Song Of Lust

Beauty is an aphrodisiac. A warm, humid breath whispered from lungs pumped with hot blood. To feel it against the skin, is to know a wisdom in passion. What is there to know beyond knowing passion? In a whisper of breath, know the nature of beauty: it is the joy of pleasure, of souls feeling a heat to the skin. In such a way, Alexis understood passion: that it is a physical energy for spiritual consumption. “I’ve felt my body sing while making love,” she was saying, “but too often that song drowns that of the soul.” “It ‘s easy to bring bodies to orgasm,” said Ilene. “Perhaps the song you want to hear is in the lingering notes of a body seeking release, in its yearning. What if the body craved release so badly that it looked to the soul as a lover?” There was no answer to Ilene’s question: the experience was the answer. “I would die to feel like that,” Alexis said. The thought was abstract, but it stroked her body’s length like a silken dress falling from her shoulders. “You’ve already begun,” Ilene replied in a smooth voice. “Needing is receiving. Let need be the giver. Would you like me to guide you to the feeling?” Alexis’ paused. What did the question mean? Did Ilene intend to make love to her? “I don’t know,” she said flatly. Ilene smiled at her. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to touch you. This isn’t about my passion at all. But I can guide you to your passion. Beyond that: I can show you how to make your soul cum.” She looked directly into Alexis’ eyes. “You feel it in your thighs now don’t you?” “Yes, a little,” Alexis said uncomfortably. “Why so inhibited by the simple need of your body’s pleasure? In fact, why not dwell in it and feel it as a pleasure in itself? It is a nice feeling, isn’t it?” “Very nice. But with you watching me so closely… I don’t know. It all is very strange.” “I’m your guide. I must watch to take you where the feelings are centered. Let’s break the inhibitions. Free your mind of stupid shames. Tell me about the feelings as they come to you. Be open and honest. with me. If I know where you are, I can help you take the next step. Will you do this thing?” “I’ll try. I just can’t help feeling embarrassed by it.” Ilene leaned closer to Alexis. Her voice was barley a whisper, “It would feel oh so very good to be touched right now, wouldn’t it?” Alexis closed her eyes. “Yes,” she said. “It’s been a while since I’ve made love.” “Has it been a while since you’ve touched yourself?” At this question, Alexis blushed. Again she closed her eyes to find a privacy denied in Ilene’s soft gaze. She didn’t want to answer. Almost every night, she felt her body demand the caressing touches, tracing her fingers down her stomach to her loins. Her fingers flicking her clitoris erect; finding the rhythm and pressure that made her senses dance; making herself cum deliberately slowly. Ah, deliberately slowly, allowing the sensuality bath her, flooding her with a liquid, oily heat that surged in orgasm. “No,” she said softly. “Open your eyes and watch me,” said Ilene. Alexis obeyed the request. Ilene stood before her and unbuttoned the first three buttons of her blouse. “Watch me,” she whispered to Alexis. “Did you touch yourself like this?” Her hand slid into the opened blouse. Through the white cotton, Alexis could see Ilene’s hand move over her bare breast, her fingers tracing small circles around her nipple, caressing the smooth skin with luxurious strokes… She watched Ilene remove her hand, the erect nipple poking a small peak in the cotton of her blouse. “Was it like that, Alexis?” “Yes,” she breathed. “Did the touching make you cum?” Ilene said. There was more in her voice now. A melting quality. “I masturbate, Ilene,” she said. “I told you, it’s been a long time since I’ve made love.” She tried to hide her embarrassment in snapping the words out. Nonetheless, she felt the warmth in her grow. Ilene was exciting her, eroding the wall she had built for her intimacy, cutting through the feelings that covered sensual feelings. Her voice lowered and softened, “and yes, it made me cum.” Ilene sat next to Alexis on the couch. “Now watch me,” she said. “I’m going to show you a lovely thing. I want you to look at my face for a few minutes. Watch my lips and eyes as they change. I’m going to give you a vision.” Alexis watched Ilene, watched as her eyes closed, as she seemingly retreated to