The Three Of Us

I await for Sam to get here. An old friend dating back for some
35 years. I do not know what happened to him, flying high on the
Texas oil boom for so many years and now without a penny to his
name, I do not really feel sorry for him but I can not leave him
in the cold since he really wants to come back to the area to
live. Hope I can help him get back on his feet!

Its around 9PM when he arrives, his gleeful smile and happy-go-lucky
attitude mask the depression he must be feeling. “Hi Dan how’s every
little thing?” he asks then turning to her he say “Hi Karen”. My wife
does not want him staying with us as she feels that the drain on
our finances will be to great. She manages to utter “Hello Sam, glad
your finally here we were worried about you on the long trip!” What
tripe but it sounded warm and friendly, what more can I ask for. “Let
me show you to your room so we can put you bags there and you can get
use to a hard floor under your feet again.” I said feeling happy that
all the ill had been melted and things were off on the right track!

We quickly went out to his Jeep Wagoneer and unstrapped some of his
belongings from the roof of the car. This was sad as almost all of
him was carried in a car. We took a few of the suitcases and bags to
our fourth bedroom so Sam could unpack the items he needed most for
the next few days. As we walked up the stairs I looked back at him
and could see the tiredness in and around his eyes. He said “I’ll get
the rest tomorrow, I need a glass of pop and some rest! This 1200
mile trip with only a night sleep has me pooped!” ” I understand and
we can do whatever when you wake up.” were the only words I could
muster up.

We walked into the family room and Karen sat there watching TV. She
was about to turn off the tube from what we had been watching when
I said ” Leave it on, Sam’s tired and going to bed so we might as well
watch the rest.” She smiled and asked if things were to his liking
and comfort? As he poured his pop over the ice he smiled at her as
he assured her that everything was great. He sat with me on the couch
as he drank with his body slouching as he deeply relaxed. Finishing
his first and second glasses of pop he said “Good night all – I’ll
catch you in the morning” and started the walk to his room.

“Karen, thanks for being friendly. You did not even ask what had
happened to him?” I spoke quietly. ” He would do the same if the
roles were reversed. When he can speak freely about it, he will let
us know.” her firm voice continued ” I only hope he can sleep and
rest up from coming back.” That was reassuring to me to hear the
concern in her voice instead of worrying about our household. With
that we watched the rest of the program and the 11 O’clock news and
trotted off to bed.

I awoke the next morning feeling like a million dollars, the sun behind
the curtains let me know it was daybreak. On Saturday mornings I always
slept in but with Sam around I did not want to miss a wakening moment
that I might spend with him to help him out. I looked over and Karen
had all ready arisen, the thoughts of pancakes and sausage filled my
mind as I new breakfast could not be but minutes away from my
belly, but the smell was missing where was that smell?

I walked down the hallway toward the stairs, my ears picked up the
soft moaning sounds that were emerging from the spare bedroom. Quietly
I approached the door and found it cracked open. All I could see was
Sam’s hairy ass as it raised and lowered in Karen. Her legs were wrapped
around Sam’s ass and the two of them were going strong. Both of them were
moaning like animals in heat. I wanted to burst in to stop this fucking
but something just held me back as I watched some more. Sam’s pounding
ass was moving faster as he slammed away at her box. His breathing was
becoming more labored as was hers. You could tell that her legs were in
a vise grip on him so he had to lift her weight as well as his on each
mighty stroke. She would clench her legs to move her cunt up his rod
as he lifted her off the bed and she slid down his cock on the downward
thrust as he would bury his rod deep in her twat. My cock started to
rise just as if I were watching an “X” movie or reading a BBS adult text
file. They were moving at a quickened pace then Sam hung in mid air and
Karen raised herself on his rod until his grunting was all over. She
just hung their as his cum must have been filling her hot box. Then Karen
continued to ride on his cock, moving at great pace so she could cum too!
She hurried, then slowed her pace, as I heard that little scream that
indicated that she had just released her own spasm and I could feel
her contractions pulse around my now rigid cock as I watched. Sam then
collapsed onto her body, holding her tight to kiss her lovely lips, then
rolled his body off to the bed. Her eyes were closed so I could tell that
she had enjoyed herself.

