Sex at the poolside

It was a hot June afternoon. The humidity was low however
so it didn’t feel exhaustingly boiling outside. School had let
out not a month before and I couldn’t get over the feeling of
freedom. I was doing some things around the house feeling com-
fortable from the central air conditioning. Then, the doorbell
rang. I went to the door and there was Tiffany. I hadn’t seen
her since that BUS TRIP I took a few months back. She looked
spectacular! She was even more tan now then she was then. She
had on these bright pink shorts and a safire blue blouse which
was tied at the bottom. She had her hair partially pulled back,
but it looked real good. I smiled approvingly at her and said
“Hi, you’re right on time. C’mon in.”

She came in, dropped her duffel bag and gave me a huge kiss.
We had some small talk. You know, the catching up, “How’s every-
thing?” stuff.

She asked, “Where is everybody?” She was referring to my
vacationing family.

I told her of their absence and she gave me one of those
satisfied grins. I must have forgotten to tell her that when we
made our plans. I made us some drinks and we went outside and
sat by my pool. It is a 26×26, in-ground, octagonal pool. I had
taken very good care of it while my parents were gone so it
looked very good. We just sat, talking, admiring the sunshine,
me admiring her gorgeous body and really looking forward to
seeing what she looked like in a bikini.

I didn’t have to wait long. She said, “I’m hot. Let’s get
in the water.” With that, she stood up, put her sunglasses on
the table and began to undress. She kicked her sneakers off,
pulled down her shorts seductively, untied her blouse, and re-
moved it. She then shook her hair out. She had her bikini on
underneath. And what a bikini it was! It was so small, it
barely covered her tits, pussy, and ass. It was one of those
shoulder-strapless deals with a white top and a black bottom.

I almost shit looking at her. I yanked my shirt off over my
head and literally threw my watch on the table. I jogged over to
the shed and got an attachment for the filter return to give it
the jaccuzi effect when it releases the water into the pool. We
dove in and I swam over to the return and attached the massager.

We did some swimming around for a bit, getting used to the
water and all that. I went under the water and opened my eyes.
Boy, could she ever move in the water! I saw her go under a few
times. If she opened her eyes, she must have been able to see
the bulge that was forming in my bathing suit.

From behind me, her voice said, “don’t move Tom.” I heard
the sound of her going under water and felt her hands on my
bathing suit. She gave it one quick yank and it fell to my
ankles. She came up in front of me with it in her hand. She
gave a deep-voiced laugh and threw it across the yard. Then she
stood right in front of me and started giving me a hand job. I
was so hard and horny. I had been thinking about fucking her in
the pool ever since we parted at the bus station. She started to
rub my cock against her stomach and on her belly button which
supported my head nicely.

I was getting real turned on by this and, with one hand
undid the clasp on her bikini top and flung it near where my
bathing suit lay on the lawn. I started vigorously massaging her
tits with both hands which caused her to start breathing heavily.
I ran my right hand up her shoulder, down her back, and eventual-
ly underneath her bikini bottom where I caressed her bare ass.
All the time she was continuing her hand job. She was being
gentle because she didn’t want to make me cum. With both hands,
I tried to push her bottoms down but it was difficult because I
had no leverage. She started to wiggle her hips in order to
allow them to slide down easier. This made it easy enough to
push them down and she stepped out of them. She stopped her hand
job, picked up her bottoms and rubbed the crotch of them in my
face. The smell of her pussy was driving me crazy. I grabbed
them and cast them away with the rest of our clothing.

Now I am not a very athletic person, but the fact that the
water makes things weigh less was going to work in my favor. I
looked into her eyes, she smiled, and with my hands on her hips,
gave a jump and wrapped her legs around my waist. She held my
shoulders tightly as I positioned my cock and grabbed her ass to
give a quick THRUST to shove it in. I pushed it in as far as it
would go. I just stayed there and we reveled in the sensation.
We hadn’t fucked for months and it felt sooooooooooo good! I
started moving her slowly and began to pick up the pace every few
minutes. We worked up to a pretty good speed. Her tits were
bouncing all over the place. It was a sight to see. The two of
standing in the middle of my pool, intertwined with the water
coming about half way up our chests. She started moaning and
sighing. The sound echoed across the water and bounced off the
fence giving it a deeper, richer, more prolonged quality. As we
fucked, the water began to get wavy and turbulent which only made
it better since we kept losing balance and had to keep slamming
into each other to recover it. This was great, but it wasn’t
anywhere near what I had planned for us.

We managed to fuck our way over to the return. When we got
there, I slowed down (much to her displeasure) and got her off of
me. She asked me what I was doing.

I replied, “Baby, I’m gonna make you cum like you’ve NEVER
cum before!” To entice her, I put my finger in her pussy and
moved it furiously back and forth and then pulled it out just as

She said, “Alright, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

I instructed her to turn around and place her hands on the
sides of the pool. With both hands I spread her legs far enough
so that I could get my cock inside her and she could comfortably
stand. I moved her back a bit keeping her hands on the pool-
sides. Then I said, “Are you ready for the ultimate orgasm?”
She must have been ready to cum when we were fucking before
because all she could do in response was moan and sexily shake
her body. With that I reached around her and turned the nozzle
on the jacuzi attachment straight towards her now very swollen
clit. The warm, jet-propelled water hit her right on the clit
and was driving her crazy all by itself. Then I grabbed my cock
and guided it into her pussy from behind. When it was all the
way in and I got up a good rhythm, I reached my hands around her
and massaged her tits. And if that weren’t enough, I started to
kiss and lick her ears and neck. Needless to say, she was in
another world. She was getting all the pleasure centers of her
body stimulated at once, her clit, her pussy, her tits, and even
her neck!

She said to me in a breathy voice, “I wish…uh..there
waaaaaaaaas…something IIIIIIIIIIIIIII couuuuuuld…God…do to

I told her that seeing her like this and feeling her pussy
wrapped around my member was enough for me. As I said this, I
began to fuck her even faster! After a few minutes of hearing
her shout and scream at the top of her lungs, I pumped my cock
into her with all that I had because I was gonna cum! And this
was no trickling faucet baby! This was a full blown (no pun
intended but laughter accepted) jet-spray surpassed only by the
return’s pumping type of orgasm for me boy!

I filled Tiffany up with what felt like every fluid in my
body. So now she was being pumped on her clit, fucked, tit-
massaged, now BITTEN, on the neck, AND being pumped in her pussy
with my hot flowing juices! This was more than she could

She threw her head back and said “My turn!” Her body began
to shake, the walls of her pussy clenched and held my cock right
where it was, and with a scream that was louder and higher than
the last note in Marriah Carey’s “Someday,” climbed to the peak
of her sexual plateau! She stayed there for what seemed like
hours but was actually about two minutes. (Now I’m a Broadcast
major so trust me when I tell you that two minutes can seem like
an eternity) When she started to cool down a bit, she lost her
balance and fell into my arms. We climbed out of the pool and,
without putting our suits back on, laid down on beach towels and
fell asleep in the afternoon sun.

After a few hours we awoke to the sound of my neighbor’s
dog relentlessly barking. This made me aware of the fact that if
they’re home and let the dog out, they could probably see us
laying there. We laughed at our mutual thought and got up and
got dressed. We went in the house for a while and spent the rest
of the day together. The fucking was over and it was time to
relax and just have fun. She left around midnight and we agreed
to keep in close “touch” with each other so we could have more
days like today. And what a day it was!