another reality. Almost immediately, her breathing came in hushed sighs edged in urgency, became deeper and somehow more luxurious. Her lips opened slightly to allow her tongue the passage to lick, to keep them moist in the flow of air entering and exiting her lungs. In a barely audible voice, Ilene whispered. It was a low, lilting sound that filled Alexis’ mind as the smallest wisps of air fills a moan. “Alexis, can you see what is happening?” “Yes, but I don’t understand…” “Don’t understand it; feel it. Ummm, delicious. Feel it as I feel it, a bath of sensuality. What is it you see?” Ilene parted her legs until she felt Alexis’ thigh against hers. Alexis paused between words, “I … see … you … becoming … aroused …” She shook her head as if to shake off a dream. “I think I should be going.” “Please don’t leave,” Ilene said softly, almost as an aside. She rubbed her palms along her thighs slowly, then stopped abruptly. “Do you know how sweetly I feel the longing for a touch right now? How difficult it becomes not to touch myself?” She sat silently for a moment, swallowed deeply, then continued. “There,” she whispered smiling, “I’ve centered in the pleasure of it. Um, watch me make love to it, Alexis. Be with me for this, please.” Alexis silently nodded as she watched her friend’s face slip deeper into an unknown pleasure. Small drops of perspiration beaded on Ilene’s face. “I want you to know how I feel, Alexis. It is truly wonderful. Oh god, to feel a cock’s round head part my lips… Ah, that is the longing… wet and empty, my clitoris stiffens and stiffens as if to fill the emptiness… my stomach melts, the heat rising from my thighs in slight waves of pleasure… waves washing my breasts and nipples like the tantalizing licks of oh so many tongues… waves washing me closer… wave on wave becoming a caressing flood… a myriad of insistent fingers tracing sensual paths across my skin… like a lover whose desire is to see me burn… see me burn until my need consumes me… until the my lover speaks… and the words touch me… and their touch… is more than I can bare…” She paused, consuming the sensations, her hips rocking back and forth so slightly as to hardly be noticed. “… yes, it will be a voice, Alexis… a voice that will plunge deep inside of me… filling me like a cock gorged with blood and its own need… cumming in me… Ah, Alexis, can you see how close I am…?” “Yes,” Alexis said, strangely aware of the humid warmth in her own voice. The rhythm of her heart beating faster, her breath coming deeper. She knew Ilene had brought herself to the very edge of orgasm. She understood that her presence was not necessary. The walk along that maddening precipice was the pleasure Ilene sought. She had reached into herself and become a sensual moment frozen at the peek of passion. The promise of gratification sucked alive the delicate tissues between her thighs. They tormented her with a thousand tiny explosions of shear pleasure, each a delight beyond imagination, but not complete enough to bring the filling gratification complete release demanded. Sitting beside Alexis, Ilene was an island of complete pleasures; pleasures that sang to Alexis like sirens, sending loving and passionate kisses to her ears. In Alexis, the longing to walk with Ilene, along her beach, became the most exquisite desire. “I want to watch you cum, Ilene. You truly are a vision. What you are feeling lights your face like a soft, dim candle. I can almost feel the gentle pressure of your lips against your tongue, taste the sweetness as if it were mine…” Alexis blinked. It was a cry for reality. She could not reconcile the words coming from her mouth nor the voyeuristic intrigue with the woman she knew herself to be. Nonetheless, the sensual music of the sirens, of Ilene’s breasts heaving with breath, the lithe dance of her smooth skin moving beneath her clothing, moving with her muscles growing taunt to quivering, stroked continually her most intimate and hidden desires, licked between her thighs and along their length, to exude her heated lubrication with involuntary contractions. Indeed, cupped her breasts with an exacting pressure, a gentle pressure, kneading her nipples taunt and hard. With her slightest move, the fabric of her blouse grazed across these sensitive peaks as maddeningly as the expert brush of a feather. Seduced, she abandoned all but pleasure. She became immersed