As he lay there Karen rose and kissed him hard on his mouth. I saw
her then lick down his body till she found the shriving cock that
had just brought her to extascy. Her mouth opened and she took it in,
sucking his last drops of cum from his now limp rod. She must have also
been cleaning her own juice off his outside skin. She was down there
for some 5 or 10 minutes before the rod started to stiffen in her mouth
you could see her head raise from his thighs. Soon her head was a full
6 inches off his torso as she held his cock head between her sultry lips.
Her mouth sucked harder as her head moved up and down his cock length
with those cheeks caved in showing the great suction that was being
applied. She looked as hungry as I had ever seen her as her head moved
down that pole till her lips brushed his pubic hair, hanging their, not
moving as she must provide a warm and wet sheath around his rod to make
it as comfortable as could be.

I watched with mixed emotions, I so wanted to break it up but was
afraid. I knew in my mind that to do so would end Sam’s stay and he had
nowhere else to go. My best friend and wife, how could I allow this to
be in front of me? My wife and my best friend, how to stop this without
loosing one or both. I thought for a moment as my hardon raged, telling
me I had to take care of my stimulation first, so I went back to the

Laying down on the bed all my mind would allow me to think of was my own
my own pulsing cock. The sight of the 2 of them had made me so horny that
my thoughts were only of myself. Could it be that this watching was going
to be my turn-on. The feeling of my hand grasping my rod tightly felt ever
so good. The soft pumping in its up and down action tingled the spirits
of my soul, this was great. My stroking on my pulsing cock became harder
and faster, I could feel all of her as if she had been doing me instead
of Sam. The precum that had moistened my cock felt good in my hand as
their figures danced in my mind. Those balls of mine started to ache. My
pumping became faster till the hot cum shot up in the air splattering
all over myself and the bed, the warmness of her mouth being all that was
in my head helped the lust of the moment. I still felt her mouth as my
rod slackened in my palm and the room smelled of my self induced sex. I
could only lay there, exhausted and drained.

My sex released, I quickly returned to reality. The thought of never
making a decision that would not hurt, one way or the other, dwelled in
my brain. Sam and Karen must never know I watched or how much I enjoyed
it. I then drifted back to sleep, as I should have been all along, never
to have seen the 2 of them together.

I was awakened by a soft hand on my shoulder. There she was, my loving
wife, Karen looking down at me telling me it was time to rise and shine.
The breakfast was ready and they were awaiting only me. I rose and taking
her arm pulled her over to kiss her, my mouth met her lips and my tongue
pierced her lips and teeth. Argh, only mouthwash was to be had, instead
of tasting the sex that she had so boldly participated. Not wanting her
to sense the test I let my kiss linger as her hands roamed my head.

“STOP” or we will never get any food this morning she said. With that
Karen pivoted away and walked downstairs. Yea I thought she’s all ready
had her fill this morning but all I had was my hand, no wonder she was
fulfilled. I threw on my old clothes to walk after her to have a seat at
the kitchen table.

Not suprizingly Sam was already seated and looked up at me as I entered.
“Great morning isn’t it!” he spoke cheerfully. “Sure is, the suns out and
the weathers excellent. What more could you wish for.” I spoke as I know
I would feel the same way had Karen just done me as she had him. Without
to many more word of greeting we all sat down to scrambled eggs and bacon.
As the food enter my mouth my gaze kept going toward the 2 of them. They
were concerned more about each other than me and I caught them exchanging
glances back and forth, just smiling at each other. The food was good
but the conversation was lousy.

After breakfast Sam and I returned to unloading his car. I had never
realized how much the wagoneer could hold or how many steps it was
carrying stuff upstairs. We made load after load upstairs, filling
what use to be an uncluttered room. Now things were piled high all over
the bed and floor. Sam brought up a single sack that he held like a
baby. “Hope you didn’t strain yourself” I said. “No its for later this
evening and I didn’t want it to break” he uttered.

