Sister of my Mom

Sister of my Mom

A Story By


My Name is Ravi. I am 23 years old now. This happened to me when I was 18. That
time I was looking for a job after my college. I was staying in my Mom’s sister’s
(Aunt) house in the city attending interviews. My Uncle is a Sales Representative.
He will be out of town for at least 25 days a month. My aunt was 28 years old that
time. She is really beautiful and sexy. Especially I love her boobs. Her boobs are
really huge and those two can not be kept with in her Bra and Blouse. Most of the
time when she is doing household work her saree can not cover her big boobs and
her cleavage is always feast to my eyes. Strong and beautifully shaped thighs. Her
tight ass is a bit big but goddamn sexy. All the males seeing her will definitely dreams
about meeting her nude in a bed and fucking her real hard. No exceptions.

Then think about me. She is my fantasy gal. I know she is like mother to me. But
couldn’t resist my Instincts and always I was dreaming about her. To tell you the
truth I was dying to have sex with her but always scared and think about the
relationship between us. Most of my masturbation sessions in the bathroom that
time were thinking about her only. I was just waiting for the right time and
opportunity to have sex her. I was getting excited just by seeing her. Believe me she
is so sexy and her body is well shaped.

One Friday morning I was sitting in my Bedroom and reading a Sex magazine I got
it from my friend. My uncle went on a tour. (as usual). Aunt yelled "Ravi , can you
help me?I have to go to the Groceries." I went down the hall to her room. She was
standing with her back to the mirror, looking at it over the shoulder. All she had on
was her black skirt and white bra. Aunt ‘s got a pretty good figure. It’s
complimented by her beautiful hair. She’s average height (I’m a little taller now),
with great legs, and large breasts. She has mostly 36D cup bras in her drawers. She
is always trying to do something about her butt although it looks OK to me. She had
both hands behind her back, working on the bra hooks. Her boobs were pointed
straight at me as she looked over her shoulder. I stopped at the door.

"Come here and hook this will you? I’m late." She turned her back to me, still
holding the ends of the bra straps. I stepped up behind her with my heart fluttering.
I had seen my Aunt in her bra before but always just for a second as she crossed
the hall or pulled on a sweater. Now I was standing right next to her and able to see
the bra in detail. The bra had four metal hooks and one was bent down. I slipped a
fingernail under it and lifted enough to get it hooked. She turned around with a
blouse in one hand, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. She put the blouse on
and buttoned it. During that brief period I was able to look right at her boobs in the
bra cups. The bra was rather structured with lots stitching for reinforcing. The
bottom half of each cup was solid fabric. The top half had panels of lace. I could see
skin thru the lace. She disappeared down the hall and left home to the groceries.

That was the first time in my life I saw a female like that. That too my fantasy lady.
That morning I had an Interview. Later in the afternoon she got home just as I did.
She asked, "How did the interview go?" I said "OK, they said they would get back
to me." Aunt said "Come and tell me all about It." as she walked to her room. She
sat down on the bed and pulled her saree off. I was standing near the door. She
stood up and walked to her closet unbuttoning her blouse. I was tempted to leave as
she took it off and hung it up. She said, " Well, what did they say? What type of job
is it?" "They gave me some stuff to read. They want someone to stock sheaves in
the evenings." I said, not really thinking about it. I was more interested in watching
her. She was now dressed much as I had seen her that morning, with just the skirt
and bra on. She reached back and tried to unclip it. I held my breath. Would she
really take it off while I was there? She continued to struggle with the clip, her back
still to me.

"Darn, the hook is still stuck. Can you get it?" I stepped forward again, always
ready to assist. It was easy to unclip the bent hook but I took my time. "Well, did
you get the job?" She stepped into the recess of the closet and dropped the bra off
her shoulders. I was off to the side a little so I could see the side of one breast under
her arm as she reached up for a nightie. What a sight it was. Her breasts hung
down some and swayed as she moved. "They look… Ah they’ll call me next week." I
stammered. Aunt pulled the nightie over her, covering up."That’s wonderful.
Thanks for helping." As I turned to go she threw the bra at me "That’s one of my
favorites. Can you fix it?" I looked at it for a second and said " OK" smiling at her.
she laughed, undid the nightie, opening it, and retying it. She had opened the nightie
wide, enough for me to see both breasts and her black panties. The breasts were
tipped with wide pink circles around the nipples. They were beautiful, even for the
fraction of a second I saw them. The nipples themselves were flattened into the
breast. The pink rings were maybe two inches across. The boobs sagged a little and
were big enough to touch together. I had to leave quickly, feeling rush of heat in my

The next day, Saturday, Aunt was home all day so I didn’t even have a chance to
jack off with her bra. I had played with her silky panties before but never tried her
bras. The silk and nylon of her panties rubbing against my cock turned me on and I
usually would cum quickly. I had to be careful not to get my cum on them. While I
was fixing the hook, I felt and touched the entire bra, concentrating on the inside of
the cups. Aunt had an early dinner ready for me. She was in her nightie, her hair in
a towel. Her eyes were her best features, next to her tits, at least to me. Today, she
had even put on lipstick. She didn’t put much makeup on when it was really hot but
it would be cool in the theater. I sat down to eat, thankful that she would be gone so
I could jack off without interruption.

“Ravi, did you fix my bra? Can you bring it here?" Shit, she wanted it back. No
problem, I could play with another bra when she left. I could see her from the back,
sitting at her dresser as I walked down the hall to my room for the bra. It looked
like she had on panties and inskirt over them. She was naked from the waist up,
facing the mirror, doing her nails. Wonderful. I got it and walked into her room.
She now had her hands up, blowing on the nails to dry them. From where I stood,
her arms blocked her reflection in the mirror. I walked up behind her. Looking
down over her head, I could see the reflection of the breasts perfectly. She said
"My nails are wet. Can you carefully put it over my arms for me? Careful." She
raised her hands.

It took me several tries to get the bra right side up and all the straps straight. All the
while I was staring at her tits. I was getting hard inside my lungi. The bra finally fell
in place and I hooked it without being asked. She stood up and turned to face me.
"Close but not quite." she laughed. I was already looking at her tits. Neither one
was in the cup. Both were half pinched out at the bottom. It looked like it hurt. She
still had her hands up in the air, like a surgeon. "Could you please pull the bra
down?" I hesitated a little trying to decide what to touch. I grabbed the straps
under her arms and pulled. It didn’t work, she just leaned into me. I pulled on the
center, between the cups and on the side. She fell on me again. She was laughing
now. I suddenly felt very hot as my face turned red.

She said "I’m sorry. Reach in back and unhook me and put it on right." To do this I
had to put my arms around her, pressing my chest against her boobs. I unhooked it
quickly. "The girls will love you." She said, stepping back. I put one hand under a
breast and pushed up, pulling the cup down over it. This was the first time I had
ever felt the bare flesh of a tit. It felt soft but heavy. The underside was warm,
maybe moist with sweat. My forehead was sweating and my heart was pounding. I
had gotten a hard-on. I was starting to hurt inside my pants, all cramped up like
that. I had to leave. Aunt said. "You did very well. I’m glad you helped me… " Did
she plan to talk all day? I almost said I liked touching her but instead "It’s OK. I
liked helping. Anytime." I mentally kicked myself. Why did I say that? Anytime,
anytime, sure I’m willing to play with your tits anytime. I nearly ran out of the room
as she pulled a saree.