in her longing. Ilene shuddered and stiffened slightly, her lips parting. The moan she uttered rested upon Alexis like the weight of a phantom lover pressing close. Ilene shuddered again, this time it was more obvious than the last. Her mouth was drawn more tightly, opened a bit wider, her voice more urgent. In a moment she unclenched. She bit her bottom lip and became still like a sensual sculpture of polished stone whose soul reason for creation was to beg an appreciating touch. Soon Alexis could see her thighs quiver, her stomach roll from a firm, flat plain to a softer and slightly rounded arc, her breasts swelling with the pound of her blood, her lungs filling beyond capacity and exploding in a rush of air time and time again. “I’m still cumming,” she whispered, “still cumming, building in me… God, Alexis, watch it take me!” Her body knotted in spasms, her senses exploding in a soundless cry. Arching from the couch, every muscle squeezed the moment for an eternity of pleasure. “N… Now,” she cried, throwing her head back. Her body clenched, she came again. For several seconds, she remained locked in a dimension were only orgasm existed. Her clothing, drenched with sweat, clung to her like a second skin as sensual delirium subsided to pleasure, and pleasure simply became satisction. Alexis now understood the edge: understood how her voice coaxed Ilene to cross it. Her own longing had passed that of those nights alone when she would lie nude in bed caressing herself. Then she felt her hands make a slow but sure journey to the warmth between her thighs, felt her fingers play along her opening lips until their velvet smoothness became silken with her wetness. It was without a touch that her body had become the living presence of need – – more than that, become a woman totally seduced by that need. Without a thought driving her actions, but a deep primal craving, her hands sought the softness of her breasts. The touch was electric with pleasure. She couldn’t help but moan at the moment of contact. There was a hunger in the feel of her fingers as they closed on her mounds. She was transported and alone. Her right hand unbuttoned her blouse. The cooler air touched her skin like a sensual liquid; her breasts blazed with the sensations, her nipples drawn to a hardness she had never felt before. Her hand continued lower. It unbuttoned her jeans and slowly pulled the zipper down. The need to touch herself had become an instinct. Soon, so soon, she would feel the flick of a finger against her clitoris, move it between her thumb and finger like an oily marble. Yes, soon she would insert a finger into herself, feel the slick walls close about it and feel the slow withdrawal as her body shivered, shivered as another finger inched inside her. Oh soon, there would be satisfaction, satisfaction and release. Oh God, the desire to cum poured through her like lava. As the palm of her right hand grazed across her stomach she bit her bottom lip. The sensations were blinding and deliriously beautiful. Her fingers played along the elastic edge of her panties, the euphoria of expectation coursing between her thighs. Only Ilene’s voice could find its way into this ecstasy and be heard, “How much do you want to cum, Alexis?” Alexis spoke from the depth of her passion, inhibitions no longer had any place in her mind, “It would take so very little… if I touch my cunt, even the slightest, I will explode…” “Put your hands by your side, Alexis. Don’t let this moment be robbed from you, Ilene said in a pleading voice. “I know that I could hold you in my arms even though it isn’t a woman you want. I know you want me to hold you, don’t you?” “Yes, I want you to kiss me. Just that, a kiss from you, wouldnt be enough,” Alexis very nearly sobbed as she place her hands at her side. She was consumed with an aching need more intense than any she had endured before. “I will do anything to cum,” she said. A tear formed in her pleading eyes. “I see a cock, long and thick, throbbing for your kiss. It’s smooth head tipped with a drop of pre-ejaculent shines like a star. Take the cock into yourself. Feel it slide into your cunt, spreading the lips with frictionless ease. Take it very slowly, Alexis… Very slowly let it fill you. Can you feel its size? Tell me how it enters you.” Alexis drew her words in pants of breath, “My… God…, I feel it…! Yes, I can squeeze