Finishing the pack mule stuff I left Sam to put it away as I headed
downstairs to watch some TV. You could hear Sam cussing as well as
his heavy footsteps as he tried to clear his clutter. The TV was
showing some great football and I was soon lost into the professional
game. Time always slipped by for me during football games. Sam had
joined me for the last half of the game and the male bonding we shared
arose in my mind as I realized why we invited him here in the first
place. All that was seen was soon forgotten as it no longer was a main
stream emotion.

His hurt shown through his cheerful exterior. This proud man had lost
all most everything he had and was now seeking my help to reestablish
himself as a human being. As the game went on I was attentive to his
needs, listening, cheering, and generally boosting his ego to main
stream his emotions so he knew he wasn’t alone.

Our nostrils were filled with good smells as the game ended and the
news came on. Pungent smells of Italian food filled the air as we knew
that Karen was fixing something delicious for our meal. We were called
for dinner and went to the table as if starved, which we were. There
before us were an assortment of goodies salad piled with olives, a bowl
of nectarines, and pizza piled high with black olives. As we sat we were
told that this is a passion dinner so we better eat well and with that
she brought forth a bottle of red wine. She poured the wine and as a
glass would empty she would refill it to the brim.

Later that evening things had gotten boring, most of all the chit-chat
had subsided and lulls of silence filled the air. My concentration was
on keeping empty my glass of wine till the bottles were empty. Karen
jumped up and said she had a gift for us, a video we hadn’t seen before.
She ran to get the tape as Sam said since the wine was gone he would
break out what he brought with him. I watched as now both had disappeared.

Sam reappeared first with the bag he had gently carried. Opening the
bag uncovered a gallon bottle of wine, the red type with fruit pith in
it. Karen soon came back and stuck the tape in the VCR and switched the
channels for the movie to come on. As I swallowed the sweet wine that
tasted like pop the movie exploded into view. It wasted no time and got
right to the point.

There before us was a gal sucking on a monster cock. The gal was licking
the cock up and down its length. She would pause now and then to put
the cock head between her lips to hold it there like to warm it from
the cold. She then licked it some more before squawatting over this hard
rod and making it disappear in her twat. She pumped up and down with her
puss for a long time then rose so the load of semen shot up into the air
all over the guy. Then she licked him clean all up and down his body.
The picture faded and another came up of the same gal doing a black stud
who had a more well endowed manhood. The black must of been 10 inches
long plus had an enormous thickness. She licked up and down this rod as
her tongue looked much smaller in comparison than in the last scene.

Karen came over to sit between Sam and I on the couch. She leaned toward
me and whispered “You shouldn’t be alone to watch this”. With that the
movie panned the gal taking the black cock between her lips and going
down over its length. I felt my zipper coming down with my hardness
popping from my underware as they were opened. The video was showing
her lips pursed around the blacks cock just as Karen’s lips encircled
mine. My god what a feeling, the wetness, the warmth, the tongue as
it played with my cock head. My head went back as I scooted forward to
give her a better shot of my stiffness.

My head swilled as my lust grew higher. Karen’s head moved slowly as if
she was meeting a stranger and wanted to make sure she didn’t overlook
anything important. Her tongue flicked past the opening on my cock just
pausing long enough to lick her tip across its slit. My eyes were well
shut as in the darkness my feelings heightened. Her warmness was making
my balls ache as she brought her head farther down my hardness. Her lips
were in my pubic hair as I felt the rear of her throat as my cock went
deeper toward her stomach. She rocked my cock left to right never taking
it form deep in her oral cavern, she kept rocking it side to side with
only an occasional breath passing by. My ears pulsed with the pressure
as my blood had raised. With my pulse quickening my breathing became
harder as she raised her head to bob up and down on my shaft length.
Her lips were lightly touching my cock as her teeth came in contact
with my under skin and she inhaled just as my wad exploded into her
mouth. A huge breath was inhaled into her lungs as it race past my cock
head and into her mouth. Karen twitched, bobbing recklessly about my
cock sometimes slurping others lightly sucking. Having cum I opened my
eyes to see that her gown had raised and Sam had been pumping at her
cunt. She had cum with my cock in her mouth to perhaps explain the
greatest blow job I had ever had.

