Bondage sinful tale

For as long as I remember, the thought of being the “victim” was
always exciting. And during my childhood, there were people around me that
made this desire even more real. I was eleven when the first real thoughts
came to my mind.
You could say I was a loner at that age. Few of the other girls were
really interested in being my friend. It didn’t help that both my mother and
father were alcoholics and the whole town knew it. So, I spent alot of time
alone. My parents were brutal to me at times, locking me in my room, going
without dinner, leaving me for hours on end. But, there was one person who
would come over and play. His name was Mark. And, at this time, he was just
turning fourteen. Continue reading Bondage sinful tale

Tiffany Story

It’s been close to a year since I met Tiffany. Our meeting
was rather bizarre (ain’t it amazing what Greyhound can do for
your sex life?) and we’d done some rather strange things with
each other (like a different kind of synchronized swimming) so we
decided to actually start dating. We decided that it would be a
somewhat non-exclusive relationship but we wound up seeing each
other more than other people.

She called me one afternoon. It was the day after my birth-
day and she wanted to do something. I suggested a trip to Niaga-
ra Falls. It is one of my favorite places to go. She agreed and
said she’d be over in about 10 minutes. Continue reading Tiffany Story

Sex With Amputee

A nice evening at her place, I thought as we got out of the
car. Good wine, a wonderful sex goddess, and a good dinner
lying happily in my stomach. What else could a man ask for?
“To fuck like crazed weasels!”, I muttered as I watched Jennifer
slink up the walkway, with her one flawless leg catching in the
light from the street light. “What’s that, dear?” she said,
pivoting to look at me. A flash of white skin caught the dim
yellow light where the stump I’d been thinking about through
dinner was. “Nothing, I was just muttering to myself. They
tell me the insanity isn’t anything to worry about unless I
start st-st-stu-stuttering.” Continue reading Sex With Amputee

Get a hand into his pants

The Rainbow Wizard carefully packed away his guitar in its case, and
closed the lid. He hefted the case easily in one hand, and smiled sweetly at
Flower. “I had a wonderful time this evening,” he said, “And I hope that we
can do it again sometime soon.”
“Oh, I’d like that,” Flower replied, picking up her own guitar. “It
was wonderful meeting you. I was beginning to feel like I wasn’t going to make
any friends here at all. Well, goodnight!” With a wave, she turned and was
gone, guitar case banging against her knees as she strode toward the elevator.
The Rainbow Wizard watched her leave, his smile contemplative in a
manner only practiced by those in the Messiah business. After a long moment,
he sighed gustily and turned to Mary Magdalene, who’d packed her guitar away
and was standing with her arms crossed, looking at him with an expression that
would curdle fresh milk.
He smiled at her disarmingly. “What’s wrong, my love?”
Mary Magdalene didn’t even wind up. One strong fist came up in a blur
and caught the Rainbow Wizard right in the gut. He stumbled backward one or
two steps with a grunt of pain, stumbled over a coffee table, and fell
backward onto it, then onto the couch behind it, with a clatter. Continue reading Get a hand into his pants

Raw Sensuality

The night was balmy. I had just left the bar and was pretty
depressed that I was alone. The walk home was sobering, not a long walk,
but enough to bring me back to reality as I lit a smoke. I stopped for a
bit, gathering my bearings before I proceeded.

She was standing opposite me on the other side of the street. I
instinctively put out my cigarette and walked over.

“Have you got another one?”, she said.

“Sure. Mind menthol?”

It was too dark too see completely. Her body, however, was thin and
petite. Her hair was long, dark and rather curly. Her method of smoking was
unique, not just exotic, but sensual. I could have sworn she was making love to
the damn thing, exhaleing straight and over so that I walked into the smoke.
Talking as we walked her voice was seductive, alluring a sexual connotation at
every oppurtunity. As we walked, I realized that we were not heading in any
specific destination. She however knew exactly where she was going because I
soon realized that we were in the Campus Woods.

We came upon the river that ran through the woods and headed toward
the footbridge. My mind was swirling. I could not distinguish between her
perfume and the flora. Fresh new scents exited me at every inhalation. Sweet
and sexy winds carried her hair. I was truly hard, but more than that my
mind was filled with passion and raw sensuality. Half-way across the bridge
she stopped and sat down, taking off her boots. Continue reading Raw Sensuality