Needless to say, once Aunt left, I got one of her bras and lay in bed jacking off. I
had picked one with lots of lace on the top and satin on the sides. I rubbed the
material over my hard-on, imagining that I was doing it between her boobs. I could
feel the shape of her tits and smoothness of the fabric. It was great. I don’t think I
had ever been so excited. When I came, I shot cum all over. I pulled the bra away
just in time. Afterward, sweating from the late afternoon heat, I lay replaying the
afternoon in my mind. I hadn’t forgotten what she looked like with the inskirt. I
wondered what she would look like without the inskirt.

Sunday evening around 7´o clock suddenly there was a power failure in the house. I
heard my aunt’s voice. "Ravi! This power cut is only in our house. See outside.
Everywhere else the power is there. I think the fuse went off in our house. Could
You please fix the fuse?". Now she was in the doorway to my bedroom. I hid the
Sex magazine and went nearer to her. In that darkness itself I can see her breasts
clearly. I can see her as a silhouette. I got the guts suddenly and asked her "Gimme
the match box" and at the same time I grabbed her breasts. I was trying to act like
that was accidental. But after I held her breasts and felt those in my hand I totally
lost my control. So I started squeezing her breast hard. Then I said "Sorry. In the
darkness I havn’t noticed that you are standing here" and tried to take my hands
off her.

There was no reply from her and now she held my hands on her breasts and didn’t
allow me to take my hands. Now that was my turn to be shocked and I do not want
to miss this chance. I hugged her and kissed in her neck. I was very much tensed
up. But she was cool and kissed me on the lips. That first kiss was really brief
though in my whole life that was the first time a woman kissed me. Now she held me
close to her and rubbing by back. Literally I was shivering and I was out of control.
Again she kissed in my mouth and asked me to relax. Now I was responding
properly to her kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. Her big
boobs were on my chest and she was pressing her breasts against me. That feeling
was arousing me and felt like I am going to have a ejaculation.

My cock was getting harder and harder and started hitting her body. Now she took
my penis in her hand with my shorts and said " Wow! Great size. Let us go to the
bedroom. I need it inside me now" and licked my ears. That drove me crazy and
started working my hands on her Blouse hooks. "Ravi! Come on. We will go to the
bedroom" "Oh. Yes. I want U. I am dreaming about this for a long while. Give me
all U got" I was mumbling something like this and with my one hand I was keep
squeezing her breast and my other hand was pressing her big buttocks. I was out of
control and licking her face and ears and everywhere my face can reach on her
that time.Now she held my hands and walked me to the Bedroom.

As soon as we entered in to the bedroom she started removing her dresses. I said
"Aunty! Please let me do that " and unwrapped her saree first. She told me "Ravi!
Even now U are calling me aunt. That sounds strange. Call me by name". I was so
excited and hugged her tight from the back and mumbled her name in her ears as
"Banu! Banu!" and pressing her breasts very hard with the blouse & Bra. Same
time my cock became like a strong iron rod and now it was touching her tight ass.
"Ravi! Let us remove the cloths and enjoy. Be patience ". Now I have unfastened
her blouse hooks and she helped me to take off the blouse from her. She is only with
Bra and petticoat. Now she removed my lungie and held my cok in her hand."Ravi!
Before going any further U just sit on the bed." She commanded me. I obeyed to
her command.

Now I am sitting on the edge of the bed. She sat down on the floor and started
kissing my cock, rubbing it and caressed it. All of the sudden She took it in her
mouth and twirled her tongue around it. she tightened her grip on the back of my
leg trying to get a hold of herself. She moved her head in close, parting her pouty
lips she pushed them down. I let out a little gasp as my Aunt’s lips touched my skin,
cock flexed again, some pre-cum was forming on the tip, my dick was aching, Aunt
bent in closer to my thigh, her breasts rubbing againest the inside of my shin.

She was sucking hard, her wet lips pressed tightly to my leg, she pressed her tongue
, she felt her breasts rubbing againest my lower leg, her sensitive nipples hardened
becuase of it, she unconciously moved her other hand a little further up the back of
my leg, cupping the bottom of my ass cheek. Banu started to rock her body
againest my leg, her pussy throbbing with desire, she took her lips away from my
swollen lump, but ran her hot, wet tongue over it, leaving a trail of saliva behind.
"Ohh!" She really could’t help herself, the little moan escaped from her lips as she
looked over her step son’s cock. "Good Ravi" she was still looking at my cock, she
started to rub her hand over my bottom, feeling my hard ass cheeks. I looked down
at my Aunt, I took my hand and ran it through her hair, I moved my hand to the
back of her head and lightly took hold of her hair, pulling her up slightly to the level
of my cock, her full, red pouty lips were barely an inch away from my cock as it
jerked about, waving in front of her face, the pre-cum dribbling down the front of
the full cockhead.

She did’t hesitate she opened her mouth, and ran her tongue along my cockhead,
licking the white sperm from it, she raised her hand and gripped my cock shaft
tightly, she tugged on it, pulling my foreskin back and forth, more pre-cum
appeared on the tip and again she shot her tongue out and licked away the white
droplets. It was feeling great. She started sucking my cock with great favor. I was in
heaven. She was doing this with great care and taste. She got my Dick in to her
month fully until her throat. Her hands were working on my balls. My hands were
working hard on her breasts. I inserted my hands in to her bra and tuning her
nipples. "Ugghhhh!" I moaned as my Aunt ran her tongue along the shaft and back
again, I pushed her head towards my dick, she opened her mouth wide and took my
huge cock into her mouth, she felt it hit the back of her throat almost and she
started to suck on it extremely hard, her hand pulling my fore skin back and forth
as she did. She closed her eyes tight, tasting my hot prick as she ran her tongue
across the bottom of it.

"Uughh Aunt! Suck It" I urged, my dick pulsing in my own Aunt’s mouth, I gripped
the back of her head tighter as she eagerly sucked my cock, bobbing her head back
and forth in a fast rhytm. She was’t thinking about anything else but sucking my
cock, she gripped my cockshaft tighter, working it faster. It was to much for me, I
looked down watching my Aunt suck on my hard meat, I could feel her wet saliva all
over the shaft, I was meeting her bobbing head with my own small thrusts, rocking
my hips back and forth. "Aunt I’m gonna cum!!" I moaned, I felt my cum-sac
welling up with my spunk. Banu moved her hand from my ass, and brought it round
to cup my balls, she started to massage my tight sac, her nails digging into the skin
as she took hold. "Uuughhhh!" was all I could say as my sticky white cum shot out
the tip of my cock into my Aunt’s waiting mouth, I held onto the back of her head
with both hands as I erupted. She slurped my hot cum, working her tongue over my
sensitive thread on the underside as she swallowed hard the cum gushing down her
throat, gripping my weaving cock with both hands now as I rocked my body in
orgasm, "Ohhh…That’s it!" I cried out.

Finally my cock stopped pumping out the milky jizz, but she kept sucking, her
tongue licking every last drop of cum off my dick, her whole body was red hot, she
felt like she was on fire, she imagined me fucking her, pushing my cock into her until
she was screaming for him to stop, her pussy went crazy at the thought her whole
body filled with erotic sensation’s, some animal instinct was overcoming her. She
took my now deflating cock from her mouth, she squeezed my cock hard, forcing
the last of my sticky cum onto the tip, she ran her tongue over it, taking in the last
of my salty cum. Then she stood up and looked at me, I had a contented smile on
my face. Some of my cum was leaking from her mouth and sprinkled on her boobs.

