was still in need of a hot shower and some sleep but I was
frozen in place at the sight of this near naked man in front of
me. His bedroom window was not very far away and I could see
that he had a fine body, and was in very good shape. I hadn’t
met the man since he’d moved in a couple of weeks ago but the
growing warmth coming from between my legs was making wish that I

The man was still leaning over his bedside table, so I stood
up and stretched. I was still surrounded by darkness so I knew
there was no way anyone could see me. I slowly took off my skirt
and blouse and dropped them to the floor. I was still looking at
my newfound neighbor as I started to massage my breasts. My
nipples were getting hard with all the unspoken images running
through my mind. When I saw my neighbor sit back upright, I
removed my bra and panties and sat back in my easy chair to see
what else I could spy on.

My chair felt luxurious as it wrapped around my bare
buttocks. There was enough room between the armrests to spread
my legs wide and still have a wonderful view of my neighbors
bedroom. I run my hands down from my breasts and let them play
through my pubic hair. I was starting to get very wet and turned
on by what I was doing. I had never had any voyeuristic
experience before, but the wetness between my legs told me that I
was enjoying it immensely.

My neighbor had found whatever he was looking for and had
reached up and turned his light down a click in brightness.
A tingle ran through my body as my neighbor reached up to his
waist and in one quick movement, stripped off his jockey shorts.
As he lifted off the bed to remove them I could see the cheeks of
his firm, hard ass. I stared at his muscular rear end and
slipped a finger down between the lips of my pussy. My pussy was
soaking wet at the sight of this sexy body in front of me. The
fact that I was getting an unauthorized view of it was also
turning me on.

I was breathing very deeply and stroking my pussy when my
neighbor suddenly lay back on the bed. His back was still toward
me but the sudden view of his fine backside and trim naked body
sent another chill through my body. I started to stroke my clit
slowly, wetting it with juices flowing from my pussy. My fingers
were covered with now and it added to the pleasure I was feeling
all over.

My neighbor still had his back to me; he was laying on his
right side and was propped up on his arm like he was reading a
book. His left arm was dangled down his side and he was stroking
his hips slowly with his hand. His hand disappeared in front
of his body and I could just make out his ass moving back and
forth in small, short movements.

It was obvious to me what he was doing. The fact that I was
watching secretly was turning me on like I had never been turned
on before. My fingers were stroking my clit and pussy furiously
as the passion was building up between my legs. I leaned back a
little more and placed my legs up on the armrests of my big
chair. My legs were spread, my hot pussy was wickedly open as I
fingered myself in pleasure.

I was very close to coming now as I continued to stroke and
probe my cunt. The ittle tremors of pleasure I was creating were
making me shiver in ectasy. My neighbor was pistoning his hips
back and forth now a little more forcefully.

He moved so that he was laying on his back and my breath was
taken away in a loud gasp as his cock was suddenly ‘There’, in
full magnificent glory. It was huge, bigger than any I’d ever
seen before. His hand was stroking it up and down in a rapid,
fever pitched pace. He was now arching his hips in time with
each stroke on his red, hot cock. He was practically fucking his
hand and I was suddenly wishing that I was there instead of his
hand. I could practically feel his cock as it pistoned in and
out of my dripping cunt. Stabbing me with pleasure and filling
me with wild abandoned ecstasy.
My orgasm was almost upon me when my neighbor suddenly
stopped in mid thrust, his hips still off the bed and his hand
was gripping his cock tightly at the base. He coiled and gave
one last thrust into the air. A string of white cum exploded
from the tip of his cock and shot into the air. He spasmed
again, and then a third time. I watched his cock shooting his
load of cum and bit my lips as my own body arched out of my
chair. My fingers slid into my cunt and penetrated deeply as an
orgasm shook my body. I felt dizzy as wave after wave of
pleasure spun through me as I collapsed into my chair.

