The four of us

We were in Jane’s room. She had a single room right next to Sam’s
(that’s Samantha, not Samuel) and it became a hang out for the four of
us. Brain was pretending to be asleep on the floor, and Sam was trying
to find a ticklish spot with little success. I was sitting behind Jane
on her bed, massaging her shoulders and neck. A nice neck, Burried
under her long brown hair was a firm little body that delightedly held
some curves. She was enjoying the backrub and said as much.
Just then, Sam found a ticklish spot, and Brain sat up, saying Hey
now, hey, now… He was from texas. It showed. He patted Sam on her
blonde head. She had long silky blonde hair that would put a fur seal
to shame. She also posessed a the narrowest waist I’ve ever seen on a
grown woman, all the more amazing set amid her more than generous
“Listen, child,” Brain said “You stop that now, you hear?” Him
calling her a child was a bit far fetched, he was a Freshman, all of 18
years of age, while Sam was a sixth-year senior at 24. Older than dirt,
we teased her, (dirt, we had determined, is only 23).
“Oh, Pooh.” Eloquence exemplifyed. Sam was not an air head, but she
did nothing to disilusion those willing to believe she was. I knew a
bit better, but then I had caught her laughing at jokes that most of the
group we ran arrond with, a brainy group, even on a colege campus, did
not even realize was supposed to be funny.
The four of us were here while the larger group was scattered by the
presance of a meeting in the hall lounge, our usual hang out. It was
times like these when slightly less restrained versions of people’s
personalitys came through.
“Can you believe this, Dan?” Brain asked, “She can’t keep her hands
off me! OOMPH!”
He was hit by two laughing women. For the honor of our masculin
gender, I felt obliged to help him out, sliding off the bed to tickle
Jane mercilessly. Tickling Sam was a wasted effort, she was immune to
that form of torture.
“Oh, you’ve asked for it now!” pointed out Jane, “Come here, Sam. I
think Dan the Man here needs a lesson.”
Apparently, I didn’t learn fast enough. Soon I was under attack,
with four hands tickling mercilessly. I was by far the most ticklish
one there, much to thier delight. Brain, the ingrate, straitened his
shirt. I wanted to brain him. (that’s where he got the name, not by
virtue of his mental prowess, wich was no great thing, but rather a
description of a good course of action to take with him, ‘Brain the
Fortunatly, they soon accepted my surrender, Sam gave me an “Oooohh,
Poooooooor Dan.” I was tempted to try to find a ticklish spot on her,
but I knew it would be in vain.
We discussed the matter for a bit, and I soon found Jane putting a
finger on my knee, and asking if it tickled. It did. She tried a bit
higher, and it didn’t tickle. She tried a bit inward. “No,” I offered
thoughfully, “that dosn’t tickle, but it sure does something!”
laughture broke out, and Brain made a face and said “Doooooooohhh” in
his best immitation of Homer Simpson. Jane removed her finger quickly.
Much to my delight, that sparked a new topic. Much to my horror,
the topic started with Jane teasing me about my ex-girlfriend.
(Author’s note: see story entitled “Not Again” for scoop on said ex.)
I changed the subject by teasing Brain about a card he recieved in
the mail. One with a lipstick kiss on it.
“A gentleman dosn’t kiss and tell” he demured. What he ment, of
course, was “Not in front of women!” These women, however pried it out
of him, and before long, he was lying back with his head on Sam’s
stomach, telling a tale of a woman who bites.
(Authors note: all this was esentially a true story. now for the
I was rubbing Janes shoulders again, and she leaned back against me
as Brain told of his exes (wich, as it happened, all live in Texas)
Her warm back didn’t tickle me, eaither. Sam was playing with Brain’s
short blonde hair. He ran out of exes, (not exactly a long list) and
asked Sam about her love-life. I put my arms arround Jane’s firm
stomach and listened with my chin on her shoulder.
Sam tole us about the only person who could tickle her. I was
skeptical, but Brain decided to try. She told us the story of her
romance with Pat, who, she assured us, was indeed male, while Brain
tickled her neck without success. Jane folded her arms over mine and
patted my hands. Sam continued. Brain had worked his way down to her
stomach, just at the top of her purple sweat-pants. half way to one
side, Sam broke mid sentance into something I’d never heard from her
before, a squeal!
I looked at Sam, who had a look of outrage on her face. I had been
busy contemplating Jane’s neck and hadn’t been paying attention.
Sam Pushed Brain to the floor and loomed over him. “Oh, you are in for
it now!” she teased. My adrenalin roared. My heart pounded. My pants
needed adjustment. Sam stared down at him, holding him down and lowering
herself until her hair hung around his head.
Jane squeezed my arms and leaned back into me. I realized she was
breating as hard as I was. I looked again at her neck, and my
adreanalin shook me as I lowered my mouth to it, and sucked her little
neck like my life depended on it. Jane shuttered and pressed back hard
against me. She reached up with one hand and pulled my head, her
fingers running through my curls. I heared the smacking of lipps. I
would have looke up had my head not been grasped even harder as Jane let
off a soft moan. She scooched her butt back to press into my crotch,
and my pants were constricting worse than before. I managed to look up
to see that Sam was soundly kissing Brain, and that he had one hand on
her back and another down the back of her pants. I looked to Jane’s
face, wich met mine in a fierce kiss. I was shaking, this wasn’t
something you did in front of people, but then again, they weren’t
exactly watching. With that in mind, my right hand slid upward,
encountering a soft obstruction. This obstruction, I noted, was soft
and round and had an outstanding nipple that I could feel through a
shirt and a sweatter. I heared a gasp nearby. It sounded like a second
thought. The moan that followed indicated there wouldn’t be a third.