She raised her cum filled mouth and frenched me letting my salt be a
main course for the 2 of us as she swallowed. It takes more that one
to make a gal super happy, you should know that Dan was something like
she muttered. Sam’s cock was hanging limply from his torso, mine was in
a flaccid state also. His sticky goo was running down her legs as she
kept on all fours. The delight on Karen’s face was an indicator of her
joy and pleasure, even if I wanted to, how could I deny her this.

Karen told me and Sam to undress and sit on the couch on each side of
her. We both did as she requested. Once there she grabbed both of our
manhoods to play with as we started to watch the movie again. A new
woman was in this flick licking the balls off some guy. The woman then
spit all over the guys cock and rubbed it up and down, I was ready to
see this man explode all over the camera. She brought forth a jar of
KY jelly and lubed the cock from top to bottom. Without hesitation she
got up and lowered herself butt first down his stiffness, ever so slow
was her lowering that you could not tell it unless you watched his
cock shorten into her rectum. when it was all the way in she started
to raise and lower those sweet buns on his cock as he tried to raise
himself deeper up her. As the woman felt him rise she would just lower
her butt as the additional weight made his ass fall.

“Come on you 2 you’re both ready again” Karen said “I need you both on
the floor and remember this is for my enjoyment also.” She led us into
the middle of the room and had us lay down toe to toe with each other.
We scooted at her command till finally our knees touched as Sam’s legs
were over mine. Karen positioned her body so she could suck Sam as she
would fuck me. Her pert ass was all that faced me. I looked up to the
TV just in time to see the woman lift her body of his rod as goo flew
into the air drenching the back of her ass and falling all over his
manhood. My eyes drifted to Karen’s cute ass waving in the air as looking
between her legs I saw Sam’s shaft fade into her mouth. As if on que she
reached my cock and holding it sank that wonderful twat around and down
over it. As i rose on an elbow I touched the hole in her butt as my TV
screen displayed another lass giving a butt fuck lesson to a guy. She
wasn’t prepared for that an wiggled her ass away from my finger so I
just lay back to enjoy the fuck and video.

My senses were filled, the velvet of Karen’s twat was working its magic
on my cock. Karen new how to make her muscles tighten and loosen around
my shaft to cause the greatest sensation but I had nothing to cling to
and that made me feel strange. Meanwhile I watched the movie of the lass
in the butt fuck. The lass had gotten off the guys cock when it dawned
on me she had not used any jelly so when she turned to suck on his rod
it all dawned on me. His rod looked clean as the lass’s lips moved all
over his rod, licking, sucking, with some biting. I was more into the
movie than my thoughts were on Karen or her pussy. What a great butt the
lass had and what a mouth but I would hold Karen’s mouth to hers any
day. Karen was thrashing wildly on my cock, her muscles beating out ITS
TIME TO COME. With that my body took a stronger stance as my ass lifted
higher in the air so penetration could be deeper. As my body was in mid
air I heard the scream but this time felt her convulsions around my
cock. The twitching muscles sometimes tickled but these were robust and
heavy, she had cum to the best climax I had felt.

Karen turned to me “What’s the matter with you? Sam came minutes ago,
you should have too.” Taking inventory of myself I found the video on
the TV must have held my mind captive with allot of motion being wasted
on me. “Must be old age” I replied, not wanting to admit the video was
more interesting than what was going on with me. We’ll fix that and she
turned on my cock to face me. Damn she blocked my view of the TV but
there in front of me was her beautiful face with its green eyes ablaze.
We’ll milk that wad from you one way or the other as she started her
gyrations on my rod. Karen’s boobs swayed back and forth till my mouth
leapt up to suck on one. She bucked and heaved and POW my pecker let
go of its spunk. What a relief as my body weakened as my rod subsided.

We were all worn out and Karen had stopped the video. An old western
came to light up the screen. Well boys you were good to me and I was
good to you, lets forget it and hit the bed. Karen was right as usual
and to bed we all three went, glad it is a king size.