Threesome Hot Wife Tale

You may remember Easy, that I had met your lady (whose name is also
Renee) when she was wearing those great little dolphin shorts and
riding her bicycle, and I was out running. We had had a wonderful
time that morning, as you may well remember. Well, I was pleased
when Renee called, and asked if I would come over and help her with a
surprise. I agreed, and went over to her place. Renee was looking
just great, in a knit tank top, shorts, and sandals. I asked her
what the surprise was, and she said “Well, Easy has been asking me to
shave my pussy, and I finally decided I would to surprise him. I
liked yours from the last time we were together, so I thought you
might help me.” I said “I will be glad to” also remembering the last
time we were together. Renee then said “What do we do first?” I
said “Get an old sheet, the cream you use when you shave your legs,
and a fresh razor.” She did, and then we went into her bedroom. We
spread the old sheet over her bed, and I told her to get undressed. Continue reading Threesome Hot Wife Tale

Fantasy Sinful Tale

The Bandit and Zero kicked the dirty grey snow off of their boots and
walked up the steps of the East Habitat. A quick ping of a security card in
the lock, and the door sighed open, brushing a warm breeze across their faces
from inside. They walked out of the dark and into the central lounge,
gratefully unzipping their coats. The usual late-night gang was there, Thud
holding court like a king in the chair by the coffee machine and dealing a
hand from his everpresent cribbage deck to Lanky and Plaids. Conan was
sprawled out on the couch, reading a paperback, and the notes of an acoustic
guitar wafted gently through the air as the Rainbow Wizard played a love song
for Mary Magdalene on a nearby stretch of carpet. Continue reading Fantasy Sinful Tale

Bedtime Bondage Story

Some girls grow up wanting to be Vivian Leigh in “Gone With
The Wind,” gliding down an opulant staircase in an exquisite
evening gown. My fantasy aspirations came from a different era of
film. I wanted to be Samantha Eggar in “The Collector,” squirming
helplessly against my ropes with my captor is out of the room,
loving and dreading the thought of what he would do when he
That wasn’t my only fantasy, of course, but it was a powerful
one. I took a lot of pleasure from it laying in bed alone, rubbing
myself against the pillow between my legs, wishing for someone who
could push me to new and higher levers of sexual feeling.
But I had absorbed just enough feminist philosphy from my
mother to feel guilty about such thoughts. I also had just enough
self-protective distrust of men to keep me from asking any of my
early sexual partners to oblige. So I went off to college with my
submissive feelings still unfocused, compartmented away from my
“real” life. They probably would have stayed there but for
Colleen. Continue reading Bedtime Bondage Story

Night of lodging

I was happy, a little excited even, to provide a night of lodging to Rod,
the fellow from the home office, upstate. We had been working together on
the new facility design for months.
He was gorgeous and I enjoyed the few opportunities I had to be with him
outside of the office — lunches and on one occasion a late night cocktail at
my apartment.
Not wanting to put him off or give him the wrong idea, I offered to sleep
on my couch. Rod laughed looking at the loveseat that I called a couch. Not
necessary, he said.
I didn’t dare assume anything from his casual observation that my king
size bed looked like it could easily accomodate more than just the two of us.
I crashed early, freeing the bathroom for my guest and creating what
privacy I could by my sleep. Continue reading Night of lodging

Hate working at night

I had always liked Jenny, though I didn’t know her well personally. We
worked together on the night shift. Us night-timers have a slightly different
perspective on the world that most other people on ‘normal’ shifts. We’re often
driving on streets devoid of life at 3AM, and spend a lot of time at home
because nothing’s open. And then we sleep through the morning, when everybody
else is alive and awake. It’s a very lonely life most of the time.
Jenny suffered from this as much as I. She had come to town almost a year
ago, and because of her hours, she hadn’t had so much as one date in all that
time. Often she would grumble about the lack of a social/sex life. There were
plenty of guys on the night shift, but for some reason she didn’t seem
interested. More than a few of them were interested, though. Continue reading Hate working at night

Thirsty and hungry

The Bandit rubbed his eyes and put down the book, tucking his pen in
it for a bookmark. He sighed gustily and looked at the closed door to the
living room. Muffled sounds of conversation were coming from outside,
interspersed with shouts of raucous laughter: Conan, having some fun at the
expense of one of the Wiz’s folks, no doubt. There was no sign of Zero; it was
becoming obvious that he’d be spending tonight in Diva’s room. Bummer.
On impulse, the Bandit walked swiftly to his cassette rack and
withdrew an album that he almost never played any more. He popped it into the
deck, pulled on his headphones, and began to disrobe.

“Oh very young, what will you leave us this time?
You’re only dancing on this Earth for a short while,
And though your dreams may toss and turn you now….”

