Sex with a married man

This last weekend was a surprise for me, the first time I’d
“done” a married man (though god knows I’ve looked at ’em in the
past!). When it was all through, though, he could say he’d still
been (mostly) faithful.

I threw this small party for a dozen or so friends Friday
night, sort of a kickoff for the July 4 weekend. John came up
from The City, on his way to the Sierras for a weekend’s
backpacking, something his wife never really liked. I think she
went home to mother, or somesuch. Anyhow, the party went late,
and when it was breaking up, John asked if he could stay on the
sleeper in the living room, rather than try to drive on at night
to a dark campground. I said sure.

John and I made up the sleeper and then I went to take a
shower. When I came out, in my robe, he was in the bed and
reading. I said goodnight and turned to head for my bedroom when
he made some funny comment about what he’d just read. I laughed
too, and went over to see more. When he showed me the article, I
recognized it and we started talking. I was soon sitting on the
side of his bed, listening and watching. As I looked I realized
what a real cutie he really was–all that dark hair, the strong
shoulders (all I could see of his body), and those great teeth
that showed when he smiled. I got to thinking what a great find
his wife had. Then, somehow, he made some gesture and his hand
ended up on my leg–and I really don’t know how to explain this,
but my hand suddenly went there on top of his. He looked at me
funny and gave me a gentle squeeze as he tried to pull away,
which I returned. He smiled and said, “Ann, I can’t. Really.”
You know, The Speech.

I just murmured and bent down to kiss him. Of course, the
robe fell open and of course his hand went inside it and about
halfway through the kiss I knew we were in trouble. We sort of
stayed that way for a while and then I moved my legs up onto the
bed. His hand went from my side to my back, and his other hand
went to my butt, stroking it gently. I pulled the covers from
under me and ran my hand down his chest and across his stomach.
He was so strong, too! I nibbled on his ear and he just moaned.

Well, this was fun and all that, but he was right, he WAS (I
mean, “is”) married, after all. His hand was now on my breast
and I was going to have to decide something, soon. I made a
decision, sat up, and then swung my leg over to straddle him. He
looked disappointed as I sat up, and then delighted as I moved my
leg across his body. He was on his back and I was sitting across
his thighs.

Now he could put both hands on my breasts. He was so
strong, and yet so gentle! His hands just sort of came up my rib
cage and stroked my breasts from underneath to the nipple. I
found I could sort of sag into his palms. I grabbed his cock and
began to stroke it, and then every once in a while, needing a
little oral contact, I bent down and kissed him or let him suck
my tits. I was warm all over and every part of him I touched was
warm, too.

Then his hand went around and began to play with my butt
again. I lifted myself up and moved up until I was directly
above his cock. I was really wet by now and could feel my cum
running out. I set my pussy on his balls and just stroked it up
his shaft. Up, lift, back, down, again and again. His cock was
really getting wet! He just moaned, and then moved his hand to
grab both my cheeks. He tried to move me just that bit farther
up to where he could slide in, and I really wanted to, but I knew
things would be different tomorrow and next week. “No,” I said,
“but wait.” He was getting even longer and really throbbing!

His hand began alternating from my breasts to my butt. His
legs went up and then down, and I could feel his pelvis thrusting
in time to my stroking. His eyes were squeezed shut and that
great smile of his was all across his face!

I could feel myself throbbing, too. I was working up a
sweat (I almost laughed out loud when I realized I’d now need
ANOTHER shower!) but he felt so good beneath me I couldn’t stop.
My clit was bumping the top of his cock every time I slid up
there and I was just about out of control until–THERE!–and
there again!–and again!–I was coming and the contractions just
wouldn’t stop. I collapsed onto him, with my legs wrapped around
his thighs and my feet tucked between his calves, my breasts
crushed against his chest, and his hands stroking my butt and my
back. I really don’t think he came, but he was looking really
good! Besides, it was too wet down there to really tell in the
half light.

I would have loved to stay all night. But, like I said, he
was married and it just wouldn’t do to have SLEPT with him.
After a few moments I tore myself away and staggered back to my
bed, firmly and quietly shutting the door behind me (no ideas,

I was asleep almost before I was in my own bed (cold
sheets!). When I awoke, it was late Sunday morning and John was
gone. He’d stripped the bed and left a pile of musky smelling
sheets. I’m sure he had to hike a few extra miles to get me out
of his system!