I was exhilarated and grabbed her from the floor. I put her on the bed. I evenly
spred my cum sprinkles on her bra and started massaging her breasts. Now I pulled
her petticoat shift her hips and now I had a good view of her wet hot pussy. The
pubic hair was dark and thick. I took my face nearer to that heavenly triangle. The
strong sweet musk from her cunt drove me mad. I stuck my face into her pussy and
took a deep breath to absorb her scent. She moaned and said " Ravi! Do it. Please
eat my pussy. I have never enjoyed that ". I ran my tongue up along the slit. I felt a
pleasant shock. I went mad with lust. My tongue pnightied inside her cunt. At the
same time I unfastened her Bra hooks and she co operated with me to remove the
bra. I was feeling her breasts and pinching her nipples. my face was focussed on her
pussy and my hands were playing too hard with her nipples. I was squeezing her
nipples like tuning an old radio.

Her body was responding to my hands. Her legs became wider and the smooth
pinky muscles of her pussy grabbed my tongue and pulled me in. I found the clit
and my tongue began licked up, around and socked on it. Her Vagina started giving
me fresh juice. I lapped and socked up the love juice Banu was giving me. She
started to moan. "Eat it. Huh! Great. Have it fully. " I put my mouth in her pussy
fucking hole and sucked it. Her whole body was feeling that electricity. She held my
hair and pushed my face fully in to her cunt. I was licking and sucking like a dog
drinking milk. She became ecstatic and I did not stop eating her pussy or pressing
her breast. Now she had a orgasm and filled my face with her sexy juice. I didn’t
give up and drunk all the juice and licked in and around her Clit, Vagina and pubic
hair. "Ravi! I never enjoyed this much. I only heard about oral sex and Ur uncle
never used to do this to me. U showed me the real climax. Are u ready to fuck me
now? "

My reply to her was not in words. I was again feeling her breasts and pinching her
nipples real hard and I focussed my attention to her boobs. I took them in my
mouth and started sucking them . While doing this, I inserted a finger into her hot
wet pussy. I kept fingering her and touched and pinched her clit. She held my dick
in her hand and said "Oh! My God! U are ready already. Thatz Quick. Ok. Take
me." My fingering went on and after a while she started to cum. I had gotten a
great hard on till now. She laid on her back and told me to fuck. She got her legs up
in the air and wide open. She whispered " Oh Ravi! Enough. Don’t let me beg U.
Get inside me and Fuck me, Fuck me hard."

I got on top of her. The lips of the pussy were pink. I felt that sweetest hole with my
fingers and then slowly guided my cock inside her. her hole was hot. Her head went
back with pleasure and she moaned. "Come on. Please! I can’t wait anymore". I
started slowly and headed up with speed and steady. It was quiet an effort though.
She held my arms tight and strted to jump under me. I was moving from up to
down at I same time she was holding her hip up and pressing her butt against the
bed to accompany my moves. Her breast was jumping up and down with every hit.

My cock was parted her pussy and she was already wet. So my movements became
easy. She was not new to sex and already her pussy was accustomed to my Uncle’s
cock. So we both were having great pleasure. We were sweating like hell because of
our exotic and erotic sex. I began thrusting my cock in and out of her. I was shoving
harder and harder. Her hot cunt felt wonderful. She was holding my butt tight and
after a few moments she started " Please slow down. It hurts Ravi." That time I
was acting like wild buffalo. She was begging for me to slow down but she never
stopped responding to my hits. Her legs were wide open in V shape and she was
hugging me real tight. Both were breathing heavily.

While I was giving a real hard time to her pussy with my cock, I was sucking, licking
and squeezing her breasts. Now she began to tighten her mouth of the pussy by
holding her legs together. That was hard and great pleasure to me. It became more
tight now and she got her orgasm. I sensed her she was bout to cum. Her whole
body is stumbling and struggling with great happiness. With in few moments I felt
her juices flowing in her already wet cunt. Now her pussy became like water filled
tub. So whenever my cock entered in to it strange sounds started coming. Now I
exploded my cum in her. Her cunt hole was filled with her juice and mine. It started
overflow. More of the juices were oozing out of Banu’s pussy onto the bed sheets. I
stayed inside her about 1 minute and then slowly pulled my dong out side. She was
beautiful seeing her there naked. We both were damn tired and I laid down beside

This is the first time I came to my sense and started thinking, with in the past 20
minutes. I was feeling guilty about our relationship. She is my mom’s sister. So she is
like a stepmother to me. I said "Sorry. Aunt! I made a mistake by having sex with U.
This will never happen again. Shit. I am like a son to U. But I have fucked U without
thinking the relationship" She held my hand and said "Never think that I am Ur
aunt here after. What we did was not wrong. I never had a orgasm with Ur Uncle
and he wouldn’t give a damn about satisfying me. All he he did was whenever he felt
like fucking me, he used to go inside me and with in a few moments he will fill me
with his cum and depart. That to only a couple of times in a month. I was
desperately longing enjoy good sex. I knew that U were fantasying with me by how
U were starring on my body. That is why I planned for this night and took off the
fuse and had this ecstasy with U. Don’t be so hard on Urself. Just treat me as a
woman not as Ur mom’s sister." I was so surprised by her open hearted talk. "My
Sweet Aunty!. Ok. I need U forever" Now again I was holding her in my arms.

After the first fuck and her openhearted talk we both were exhausted. I put on my
lungie, went and and fixed the fuse which she took off and kept it on the table.
When I came back to Bedroom She was still laying down on the bed, fully naked.
That was the first time I had an opportunity see her beautiful naked body. Wow!
Curly hair. Sharp nose. Big and beautiful eyes. Sexy lips. Her throat looked like it is
made of ivory. Slightly inclined but not loosened big cup shaped 36 size Breasts. Well
shaped belly. The belly button itself looked like a cunt. >From the belly button her
pubic hair started. That pubic hair got dense and smooth like velvet when it started
covering her Vulva. In the middle of that beautiful hair pond, there it started. That
heavenly slit. Strong but really smooth thighs looked like it was made of butter.

I forgot about everything else and her breath taking Body occupied my whole mind.
I told her "Wow! Ur body is great. At the age of 28 and after got fucked by uncle
for the past 7 years also U look fresh and acting like a Virgin in bed". "Huh! for Ur
age, U are too good in fucking, Ravi. Really I am not simply praising U. I never had
sex like this before. I was dreaming about having successful sex with somebody. But
I was worried about the society. But now no one will never ever dream that U and
me are having sex, because of our relationship. So We are safe. Ok. Cut of this
crap. Are U ready for the next round?" She asked me and pulled me on the bed.

Now I have already removed my shorts and I was butt naked. She made me to lay
on my back. She started caressing my body. Rubbing my whole body and tickling
my cock. Then she came on top of me with her legs in the side of my body and put
her Pussy directly on my face and started rubbing her juicy pussy on my face. I
found that she is very much liked, me licking her cunt. So with out hesitation I
started eating her pussy. She was pushing her pussy on my face. I reached her
breasts and held them tight and squeezing them. Her hand was working on my dick.
Now she was in ecstasy and lost control. She was rubbing my Dick real hard. It
started paining for me even though that was a kind of happiness. Now she slid on
my body and her pussy took position against my Cock. She was rubbing my dick
with her Vagina.

My dick became as an iron rod again and standing. She held my dick in her hand
and directed my cock to her wet juicy cunt. She sat on my laps now. Thatz it. My
Cock entered in to her. Then she started moving up and down and started acting
like a Grinder running. I kissed on her mouth and pressing her jumping breasts so
hard. My cock was splitting her pussy in to parts and she was moving like she
wanted to break my Dick. "Ssssh. huh! Humma! That is good. Hold on to that
Ravi" She was mumbling. I was holding her body with my legs. Her body was
shivering and shaking. I found that she was going to cum. I cooperated with her to
get her orgasm. She was in climax and her body started leaking Sex juices and at
the same time I gunned my cum in her. Both of our juices started flowing from her
cunt and that made my Cock, balls and hip wet.

