Mind sex story

Jim wondered whether he was unusual in terms of his sexual
fantasies. He had married his childhood sweetheart when they were
both relatively young. He and Peggy had started going together
when he was seventeen and she fifteen. They were married at
twenty-one and nineteen respectively. After about a year’s marriage, Jim began his fantasies about Peggy making love to another
man. He never really analyzed why this idea excited him. All he
knew was that his cock became eight inches of rock hard sex when-
ever he thought of it.

He wondered how he might be able to broach the topic with
Peggy without offending her. Their regular sex life was rather
exciting. They fucked often and with a fervor. She was a fox. Her
height was about 5’3″ and she weighed about 120 pounds. She had
great tits that filled a 34 C bra without trouble. With a rather
small waste, she sported the lovely undulating pair of buttocks
that rippled so nicely when she walked. Needless to say, Jim’s
mind worked overtime when it came to his libido.

Jim tried some of the traditional approaches like attending
X-Rated movies and playing touch and go with some of their
friends. She never found any of his friends exciting enough to
respond or say anything that would suggest she wanted to fuck any
of them. Then one day she returned home after working the after-
noon shift at a local assembly plant. She indicated that Ray, a
guy that worked on her line, was teasing her about her jeans
being too tight. She asked Jim if he thought that Ray was right.
Jim indicated that Ray probably was just admiring her and was
likely hitting on her. Much to Jim’s surprise she showed a big
smile and said that if that were the case, that would be nice.

Jim questioned her as to whether that excited her. She
responded that she was married and didn’t allow herself to think
about it. He assured her that it wouldn’t bother him if she got
excited about another man being interested in her. She seemed
surprised and wondered aloud if that wouldn’t make Jim jealous.
Jim reassured her that he would be a little jealous, but told her
that it excited him to hear that other men found her sexually ap-
pealing. That pretty much started their dialog about threesomes
and open marriages.

Jim had a few short-termed affairs in the first several
years of marriage, but he was never able to convince Peggy that
she should feel free to try some strange cock. Peggy had the
chance to interact with Ray on several occasions at work. It all
seemed relatively innocent but exciting. He would make the oppor-
tunity to spend more time in her area. Now and then he would
brush up against her ample breasts or “accidentally” bump into
her and make sure that his thick young cock pressed against her
hot ass. At first she thought that these were just coincidental
movements. As time went on, she noticed that his “accidents” were
accompanied by delays. He would time his efforts so he could
touch Peggy’s heavy breasts in passing or linger when his penis
was in close proximity to her tight fanny. He would frequently
make sexual references about her nipples showing through her
clothes or the tightness of her clothing. It was becoming more
and more exciting. Peggy began to want Ray. She wanted to see the
difference between his cock and Jims. She wanted to feel his lips
on her swollen nipples; his strong hands on her naked buttocks.

One day, while Peggy was at work, she decided to meet Ray
after work and see what developed. He had asked her several times
to stop and have a drink with him, but she always made up some
excuse not to meet him. When she had mentioned to Jim that she
would like to stop with him after work, Jim casually responded by
saying that it would be fine with him. He didn’t want to show too
much excitement for fear of scarring Peggy off.

Jim’s cock was harder than nineteen dollars worth of jaw
breakers the entire evening. His mind wandered and he was sure
that Peggy would come home and tell him this wonderful story
about Ray fucking her brains out. He envisioned Ray undressing
her; lifting her heavy breasts and pouting nipples to his mouth;
squeezing her taunt buttocks as he drove his huge cock into her
honey pot. Both she and Jim were disappointed when Ray did meet
with her after work, and he was so high on some drug that she be-
came frightened and left. She decided never to see Ray again.

On another occasion, Peggy announced to Jim that Marty, an
old high school friend of theirs, would be in town the following
week. Marty was a close friend of her brother and had spent quite
a bit of time at her home when she was a school girl. As the con-
versation developed, Peggy shared with Jim that she had always
had a crush on Marty. He was an extremely good looking man, very
sophisticated and always treated Peggy very affectionately. Jim
once again got his hopes up. He wanted Peggy to experience more
in life. He suggested that when Marty came into town she should
consider going out with Marty and her brother for old time’s
sake. He didn’t want to go himself because he always seemed to
intimidate most people that he went to school with because of his
muscular appearance. He decided that he would have a convenient
excuse when the time came.

The time did come and Peggy had accepted an invitation to go
out with her brother and Marty to a local dance lounge. Jim
hadn’t seen her primp like this in a long time. She entered the
living room to ask for his comments or approval. Jim was pleased
by what he saw. She wore a lovely white sweater which accentuated
her beautiful breasts and a pair of yellow slacks that framed her
smooth, undulating buttocks. Jim indicated that he had a great
deal of work to catch up on for a meeting on Monday. Soon a horn
sounded in the driveway. It was Peggy’s brother Tim. Peggy gave
Jim a kiss and hurried to the waiting car.