“Come to bed, liebchen,” Diva smiled, stretching out languidly on the
narrow mattress. Her body wasn’t a pin-up artist’s wet dream by any means: a
bit heavy in the hips and thighs, just a hint of a double chin. But her heavy
breasts and sinuous torso had an appeal all their own, as did the tawny patch
of hair just above her swollen labia. Continue reading Thirsty and hungry

What Gives You A Hardon

“I don’t want to start like that. And again…two, three, four….”
“Hold it, HOLD IT!” The Bandit held up a hand and waved frantically,
making disgusted faces. Zero raised an eyebrow at the spastic diplay, but
willingly shut off the tape recorder.
“Something the matter?”
“YES, God damn your oversized beak!” The Bandit glared furiously at
Zero, fists on hips.
Zero selfconsciously rubbed the bridge of his nose, which was quite
frankly a tremendously outsized appendage for the face upon which it rested, a
bit of Cherokee ancestry that wouldn’t have been out of place on a nickel.
“What is it? And calm down, you look like you’re about to explode.”
“You promised me NO cliches and NO stuff stolen from other people!”
“Well, of course not,” Zero replied, looking hurt. “But we haven’t
even started playing yet….”
“You know damn well what I mean!” The Bandit rewound the tape, still
glaring at Zero. “That ‘I don’t wanna start like that’ line is straight off of
a Robert Fripp song! Now, NO FRIPP!”
“It is? Oh, so it is.” Zero scratched his head and smiled sheepishly.
“It’s from the prologue of his first album, isn’t it? The one that leads
into–” Continue reading What Gives You A Hardon

Bandit Sex

The room was bathed in fanned rays of yellow light, the glare of the
streetlight outside the window only partially shuttered out by the Venetian
blinds. It wasn’t a terribly cluttered or fancy room; bunk bed at one end,
desk at the other, two closets and chests of drawers, mirror, and bookshelves.
The walls were grey cinderblock, and the floor was institutional brown tile, a
choice of a practical rather than esthetic nature. But that wasn’t to say that
the room had no character; far from it. It wasn’t easy for a lowly teenager to
make a dent in the Establishment’s effort to create anonymous conformity, but
it could be done. The center of the floor was covered by a huge Persian rug,
and the walls were adorned with Roger Dean landscapes: here an ethereal stone
staircase over a cloudy sky, there a desert island floating in the clouds, and
over there a huge mesa, a lake at its top, sheeting down water on all sides.
And there weren’t many other rooms in the building that would have had
furniture like that next to the desk: a keyboard stand with a small
synthesizer, a pair of boxy guitar amps, a beautiful old Les Paul on a stand,
and a hideously-customized old Rickenbacker bass beside it, a sort of
“American Gothic” with guitars instead of the old farmer and his wife. Continue reading Bandit Sex

The Three Of Us

I await for Sam to get here. An old friend dating back for some
35 years. I do not know what happened to him, flying high on the
Texas oil boom for so many years and now without a penny to his
name, I do not really feel sorry for him but I can not leave him
in the cold since he really wants to come back to the area to
live. Hope I can help him get back on his feet!

Its around 9PM when he arrives, his gleeful smile and happy-go-lucky
attitude mask the depression he must be feeling. “Hi Dan how’s every
little thing?” he asks then turning to her he say “Hi Karen”. My wife
does not want him staying with us as she feels that the drain on
our finances will be to great. She manages to utter “Hello Sam, glad
your finally here we were worried about you on the long trip!” What
tripe but it sounded warm and friendly, what more can I ask for. “Let
me show you to your room so we can put you bags there and you can get
use to a hard floor under your feet again.” I said feeling happy that
all the ill had been melted and things were off on the right track! Continue reading The Three Of Us

Anal virgin sex story

You know what happened to me the other night? I went out drinking with Jill, a
friend of mine, and we ran into some guys we know. We sat around drinking and
talking for a long time. I don’t drink much, and after a while I was really,
really drunk and feeling funny. I suspect that there was something potent
other than alcohol in that drink. I asked Jill to take me home, but she asked
me to wait. In a few minutes I realized that I couldn’t move a muscle, not
even to open my eyes. Jill looked at me and said, “Oh, shit! Karen’s passed
out cold. Well, I’ve got to take her home. Help me get her to the car.”

Jill wasn’t exactly sober herself. She wasn’t far from joining me collapsed in
a chair. I was hoping she wouldn’t try to drive, but I didn’t want to stay
here. Finally one of the guys suggested that they drive us home. One guy
would take Jill’s car and take her home. The other guy would take me home in
his van, then drive over to pick up his friend. Had Jill not been drunk, she
wouldn’t take these strangers up on their offer, but not wanting to wake up her
brother to come get us, she agreed. I didn’t like this idea, but I had no way
of expressing my opinion. Continue reading Anal virgin sex story