Now she just laid on me. The thought of having her naked next to me was really
driving me crazy. What happened that night amazed me and still couldn’t believe it.
I wrapped my arms around her body and slowly and smoothly rubbing it. All of the
sudden the thought of having my cock in her mouth and getting a nice blow job
occurred to me. I got up and sat on her chest. My Butt was on her Boobs and that
felt like sitting on a Velvet soft couch. I started rubbing my dick on her throat.
"Ravi! What are U doing?" She was asking me. "Banu! Please take mine in Ur
mouth. I like it very much. Could U please?" "Why not? Whatever U say. U like it
very much. Huh! But please do not throb it in my mouth. U are really getting tensed
up and loosing control during Oral sex. Last time when U were eating mine, U bit it

Now my Cock was getting harder and I rubbed it on her lips. She first took the
head of my cock in her mouth and licking it with her wet hot lips and then she took
it fully in to her mouth and started moving her head in and out. Wow. That felt real
good and I was rubbing my bare butt on her breast. I grabbed her hair and held
her head and started moving my hip. Now I was fucking in her mouth. Her mouth
was full with my dick and I started moving pretty fast. She was having hard time in
keeping my erected dick in her mouth and trying to spit it out. But I held her real
hard and treated her mouth as pussy and hitting hard. In a few moments I filled
her mouth with my cum and pulled mine out of her mouth. "Ravi!Ur’s is reaching
until my throat. So Please don’t be so wild".

After one hour we had one more round and slept hugging each other nude. Next
day morning when I got up from bed time was 9:00 a.m. She was not with me on
the bed. She was in the kitchen preparing Breakfast. She already took bath and
wearing a Yellow See-through saree and matching yellow blouse with a black bra.
Even her Blouse was too thin and itz showing her Black bra and wonderful
cleavage. I made it again a glance on her boobs. Her nipples were hardened and
straighten because of the satisfactory fuck she got it from me the previous night. I
can see how straight her nipples were with in the blouse and bra. I got my morning
woods by seeing her. I went behind her with out making noise and hugged her from
the back, grabbed her boobs, smoothly kissed on her neck and rubbing my swollen
Dick on her round ass. She turned and asked "U are up now?". I am up and my
Dick is also up. How about having a morning show? " I asked her by showing my
hardened Dick to her. "Oh God! U are ready to drill me now! No. Go take bath and
have Breakfast first. Then we will think about Morning show". I told her I want to
fuck her now. "Please Ravi! Having sex during day time is not advisable for us.
Somebody may come home" I insisted for one shot. She was bit hesitant though she
agreed and said "Ok. as U wish. But do not remove my cloths. Just shift my dress
and have it. That way if some one is coming to the house also we can manage in a
little time. Come on let us go to the bedroom. We have to make it fast.". "No not in
the bed room. Right here and right now" "Are U crazy? U want to have it here ?"
"Shh. Don’t talk just lean on the Kitchen table and hold to the sink".

I shifted her Saree and Petticoat above her hips and and made her show the clean
hot pussy to me. Now I said "This time not on Ur pussy. I am going to screw Ur
asshole". She was shocked, turned around and said "No way! That will be really
painful with Ur Cock’s size". But I was not listening to her. "Just turn around and
show me Ur Ass. " She was reluctant "Please no. Whatever U want to do, do with
me except ass fucking. Try to understand me. I never got fucked in the ass". I said
"Yesterday U told me U never had oral sex and Me licking and eating Ur pussy was
new to U. But U enjoyed it. Am I right? It will be like the same. U will love it"I
forced her to show her ass to me. She turned around and ready for getting fucked
in her ass. Her ass was big and round.

I kissed her ass and started licking those two big muscle mountains. I moved my
tongue in the crack of her ass. I slid my fingers in her pussy and got her juices on
my fingers. I then wetted her asshole with her own juices. I pushed two wet fingers
in her asshole and greased it properly. She was groaning. My cock stood firm, and
she squeezed it. Turning me loose, she leaned over the table, her sweet, naked ass
on display. I stared at her ass. Aunt looked extremely lewd to me. She cupped the
cheeks of her ass, pulling them wide open. I gasped as I saw her puckered asshole,
the curls of soft hair beneath, and the puffy sweetness of her cunt. "It’s so pretty,
Aunt," I grunted, my cock jerking up and down. "You have a pretty ass. You look
awfully tight, though."

I gulped wetly, and leaned down to her ass. I kissed a creamy asscheek, and She
gurgled with delight. "Oooh, lick it a little," she urged, wiggling her ass. "Lick
Aunt’s ass just a little." I, becoming eager, slipped my tongue out of my mouth and
lapped the satiny cheeks of my Aunt’s ass, swirling my tongue along the backs of
her thighs, tasting her flesh. She cried out with pleasure, her ass shaking. She used
her fingers to hold the lovely cheeks wide open for me, her asshole puckering in and
out. With an intake of air, I shoved my face into my Aunt’s ass, feeling my satiny
inner cheeks. I kissed the pucker of my Aunt’s asshole, bringing a sob of delight
from her. She shoved her ass into my face, and began to make soft cries of ecstasy
when I licked my tongue against the crinkled ring. Placing my hands on my Aunt’s
trembling thighs, I probed her asshole with the tip of my tongue. She hissed and
mewled and squirmed into my face. "Ohhh, darling, shove your tongue up! “
Shaking her ass into my face, she held her breath as she felt I ‘s tongue stiffen,
pushing at her tight asshole. As my tongue slipped past the ring, she cried out softly.
I clutched my Aunt’s shaking thighs, pressing my open lips around my Aunt’s
asshole, my chin pushing into the juicy slit of her cunt. I ran my tongue in and out of
her asshole, stabbing as deep as I could. She gurgled and sobbed, wiggling her
naked ass into my face. With me fucking her up the asshole with my tongue, her
cunt was becoming wetter and wetter. In face, the slippery juices dripped past my
chin and ran over my neck. "Ahhh, darling, darling!" she cried out, smashing her
ass back against my face. I ‘s tongue was deep inside my Aunt’s ass when She
suddenly shrieked. "Oh, God! I’m coming, darling!"

Her cunt convulsed, the rippling contractions causing her ass to suck my tongue. I
pushed my tongue as hard and deep as I could into my Aunt’s fiery ass, and felt it
grip tightly time and again as her orgasm boiled through her body. When she had
finished coming, I slowly slipped tongue out of her ass. For a long while She
remained over the table, her body shaking with a wonderful sensation. She was no
longer resisting and kind of anticipating what comes next, letting her arms hang
loosely. I fondled her ass, squeezing the creamy cheeks, opening them to see the
flexing of her asshole. Glistening cunt juices coated her inner thighs. "I know your
cock is very hard," She finally whispered. "It’s hard as hell, Aunt," I replied. I
pushed the swollen head of my cock to my Aunt’s flesh. I rubbed the dripping piss
hole up and down her thighs, over the cheeks of her ass. She shook and trembled
with the feeling, shoving her ass back eagerly. I placed the head of my cock upon
her asshole, and gasped with the steaming heat of it. "Ooooh, that feels huge," she
murmured as she felt the pressure against her asshole. I increased the pressure of
my cock, staring down, seeing the ring of my Aunt’s asshole giving way. The more I
pushed, the more She’s asshole stretched. She was holding her breath, feeling that
wonderful pressure and sensation. It was strange, a very strange feeling, to have
cock pushing at her asshole, but one she found exciting and delicious.