it… Oh, Ilene, it’s pushing deeper…. Oh, dear Ilene, make… me…” Alexis’ head tossed side to side, her eyes closed tight. “…And it is ecstasy as it withdraws,” Ilene soothed. “Ecstasy, Alexis. There, you are now, my sweet Alexis, I see your body twitch with every second. Ache for me, Alexis… I have the knowledge you want. Willou kiss me for it? Will you touch me for it?” “Anything…” Alexis panted, her body arching to receive, her muscles squeezing to implore release. “Put your hand in my lap, Alexis,” Ilene said softly. “Put your hand in my lap and feel me move against it.” Alexis placed her hand in Ilene’s lap. Ilene’s voice seduced her further: “Undo my jeans, darling.” Alexis’ fingers trembled with the button and zipper, but soon Ilene’s request was met. Again, Ilene’s voice trailed over Alexis like warm kisses. “Do you know what I want you do now?” she asked Alexis could barely find the ability to speak, “… touch you… ” she said, her tongue licking her lips. “Make me cum with you, Alexis. Put your finger in me. Feel how smooth and wet I am to the touch, how you excite me. Touch my clitoris, Alexis. Is it like those nights alone? Ah, your gentle fingers, show me how you cum, Alexis. Feel my cunt as if it is your own, my body as if it is your own. Ah, how you long to masturbate. How close it must be for you.” Alexis’ fingers trembled as they smoothed along the folds of the lips between Ilene’s thighs. Their creamy, smooth warmth, still alive from numerous, intense orgasms, pushed against Alexis’ touch and moved in a slow deliberate circle. “Show me how you masturbate, Alexis,” Ilene coaxed. Alexis’ fingers found the rhythm of Ilene’s rotating hips. Her middle finger massaged Ilene’s clitoris with frantic flicks and strokes. “Please, Ilene… I must cum… please…” “Then cum. Open yourself completely. It’s so close… so close. Cum for me. Let me watch you cum.” Alexis felt her stomach knot. It rolled like a golden wheat field in a summer wind. Melting her muscles. Then clenching them. Like birds released long her legs, the dance of wings the frantic flutter of surging pleasure, soared through her spread thighs, entering her in a single thrust, licking alive the convulsing velvet walls with too many sensations for the mind to understand. This wasn’t a time for the mind. It broke upon the body in such a torrent of unspeakable pleasure that Alexis could only sob and laugh and pray it continued. She stiffened as the rush became a nova, filling her completely, bursting within her, bursting like a magnificent cock pumping her full, white cream erupting and flooding within her, pumping her full, filling her sensibilities as it sated her loins. And her cumming flowed from her, from her cunt in heated liquid, from her mouth scarcely able to form the word “Ilene”. As it had burst upon her, it subsided: slowly, an inch at a time. Her mind swam in an abstractly beautiful trance. She fought to find her breath again. Once again she was entered, this time the thrust filling her entire being. The pulsing majesty drove into her, and into her. The driving continued in an all filling thrust as if it were the final push of an endless and climaxing cock. As she arch from the coach, she felt her anus entered with a well lubricated rush. Cock against cock, the frictionless driving continued and continued. Her mouth dropped open to cry, but it filled with the taste of flesh and salt, the cream-white of a delicious jism bathing her tongue and throat. Alexis’ body glistened with sweat as she convulsed, all of her seeking to milk the cumming of her soul. All of her delivered to the pleasure. Clenched, her body writhed with its filling, the lithe lines of her form rippling in delicious spasms. The inward plunging never ending, knotting and reknotting Alexis in ever more intense orgasm, left her weeping and sobbing in joy, in pleasure bathed joy; each end marking a new beginning until the very essence of beauty, pleasure and passion fused as one in an explosion of unspeakable genesis. When Alexis finally sank back into the couch and regained the ability to think and talk, she chose rather to luxuriate silently in the glow of complete satisfaction. “Are you alright?” asked Ilene. “Oh, yes, yes, yes,” Alexis sang. “Ummm, darling…,” Ilene whispered into Alexis’ ear. “might I find in you a kiss for me?” She contracted her muscles, squeezing Alexis’ finger oh so gently.