My neighbor had fallen back onto his bed and seemed to be
doing the same thing as I was. Trying to regain his lost breath
and calm down. It seemed to me that he had had a wonderful come
but I had never felt any pleasure to surpass what I had just

After several minutes of resting there on his bed, my
neighbor sat up and pulled on his shorts again. He reached up
and turned off his bedside lamp and his room was lit only by a
light from another room. He stood and walked over to his window
and looked out. I could see his silhouette in the window clearly
as he stood there looking out. I was sure that he couldn’t see
me at all, even as close as our houses were because of the
darkness of my room.

A sudden wicked thought ran through my mind and before I
could change my mind, I reached up and clicked on the lamp next
to my chair. I couldn’t see his face but I was sure his jaw was
dropping in shock as I was suddenly illuminated, with my legs
still spread wide. My pussy was still glistening with moisture
and in full view for him to see.
The outline of my neighbor was frozen into place. As he
reached down and pulled open his window I clicked the light back
off and disappeared into the darkness again. I stood and walked
to the window and I could feel the wetness from my pussy start to
run down my leg. Little aftershocks from my orgasm were still
making my legs shaky as I reached up and pulled my curtains
closed. The last view of my new neighbor was of him leaning out
of his window, probably straining to get a better view of me but
I remained in the dark.

After I closed the curtains, I turned and let out a long
tremendous sigh. I was even more need of a shower and rest than
when I had first returned home. I stepped into the hot stream of
water and felt a wave of tension flow from my body as the
pulsating spray washed over me. I stayed in the hot shower for
almost 30 minutes and emerged clean and ready to hit the sack.

My mind was filled with images of the scene I had just
played with my new neighbor. I could only imagine what was going
through his mind. I lay down on my bed and pictured his sculpted
body through his window. I was drifting off into sleep so I
leaned over to turn off the light. Out of the corner of my eye I
noticed a light come on in my neighbor’s window. I waited till I
could see his figure in the middle of the room then I clicked off
the light and bathed my bedroom in darkness.

My neighbor looked up as my light went off and I could see
him studying my dark window. He moved over and sat down on the
edge of his bed, still looking intently at my window. Still
sitting on the bed, he reached over to his lamp and then cast
himself into the dark.

I sat there for several minutes, wondering what he was
doing. I had the feeling that he was still sitting there on his
bed, watching my window, waiting.

With my breath held tightly, I reached up and turned my
light back on. I knew that I would be in perfect view for my
neighbor. I wondered briefly whether I’d have the courage to go
onto to the next step.

I stood up and walked to my closet. I was out of his view
so I quickly dropped my robe and put on a very sheer, very short
baby doll nightgown, then put my robe back on and moved back into
view. I stretched luxuriously, making a big show of it while
standing right next to my bed. Keeping my back to the window, I
let the robe fall open and down around my shoulders. I turned
around sat down on the bed, knowing that my open robe was very
revealing. My nipples were getting hard and I looked at the dark
window next door and wondered if my neighbor was still there. I
was sure that he was and I was going to take full advantage of
the situation.

I started to massage my breasts through the opening in my
robe. My baby doll nightgown was more like a sheer robe that
opened in front. As I kneaded my breasts and pinched my nipples,
it started to open and fall away. I closed my eyes and imagined
that it was my wonderful neighbor’s hands that were moving under
my robe. I could feel myself becoming excited and slowly moved
one hand from my breast down to my stomach. As I stroked myself
I could feel a familar wetness start again between my legs.

I was determined to put on a good show for my man next door.
I moved a hand between my lips and let it play over my pubic
hair. I opened my legs slightly but kept my pussy blocked from
his view with my hand. I was sure he could tell I was fingering
myself. I slid a finger inside and felt the juicing starting to
flow. Slowly I pulled it out and brought it to my lips. My
tongue played over it and I sucked my finger into my mouth. I
could taste my wetness and it made me even more excited.