She moved her naked ass back, urging me to push my cock in. I pressed harder,
and the swollen head of my cock penetrated the tight ring of my Aunt’s asshole.
"Ahhhh,!" She cried out. "You’re in me! " I stared down, seeing the ring of my
Aunt’s asshole stretched around the head of my cock. It was very tight, very hot. I
gasped with pleasure as my Aunt’s asshole squeezed my prick, gripping it deliciously.
She sobbed with rapture, finding my cock in her ass to feel very good. The
sensations rippled her flesh as she pulled her creamy ass cheeks wider yet. She
made a soft swallowing sound as her asshole clamped on the head of my cock.
"Ohhh,!" she pleaded softly. I slipped my prick deeper, watching it with wide eyes.
The heat in my Aunt’s asshole was very hot, searing the shaft of my cock. It was as
hot as her juicy cunt, and so much tighter. I pushed my throbbing cock slowly
inward, watching it disappear into her ass. I was breathless with excitement, with
the rumbling sensations I was feeling.

She purred as I moved my cock deeper into her asshole. She could feel the
throbbing the hardness of my shaft. Her asshole kept stretching and burning
around my prick. I was now invading her un invented ass. I forced my way into her
Virgin tight ass. The deeper it went, the better it felt. When I finally had my cock
completely inside her asshole, she felt stuffed, very stuffed. My sweet balls were
pushed against the slippery wetness of her hairy cunt, she could feel the powerful
pulsations of my cock with the ring of her asshole. She found her clit with her hand
to be straining out with hardness, and brushed it with her fingers. Her naked,
creamy ass wiggled as she slipped her hand past her cunt and pulled my alls,
smashing them upon the sensitive lips of her fiery cunt. "God Ravi !" she moaned. "
You feel so huge, so long and hard! " I pulled back slowly, watching my cock slide
inside the tight pucker. She cried out as I pulled, feeling the friction. One of her
hands kept pulling at a shapely cheek of her ass, the other letting my balls slid in her
fingers. When I had paused with the head of my cock inside her asshole, she gasped
loudly and plunged her fingers into her bubbling, steaming cunt, fucking herself
wildly a few moments, her naked ass shaking with excitement.

As I pushed my cock back into her ass, she cried softly as my sweet, hot balls
rubbed into her now-wet palm again. She grasped them, squeezing as my cock filled
her ass once more. "Ooooh,!" she sobbed. "You be careful with me! Come on, Ravi
, Finish it fast!" I plunged inward, a soft slapping sound coming when my lower
body smacked the hot cheeks of her curvy ass. She yelped with pleasure, enjoying
the power of my hardness up her ass. Placing my hands on her hips, I pulled my
cock back slowly, and rammed it in quickly and fast. She groaned with delight as my
balls smacked against her juicy cunt. "That’s it, I ! That’s the way ! Oooooh!" She
jiggled her ass, dancing from foot to foot, her tits smashed upon the table. She drew
her other hand from between her thighs, rubbing her very long clit a few times, and
clutched her ass cheeks once more. She spread her ass as wide as she could,
opening it to my quickening thrusts. The wider she opened her ass, the deeper my
cock went. Her pussy pulsated hotly, and juice seeped from the hairy lips, running
along her inner thighs. Her clit strained out, very long and hard, throbbing
deliciously. She wiggled her ass lewdly, crying out for me to fuck her faster and
harder. The friction of my throbbing cock along the ring of her thoroughly
stretched asshole seemed ready to burst into flames, flames of perverse, wanton
ecstasy. She humped her ass back as I came lunging forward, grinding her sweet
asscheeks against me.

She sobbed with increasing rapture, her almost naked body vibrant with passion.
The feel of my cock up her asshole was better than she could have imagined. The
depth might have surprised her, pleased her. The puckering of her asshole excited
both her and me . Her asshole squeezed and flexed by its own accord, without
direction from her already spinning mind. The wetness of her cunt seemed more
pronounced than ever, the juices making the inside of her thighs slippery. Her
bushy cunt was throbbing and her clit felt as if it were about to burst from her
cunt. She shook her ass wildly. With my balls aching, loaded and full, I rammed my
cock in and out of my Aunt’s fiery asshole. She sobbed and squealed in delight,
arching back to meet my prick. My balls slapped time and again upon her juicy,
hair-rimmed cunt, sending ripples of heated rapture through her body. I dug my
fingers into my Aunt’s grinding hips hard. She clawed the cheeks of her ass, her
fingers near my cock, holding herself lewdly open for me. "I’m about to come!" she

"OhOoooh, I feel it so deep in me! Ram it … ram that!" I beat my cock in and out
of her asshole, feeling it start to clutch and release him. My eyes became glazed with
passion, my young body shaking as hard as my Aunt’s. My legs were getting weak
as the ecstasy ran through him. “ Aunt, I’m about to come, too! I can’t hold it back,
Aunt!" "Oh, shoot it Ravi !" she screeched. "Squirt that hot juice! Ohhh, now,
–now!" She’s cunt exploded, the orgasm bursting throughout the whole expanse of
her crotch. Her clit pulsated hard, the lips of her cunt gripping at my banging balls.
Her asshole began to squeeze and suck my prick. With a yelp, I rammed my cock as
deep as I could into my Aunt’s asshole, and sent rapid squirts of thick cum juice
spraying between the soft walls of her greedy asshole. She cried with ecstasy as she
felt my cum juice flooding her ass, her cunt flexing with tight, searing pulsations. A
series of orgasms rumbled through her, one after the other, until she became so
weak she slumped across the table, her hands falling from her ass, her body
relaxing, gasping hotly. Her eyes were closed .I asked her “How do U feel? "Oh, my
god, are you all right" I said. She got up and said "My God! At one moment I
thought U are going to tore my ass." That moment she felt tired and sat on the
kitchen floor. I forced my juice covered cock in her mouth and made her gave a
nice fresh blow job in that morning crisp.

Then one week we were enjoying a lot. That weekend my Uncle came back from his
Tour. Two days without having her I was going crazy. My Uncle was telling
Monday early morning he is supposed to leave again for a tour. Monday morning I
got up early at 5:30. I couldn’t sleep at all. I heard my Uncle ws getting ready to go
to work, he’d got up and I could hear him humming to himself, as he usually did
while he was shaving. She heard the sink empty in the bathroom as her husband
finished shaving. "You awake yet Banu?" I heard my Uncle asked. "Just about"
she replied. "I’m just gonna take a shower" Uncle said, I heard the shower go on.
Quickly I had a plan. I walked up to their Bed Room. "Aunt, you awake?" "Yes
Ravi, what did you want?". She replied. "Could I come in?" I asked. Before she
could answer, I opened the door. I shut the bedroom door behind me, the room
was quite dark the curtains still closed, but a fraction of light slipped through, it
shone on the bed, I could see my Aunt lying under the sheets she looked as though
she was lying on her chest. I walked over to the curtains, opening them to reveal
bright morning sunshine. Banu turned over onto her front, pulling the covers of the
duvet up around herself, barely keeping her head above the top.