Jane twisted in my arms, and my hand had to find a new purchace.
Fortunatly, it landed on somewhere soft and round. She put one arm over
my shoulder, and slid the other down my stomach to the bulge in my
jeans. I took my face off hers long enough to see Sam’s bra being
fumbled with, her shirt being elsewhere. It gave me a wonderful idea.
I let go and placed my hands on her hips. I slid my hands op her
sides, taking her clothing with them. My belt came undone, and I kissed
between her breasts as I released a clasp behind her.
I heard a masculin “Unnnnngggggg…” that made Jane shiver.
Sucking hard on a nipple, the buttons on my fly were ripped open, and
her hand dove into my underwear to grab the shaft of my cock.
“OO!” I grunted. I heard an explosive exhailation. I layed her down
along side of the bed and she pulled my pants downto my knees. I kissed
her belly button and licked it while I returned the favor. A rythmic
brushing sound accompanied by a sieries of moans assaulted my nerves.
My shirt was lifted from my body, and I kissed and slurped my way back
to her face. Her legs were hooked around mine and she pulled on my ass,
eager to get going. We both shuddered as I slid into a hot wetness.
“AAH!” Jane and I both contributed to the loudest noise sence the
talking stopped.
The sound in the room increased, as a steady slapping added to the
even faster rythm in the room. The enormity of it all hit me. Here I
was, inside a friend where I shouldn’t be, and Sam and Brain were going
at it right next to us!
Then I relaxed, as I realized that the shock of the thing had saved me
from an embarrasingly short ride. I put some mussle into it, and Jane
proved to be quite the vocalist. I was glas that this room was between
Sam’s and the stairs, no neighbor would complain. The thought fled as
my mind came back to what I was doing, and I drove even faster into her
hot cunt. I cought fire as she spasmed under me, her wiggling leaving
me with only one thought, as her tight slickness shivered and my shaft
burned. NO! I told myself. But it had to end, and I pulled out to flop
on her and shudder while the come rushed out of my dick. I took the
opportunity to kiss her neck, and still I heared a frenzy of grunts and
moans that quickly intensified until with an “UUGH!” the room quieted.
I looked up. Sam, who had just disengaged, was looking at me and
biting her lip. Brain looked over, and Jane said “I can’t believe we
just did this!” It provoked a nervous chuckle.
Deciding to play it cool, I kissed her and got up. I had a bad
reputation to maintain, so every bit the horny gentleman, I sat up and
examined the other half of the carnage. Sam looked every bit as amazing
without clothes as with. Her great breasts were firm despiter their
I was pleased to note, that although Brain was longer than I, he was
not as thick.
I reached over to feel Sam’s right breast. She looked a bit shocked,
but not unpleased. Jane reached toward Brain, who gave a start, but
then sat up and kissed her. Sam giggled, and said “OOoh! Dan!” in her
best airhead voice.
Her face turned wicked, and she leaned over and pressed her body
against mine. I backed up and kissed her left nipple. It was stiff
under my toungue. I put my hands on her tiny waist, and licking her, I
slid one hand down through her pubic hair and to her pussy.
I heared giggling and a surprized “Ooh!”
Kissing her, I ran my middle finger along her slit. She moaned and
pulled me into her, her breasts pressing hard against my chest and her
hand squeezing my dick into reactivation.
I looked over to see Jane, on all fores, licking Brain’s cock like a
candycane. I had a free hand, so I got my other hand wet, sliding it
between her legs from behind. She moaned.
Sam broke away, and pushed me back. She straddled me, and, letting
go, impaled herself on me.
“AAHH!!!” she said, and started bouncing up and down, riding me with
her wet heat. Brain took the oportunity to grab one of sams breasts and
suck it mightily. Jane was sucking him now, taking him into her throat
with a motion that broght her back and forth on my fingers. She made
little sounds arround his dick that sent shivers through me, much to
Sam’s delight.
I backed my hand out a bit to get more fingers involved, though Sam’s
pumping was making my eyes roll through the top of my head.
Brain reliesed Sam, and he floped back on the floor, his stomach
twitching, and Jane made a desperate sound. I bucked up against Sam,
her tiny waist driving her hot pussy on me, and she grabbed her breasts
and squeezed her eyes shut, pumping even harder through her squeel.
I couldn’t get out, so I shot into her. Spazming, my hand shot into
Jane, making her yelp, and slaming hard down on my quivvering, spurting
cock, Sam tossed her head back and called “YES!!!! OH!! Yes!”
Jane grabbed my hand, and rubbed herself with it. Brian had recovered
enough to kiss Sam soundly.
My hand, fortunatly, was up to the chalange, and I rubbed her hard and
fast. Jane clamped her mouth on Brain’s chest and he let out a
surprised “Hey!” as she slamed my hand into her a final few times.
She colapsed. Brain lifted her chin and kissed her.
I gave Sam a worried look as she pulled herself off of my empty cock,
and I was about to speak when she said “Shh… it’s the wrong time of
the month compleatly to worry”. I felt calm as well as satisfied.

The night didn’t end until morning, with the four of us piled up, half
asleep on eachother.
With kisses, three of us left to our separate rooms, Brian and I had
to be quiet to not wake our roommates.
We never talked about it to anyone, not even eachother. But we