I continued fingering my pussy and stroking my tits for
several minutes. I was getting very excited just thinking about
the man who was watching in the dark next door. A small orgasm
shot through me as I imagined his fingers penetrating the lips of
my pussy. I pulled my legs up on the bed and lay back against
the headboard of the bed.

My robe had now fallen completely off of my shoulders and
was crumpled underneath me. I slowly pulled the baby doll off
and was now laying completely naked. I moved over on my side so
that was in the same position that I had watched my neighbor in.
I was on my side, with my ass open to the window for him to see.
I reached over to the table beside my bed and reached into the
drawer to pull out a vibrator that I kept there. I kept the
vibrator out of my neighbors sight. With my back still towards
the window, I played the vibrator over my nipples and breasts.
The vibrations caused little ripples of pleasure to flow through
me and made my nipples even harder.

I moved the vibrator down between my legs and let it slide
over my clit. I jumped in shock as the tip touched me, I was
getting very turned again and my pussy lips were opening as the
pleasure started to build.

I was ready to include my neighbor in the next part of my
act so I moved over to my back and slid across the bed till I was
closer to the window. I brought the vibrator up so that it was
in full view, then brought the tip down to rest right on my clit.

I massaged my pussy with the vibrator for several minutes without
actually penetrating it. I dangled a leg off the side of the bed
for a more tantalizing view and continued to pleasure myself with
the vibrator. My breast were heaving as another orgasm was
building within me but I was determined to finish the drama I had

I pulled the vibrator from my clit and slid my legs off the
bed until I was sitting directly in front of the window in
complete view of my neighbor. Then I reached over to the table
and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. Making a big show of it, I
covered the vibrator completely with the KY, then I rubbed what
was left on my fingers into the lips of my pussy. My legs were
spreading wider and I was completely exposed.

I slowly lay back on the bed and opened my legs even wider.
My pussy was wet and open now and I placed the vibrator right at
the entrance to my cunt. My breathing was becoming labored and I
was dying to cum but I slowly pushed the vibrator until it forced
open my pussy. The vibrator was sending waves of pleasure
through my but I kept it from penetrating me. Then inch by inch,

I pushed it in till it filled me completely, stretching the lips
of my cunt and making me tremble in pleasure. I pulled it all
the way out until just the tip remained inside me and then I
shoved it all the way inside in one hard thrust. I started to
fuck my pussy wildly with the vibrator, moving my hips in rhythm
with each stroke. I was thrashing about the bed now violently
as my orgasm was buildng to a tremendous level. The combination
of the vibrator, and the thought of the man next door with a
perfect view of my wickedly spread legs brought me to a
wonderful, totally earthshaking orgasm. I arched my back toward
the window, just as my neighbor had done earlier, as my body
shook in pleasure.

After it was over I fell back on the bed, with my legs still
spread toward the window. The vibrator was still embedded deep
inside my pussy and juice was dripping onto the bed. I had never
felt to totally nasty and wicked. I felt like I could hardly
move and it took a concentrated effort to rise up on my elbows
and reach over to turn out the light.
After I clicked the light off I fell back on my side and
looked toward the dark window next door. Several seconds passed
in silence as I recovered and watched the window. I was sure
that he had been watching but I couldn’t tell in the darkness.

Just as I was about to lay back and go to sleep a light
flared. My neighbor had struck a match to light a cigarette he
had been there after all. In the light of the match I could see
him clearly, sitting in a chair in front of the window. As he
held the match out to blow it out, the light extended down his
body and I could make out his cock, still semi-hard, and still
covered with come. It was glistening in the light just as my wet
pussy had glistened before. He brought the match up to his lips
and blew it out. The room dropped back into darkness and I could
see no more movement.

I could feel the vibrator start to fall from my pussy. It
slowly slid out, still sticky from the KY and from my pussy
juices. I didn’t have the strength to put it away. I just lay
my head back on my pillow and fell asleep dreaming about my new
neighbor, and all the fun we were going have.