I heard her husband, sing louder in the shower. "Uncle taking a shower?" "Yes"
she replied. "Well then, my cock-sucking Aunt’s all alone in this big double bed,
thinking about my cock again?". I smiled very wickedly looking at my Aunt with
hungry, horny eyes. "Oh my god, ………Ravi, No!" I had grabbed hold of the corner
of the duvet and was pulling it towards me, the sheet sliding down, off my Aunt’s
naked body, Banu tried to hang onto the duvet, but I ripped it from her grasp,
dropping it on the floor by the bed. I looked over my Aunt’s delicious body, her
round, full breasts looked like they are fresh. Her hips were quite large, which just
made her waist look even smaller than it was, I looked down at my Aunts bush, the
dark black hair was trimmed around the edges into a diamond shape, her legs were
spread slightly and I could see her pussy lips, they looked quite large, hanging down
between her thighs, they a dark pink in colour. Her full, tanned thighs were
smooth.Banu saw me looking over her body, studying her every curve, she could still
hear her husband singing in the shower.A little sexual shiver ran up her spine at the
thought. I came over to the bed and sat on the edge, right next to my naked Aunt,
she had’t moved at all, her arms lay by her sides, her breast’s jiggled slightly as she
breathed hard from the excitement. I placed my hand on her tummy, I started to
move my fingers slightly, just rubbing them on my Aunt skin, feeling her breath in
and out. Me touching her sent what felt like electrical charges running through her,
her pulsed increased even more and she opened her full, pouty lips as she started to
breath harder. "You want me to fuck you Aunt, righ now, right here?" I
questioned, I began to move my hand up her flat stomach, pressing my fingers into
her smooth skin, moving my hand up towards her breasts. "Wh….What?" Banu
gasped, I was pushing all the right buttons now, my touch was setting her pussy on
fire. "Last night I heard you demanded Uncle to fuck you, but he couldn’t do it
right.". I stopped my hand just below my Aunt’s right breast, I moved a finger up
onto it, tracing a small mole she had just below her nipple. "Ohhhhh!". Banu
moaned out, My finger rubbing on her breast caused her to arch her back, pushing
her body upwards as another sexual sensation ran through her. "Was that a yes?"
I said, I moved up onto her nipple now, teasing it between my fingers, I moved my
other hand to the inside of her smooth thigh nearest him, again rubbing my fingers
in small circular motions.

"Uuuugghh!" was all Banu could say in reply to her me. I work her nipple with my
fingers, the pleasure was intense, she was getting very excited now, the thought of
me doing this to her again made her pussy juices flow. I moved my hand further up
her thigh, my fingers coming into contact with her black, wiry bush,I traced my
fingers round the edge, feeling the heat coming from between her legs.I bent over
my Aunt’s naked, sexy ody and licked her left nipple with my tongue, while still
teasing her left with my fingers. "Yes…..Yessssss! Fuck Me!….I want you to
fuuuccckkk me!" Banu screamed, my wet tongue running over her sensitive nipple.
had she ever felt this horny before? She did’t think so, her pussy was dribbling with
anticipation eager for me to fill her with my massive cock and to fuck her wildly. I
heard the shower go off in the bathroom, but still, she lay there letting me have my
way with her body. "Ravi….your…Ohh!…your Uncle s going to be in..Uuhhh! here
any second" she whispered scared her husband might hear her. "Well I’m not
going, I’m going to fuck you right here, he can watch if he wants." I said defiantly.
"No….we can’t….no stop". Banu begged me, Uncle would be out
any second, what would he do if he was confronted with this sight! I had traced my
finger round my Aunt’s entire pussy bush, now I pushed his hand up further,
through the dense hairs, using my thumb and index finger to spread her pussy lips
wide,I started to push my forefinger into my Aunt’s wet, hot cunt,I felt her pussy
spasming, the muscles tightening a bit then releasing,I moved my finger in deeper
trying to locate the small nub of her clit.

Banu’s hips jerked off the bed, as me pushed my thick, long finger deep into her
pussy, she dropped her head back, leaning againest the headboard, closing her eyes
tight as the pleasure took hold. "Banu! I will be back only after a week or so. ".
Uncle shouted out from in the bathroom. "Yesssss……Ohhhh.k" Banu said trying to
keep her voice normal, as she started to push her body back and forth onto my
finger inserted in her pussy. "I no more please!" Banu murmured. "I’m not going
Aunt" .I replied Banu panicked, if I was’t going to leave she’d have to, she just
could’t let her husband see them doing this. she leaned up off the headboard and
pushed me back off the bed and onto the floor, she jumped from the bed and ran
out the bedroom door and down the hallway, her big, firm ass cheeks bouncing up
and down in time with her jiggling breasts as she ran to the stairs, she have to get
some clothes from upstairs before her husband asked her what she was doing
running round the house naked. I got up off the bedroom floor and followed my

Banu made it to upstairs, a pile of her clothes were stacked up on top of the table in
the corner waiting to be ironed, she was just picking out a nightie when she felt
some hands grab her hips, she felt something hard pressing into her naked ass
cheeks, one of the hands moved there way from her hip and round towards her
pussy, the other hand moved off her hip and was brushed along her spine towards
her neck, her black, long, wavy air pushed to one side and then she felt hot, wet lips
kissing her on the back of the neck, she liked that alot, the stimulation was getting
her hot again. "Mmmmmm!" Banu groaned. “I think it’s time for fucking Aunt
after a long two days wait" .I said into her ear. "Yes….fuck!". She
demanded. The way I was touching her and where to touch her, particulary the
way I was slowly rubbing her pussy, making her juices flow made her mind blow.
"Mmmmm! You Got it!" Banu squealed, I had rubbed my finger over her swollen
clit. The erotic sensations as I rubbed it again, led straight to her brain, as the force
of her hidden desire rose to the surface. Her legs shook as again I started to rub on
her clit in small circles, slowly at first then I became gradually faster, and faster.

Banu leaned forward, moving her legs apart, the Table was directly in front of her
and she placed her hands on the edge, bending her legs slightly she lifted her sexy,
pink ass high into the air and pushed back onto my cock as it strained againest my
shorts, she rubbed her bottom slowly againest the hot, stiff bulge pressing
inbetween her butt cheeks. "Oh my! You feel like your ready to go!" Banu gasped.
My cock was rock hard, I was almost in pain as my big tool pushed hard through
my thin shorts, as my horny Aunt moved her ass from side to side against it.Since
I’d ripped the sheets from my Aunt’s bed and looked down upon her sweet, white
body he’d had a full-on erection, and now here I was, my Aunt offering herself on a
plate to me, teasing my cock with her ass. I placed my hands firmly on my Aunts
sexy ass, bending down I ran my tongue from the small of her back down over the
slope of her ass cheeks and then pushed my hot, wet tongue inbetween them,
probing her crevice. "Mmmmm……please….Uhh..stop teasing Aunt……I
ne..Ohhhhh!..need you insideeee me!" Banu screamed, I was pulling open her ass
cheeks firmly and again my tongue pushed between her firm ass cheeks, the tip
brushing her small, pink asshole. " now!" she ordered. How could I
refuse my cock-hungry Aunt? I took my hands away from her body, and pulled my
shorts down, my cock springing from my shorts like an eager greyhound from the
trap, it almost shot straight up, my cock had a weird curve in it, rather like a
banana. "My God!" .Banu gasped She’d looked over her shoulder after I had taken
my hands away and her eyes widened as she saw me rip down my shorts, my big,
thick curved cock springing free, forcing up the front of my vest as it did, my face
filled with eagerness to fuck my own Aunt. She thought he’d looked and felt big last
night, but now I looked an even bigger boy she thought.

Banu lifted her ass higher into the air, her tits wobbled as she did, she was still
slowly shaking her ass from left to right, her hairy, pussy lips slick with her juices
were clearly visible to me she thought, her cunt throbbed harder as she waited for
him to penentrate her with my fine cock. I took hold of my blood-veined shaft with
my right hand, I moved forwards towards my Aunts expectant body, I placed my
left hand on her shoulder, and gripping tight I pushed my cock-shaft down in line
with my Aunt’s quivering, pink pussy lips, slowly I pushed the tip of my purple,
bulbous cock-head in between her fleshy folds.
"Yessss!….mmmmmm….more…c’mon baby more!" Banu begged, even feeling the
tip of my cock pushing into her fuckhole was making her go wild. She bit down on
her lip and closed her eyes tight as she felt him push more of his hard meat into her
wet, hot passage. "God! That feels so good!" she exclaimed. Banu felt her pussy
stretch to allowing my cock inside her. "Uhhhhh…Where do you get a cock that
size?" she gasped, I took my hand off the shaft now as I fed more of himself into my
Aunt, I placed my hand onto her hip as my Aunt rocked her body , pushing herself
back onto my dick, her slick passage was making it alot easier. Banu pushed harder
onto the drier and it started to move, the feet squeaking on the floor as she leaned
on it. "Yesssss!" she hissed. My cock felt huge inside her, her pussy was stretched to
it’s maximum by my amazing thickness, she could feel my shaft rubbing onto her clit
making her crazy with desire. I felt I could’t insert my dick into my Aunt fully, I was
simply to big, but I was in a whole world of pleasure, my Aunts pussy muscles
tightened around my cock, clamping down on the shaft. "Ohhhh" I murmured, and
then I started to fuck her. I pulled my cock out almost to the tip, my Aunts pussy
juices smeared all over it and then thrust it back in, Banu’s ass cheeks wobbled
crazily as I did. "God!…Yes!…Yes!" Banu moaned, her pussy was throbbing wildly
she just could’t get enough of her my cock.

I quickened my strokes, pushing my hips forward, as I fed my meat into my Aunt’s
accommodating cunt. Banu, felt her knees buckle as me again pushed my hard dick
almost fully into her, the table pushed forward again, the feet squeaking loudly on
the floor as Banu gripped harder on the edge of it, her knuckles going white as I
pumped her slick pussy faster. "Fuck Me!" she screamed. "Yes"
"Uuuhhhhh….harder….fuck me…harder!" Banu’s pussy was burning with desire,
she’d never had such an intense sexual experiance in her life, every thrust of my
massive cock sent her into spasms, she was pushing her round ass backwards in
time to my manic thrusts into her, her ass cheeks slapping againest the tops of my
hairy thighs. Banu was pushing the tableback, lifting the front off the ground, it
banged againest the back wall of the room in time to me hammering my mighty dick
into her. BANG! "Yes!" BANG! "Yessss!" BANG! "YESSSSSS!". Banu cried We
were going at it like wild animal, there was now some natural instinct at work,
neither of us were going to stop until we had fulfilled our sexual needs.

I was ramming my cock into my Aunts juicy cunt at full speed now, I could feel the
cum welling up in my sac, the horny feeling building inside me, I truly could’t believe
I was doing this, not to my Aunt. "Never……uhh..stop….Ohh!…fucking me!". Banu
demanded. I did’t want to but I could feel I was on the verge of cumming. Banu
also was near the edge, my dick rubbed intensly againest her swollen clit, every time
I pushed in, she felt a wave of amazing sexual sensations wash over her. She leaned
her head forward onto the top of the table, scattering all the towels and clothes
onto the floor around them. I moved my hand from my Aunts hip, and along her
hot, sweaty back to the spot between her shoulder blades, I began to gently push
her down onto the table, her large breasts squashing againest the top, and her
thighs pressed againest the Drawer door, now every time I, thrust my manhood into
my Aunt’s pussy the drier lifted at the front from her weight on it cuasing her ass to
rise into the air slightly. "That’s It!….Uh!…..Ugh!". Banu said, her body humped
and bucked onto my cockshaft using the table to assist her as it rose into the air. I
was trying to hold out, I really was, but with every thrust my sensitive red thread on
the underside of my stretched dick was been stimulated, my cum-sac was now full
of hot cum just ready to spew out. Banu also felt her orgasm building inside her, she
was pushing her hands againest the back wall now, the table rocking wildly beneath
her. I took hold of the bottom of my Aunt’s thighs and lifted her legs off the ground.
"Ohhhhh" Banu groaned as my cock drove even deeper inside her. Banu started
thrashing about wildly on top of the table, it was rocking back then forward in time
to my furious thrusts, the feet underneath squeaked as they grinded along the floor.

"Yesss!……..Ugh!…Ugh!…..Yessssssss!" Banu just could’t hold out out, the orgasm
that had been building, shot threw her like a rocket, her whole body started to
tremble as wave after wave of intense sexual ecstacy overtook her, her sticky,
creamy juices flooded into her pussy covering my cock as I continued to bore into
her. "OH..Ohhh….Ohhhhhh…..Ohhhhhh!". Banu moaned her face grimacing with
the intense pleasure. As my Aunt came wildly, her pussy tightened around my thick
cock-shaft, I held tightly onto her legs as I pumped my last few strokes into her now
very slick, wet passage. "Ughhhh!" was all I grunted as my cock started releasing
it’s massive load. "Yesss…GO ON!….GO ON!…Ughhh". Banu ordered. The hot cum
rippled out the end of my cock-head, with my mighty final full thrust I pushed
himself hard into my Aunt, my hairy, tight balls banging againest the backs of my
Aunts, toned thighs. my Aunts body rocked forward on the table, the two back legs
snapping finally under the strain, the table started to pitch over but was stopped by
the wall, the top, back edge removing a large chunk of plaster from the wall. Banu
collapsed on top of the table, riding out the last of her orgasm, she lay her head
onto the cold metal surface, the sweat dripping from her forehead. She was
breathing deeply, trying to recover from the fucking I had gave her. I slowly
withdrew my wilting cock from my Aunt creamy, hot pussy, I looked down at my
dick, covered on my own Aunts pussy-juice, I could’t help smiling, I’d done a very
naughty thing I told himself but the fact it was so bad had made it even more
intense and my Aunt knew that as well. I ran my hands down either side of my
Aunts legs, then up again, he was still feeling horny, as though I had’t been fulfilled
probably, I felt as though I could go again.

Banu also thought she’d done a very bad thing, and with me she thought, the
intense sexual pleasure she’d felt was been replaced by some guilt about what she’d
done. What if her husband had caught them? Then she remembered her husband
was still in home probably almost ready to go to work, he took pride in his
apperance so it took him a while choose his dress in the morning but he must be
almost ready now. Banu spun round to face me, I stood their smiling at her. "Did
you enjoy that?" I asked, running my eyes across her cock-teasing body. "More
than I should have done" Banu admitted "I think we broke the tabler". I said
looking past her. The table was leaning againest the wall, a chunk of plaster
scattered on the back edge. "I Guess so" . Banu smiled a wicked smile "I thought
the earth was moving" she joked. "Banu you up here?" .It was my Uncle calling
from the living room in the living room "I’ll be right there" She shouted. Banu
grabbed a nightie off the floor and threw it on, covering her sexy curves."Stay here,
I’ll be back in a minute". She again smiled wickedly "See if we can’t get you good to
go again". she walked off wiggling her curvy ass from side to side slightly more than
she needed to, knowing I was watching. I felt my cock, rise slightly watching my
Aunts ass as she went out of the room. My Uncle looked up as Banu entered, she
gave him an innocent smile. "You look like you’ve been getting some exercise" He
said looking at her pink, flushed face. "No, I was err..Just moving the table" .She
lied. "I thought I heard someone banging about back there". Her husband said,
distracted by his paperwork, Banu couldn´t help smiling a little. He shut his
briefcase and came over to his wife. "I gotta go" he said. He kissed her on her
cheek. "What’s that perfume your wearing?" he asked. Banu wasn´t wearing any,
the combination of sweat and sex was coming from her pores. "It was something
Ravi got me". she replied. "You smell good, maybe we’ll have an early night tonight,
you know wake the neighbors" Banu smilied "Yeah maybe". All she could think of
was my cock pumping her full of my hot cum as she leaned over the table, her pussy
twitched, and a hot flush swept over her."But I’ve got alot on today I might be to
tired.". "O.k. We’ll see, Hey Ravi! What you doing today?". I came into the living
room, I stepped over to where my Aunt and Uncle were, standing next to my Aunt.
"Well I’ve got some hard preparation for the interviews to do today.", I said, I
moved my hand over onto the back of my Aunts, covered thigh, I was close enough
to my Aunt for my uncle not to be able to see, I moved my hand upwards, pressing
my fingers againest her skin. Banu jolted upright at my touch, I was working my
hand up the inside of her thigh. "Well I’ve got to go, Hope you have a good day and
I’ll see you later". He took off for the door, grabbing his car keys from the coffee
table as he did. "Yeah see you later Uncle". I said smiling, I’d slid my fingers in
between my Aunts legs, pushing the thick cotton of the nightie againest her pussy
lips, rubbing a little, Banu swooned a little, leaning back into my’s body, her nipples
hardening as she felt herself getting aroused again. Bang! Uncle shut the door
behind him as he left.

Banu turned around to face me, I was slightly taller than her and she had to look
up to meet my eyes. "You like living dangerously don’t you?" she asked. I did’t
reply, instead I pulled open my Aunt’s nightie, dropping it to the floor, revealing her
naked body. "I think I’ll do that hard studying now". I replied, moving my hands to
his Aunt’s ripe breasts, I began to massage them. kneading them with my fingers.
Banu could’t resist my’s advances, all her guilt was pushed to the back of her mind
as she willing gave herself over to my again, she reached for the waist band on my
shorts and pushed them down, again my hard cock sprung out towards her. "Well
you certainly eager". She gasped, still amazed by how well endowed I was. Banu
reached for my hot, throbbing member and started to tug my foreskin back and
forth, my purple cockhead appearing and disappearing as she started to slide her
hand along. I was growing more and more eager to fuck my horny, dark haired
Aunt again, her let go of her tits, moving my hands to the backs of her long legs I
lifted her from the ground, she was incredibly light and I had no trouble carrying
her over to the dining table. Banu let go of my cock as her lifted her off the ground,
she raised her legs and wrapped them round my waist, interlocking her feet around
my back as I strode over to the dining table, she knew what was coming. I dropped
my Aunt onto the shiny, wood table, her ass cheeks squashing outwards, she kept
her legs wrapped round my body and now she pulled me to her. Banu took hold of
my hot, hard cock and guided it through her swollen, red pussy lips and up into her
wet cunt, the muscles relaxing to allow my to insert my big fucking tool into her.
"Ummmmm!" she uttered. I pushed forward hard, my dick impaling my Aunt as
my meat went between her wet, hairy pussy lips. "Ohhhh baby!" she cried. Banu
took hold of my ass cheeks and squeezed them hard, she threw her head back, her
long, black hair slid off her face as she moaned out as my cock slid into her, filling
her with my meat. "Uggggghhhh…….noww…FUCK ME!". she demanded. I did’t
mess about, I started pumping my cock, fast and furious into his Aunts, hot cunt.

Banu lay back onto the dining table, she moved her arms up behind her head
scattering the place mats, and napkins looking up at my body as I stood over her
madly thrusting my cock into her. I leaned over my Aunt, taking hold of her right
nipple with my teeth, I played with it, nibbling on it a little, making her hard nipple,
redder, my wet tongue licked at it, leaving a trail of saliva. "Ohhhhh..God!" . Banu
screamed as my, teased her nipple. Banu’s body was writhed across the top of the
shiny, polished table, as me fucked her, she squeezed her thighs tight against my
hips and dug the heels of her feet into my back. I took hold of my Aunts shoulders,
forcefully pushing her body onto his swollen dick. "Yess..YES!….Yessss!" .Banu
groaned out, she raised her ass off the table, using her legs to pull herself up a bit,
humping againest my throbbing monster. I ran my hand up her tummy and over
her breasts and up to her face, her stuck one one my fingers into my Aunt’s open
mouth and she bit down on it lightly, then she sucked on it a little, her eyes closed
tight as my cock bored right into her, she felt like she would explode at any second,
such were the intense feelings going through her. "Ohhhh Baby…C’mon, fuck
Aunt". Banu begged me. Seeing my Aunt moaning and groaning in front of him
was nearly too much for me, I hammered my dick faster into my Aunt’s cunt,
looking down to see my blood-veined cock disappear almost to the hilt into between
her hairy, wet pussy lips. Banu was humping her ass off the table, grinding her
pussy onto my pumping dick, moaning wildly, she flapped her arms spreading them
wide over the table, unable to control herself. Banu felt her pussy muscles go very
tight around my’s dick, she knew she was about to have a massive orgasm, her
pussy started to spasm, her clit sending some amazing feelings up through her body.
"Yes!…YEs!……YES!……Ohhhhhh baby, OH BABY!" . Banu’s screams filled the
living room, she arched her back off the table as the intense orgasm swept through
her, it was even better than before, her naked body pulsed with sexual desire.
"Fuck Me….Ohhhhhh FUCK ME!" she gasped. I felt my Aunt’s cunt spasming
madly, her pussy muscles clamped down around my cock, milking my dick, I felt the
cum shooting along my cockshaft and out into my Aunts cunt, mixing with her own
juices. I kept hammering my dick into her with a neverending sac full of cum
spewing out. "Ugghhhh god" . I groaned as the last of my cum shot from my dick.

Banu kept bucking her ass off the table, back onto my’s cock, milking the last of the
cum from my balls, she ran a hand through her hair, she was breathing hard from
the excitement and excertion of fucking me, she felt I lay my head on her tummy,
she felt my hot, heavy breath on her skin, I was completly spent, my cum all
ejaculated into my Aunt’s tight pussy, she felt my dick begin to shrink inside her, she
moved a hand down and rubbed the top of my thick hair. I looked up at my Aunt,
her eyes looked wild and hungary for more, she flashed him a wicked smile. "I think
I am going to call off all house hold work today". Banu said, feeling her pussy
already begin to throb and tingle as she imagined all the things she could show me.
After that we never think of time or place. Only we are behaving like Stepmother
and son whenever my uncle is in Home. She is very happy and became more
beautiful with my cum flowing inside her. Now she is 33 years old. but she is very
attractive now a days. Until now she was taking Birth control pills whenever we are
having sex. But she is not having pills when she is fucking with my uncle. In her
married life she never had a baby for my uncle. She doubt that my uncle might be
incapable of gives her a baby. But she tells me that my Uncle is not impotent and his
sperm might not be good enough to make her pregnant. So recently she is asking
me that she is going to have my baby and pretend like that is her husband’s baby.
But I am reluctant and thinking about complication arises in future. She is insisting
me to carry my baby in her. I do not know what to do. Anything might happen in
near future. But this never stopped us enjoying sex. Now I got a job in Madras itself
and settled in her home. No one is having a clue that we are living like a Husband
and wife in home when my uncle is not around. My innocent uncle is relaxed and
happy for I am staying in their home and keeping her company and helping her.
But he doesn’t know that I am her Sex companion.