Fantasies of the potential experiences permeated Jim’s
thoughts. If Peggy and Marty could only have a little time alone,
he was sure that she would be able to break fear’s icy grip and
experience something new. Jim could feel his cock develop girth
and length as his thoughts drove wildly to the moments he wished
for Peggy. He would have to wait to see the expression on Peggy’s
face when she returned. This would tell him if anything wonderful

Jim waited as long as he could and fell asleep in a chair as
he read. He had difficulty comprehending much of what was occur-
ring in his novel because his thoughts continued to return to
Peggy and Marty. Awakened by the sound of the door opening, Jim
stirred in his chair. He could hear Peggy kicking off her shoes
and fumbling around in the dining room. Soon she entered the
living room and was surprised to see Jim awake. She apologized
for being so late. Jim noticed that her clothing was a bit
disheveled. Her sweater was slightly twisted and one leg of her
slacks appeared to have an extra crease or two. A distorted
little smile came over Peggy’s face as she noticed Jim checking
her out. “Yes, I had a good time honey,” she stated with a little

“Well, how good?” Jim inquired as he tried to wipe the sleep
out of his eyes. Peggy chuckled again as she pulled her sweater
off on her way to the bedroom. Jim extracted himself from his
chair and followed Peggy waiting for additional information. “Do
you want a glass of wine honey?” Jim asked as he turned out the
living room lights.

“If you’ll have one with me. I’m going to jump into the
shower. I’ll be right out,” Peggy seemed to be avoiding Jim’s
eyes. Jim poured two glasses of white wine and headed for the
bedroom. He could hear the shower water running and approached
the bathroom. The door was partially open, and in the large mir-
ror he could see Peggy through the frosted glass panel. Her hands
were roaming her lovely body. He couldn’t help but to watch her
hands traveling from her bounteous breasts, down her stomach to
her delta of pubic hair. He felt his cock begin to stir once
again. Jim returned to the bedroom and placed Peggy’s wine on the
night stand. Removing his clothing, he reached for his pajamas
and put on the bottoms. He lit a cigarette, took a long drag and
sipped his wine before reclining on the fresh sheets.

Peggy soon appeared in the doorway wiping the remaining
droplets of water from her soft, pink skin. After a lot of small
talk about where they went and what they did, Peggy could see
that Jim was fishing for details. He was anxious to hear if Peggy
was able to broaden her horizons. “Did you have a chance to spend
any time with Marty alone?” Jim finally asked.

“Tim begged off and Marty took me to breakfast and then
drove me home. You know, I never know quite how to take you Jim.
I know you have told me time and time again that you don’t mind
if I have an affair, but sometimes I think you’re just trying to
see if I would cheat on you,” Peggy commented.

“It can’t be cheating if I approve, now can it?” Jim
returned. “I would like to see you do something a little risky.
Every time we talk about it we both get so damn excited. What can
be wrong with that?”

“We danced. Marty and I danced several slow dances, and it
was exciting as hell. That’s one of the reasons I had to take a
shower. I was soaking wet Jim,” Peggy confessed.

“Oh honey, tell me all about it. I want to get excited
myself. I’m already excited for you. Please, tell me everything;
every time he touched you. Tell me how excited you were,” said

“It was wonderful honey. He is better looking today than he
was when we were kids. He asked me to dance early in the night. I
got excited just thinking about being held by him. He held me
closely, and I could feel my nipples getting hard as my breasts
were crushed against his chest. Every now and then, as we danced,
he put his hand on my ass and just petted it. When he did that I
could feel myself uncontrollably pressing my pussy against him,”
Peggy offered as she replaced Jim’s hand on his cock with her
own. “Jim your cock hasn’t been this hard in a long time.

“When I pressed my pussy against him, I could feel his dick
getting harder. He pulled back from me, looked down at my breasts
and then back into my eyes. He got the most devilish smile on his
face. Then he pressed his cock into my belly even harder. I
wanted to come right there. We danced several times after that
and each time his rod seemed to get harder. I was thinking about
putting it in my mouth and sitting on it. My brother suggested
that we remember that I was married and we were in public. I
decided to take the edge off somewhat by behaving and not fucking
Marty right there in front of everyone. Tim suggested that it was
late and we should leave. Marty called him a party-pooper and
asked him to stick around for a while. Tim insisted that he had
to get up early so Marty offered to drop me off. We had a lot to
talk about over breakfast, but the ride home was frightfully

“Did you at least get a chance to give him a decent kiss
good-night?” Jim inquired with a smile.

“We have been out in the driveway for the last two hours
Jim. It was one of the hottest times that I can remember. When we
got here he told me that this night was one of the most enjoyable
nights that he had in a long time. He also told me that he en-
joyed holding me while we were dancing, and that he had always
wanted to hold me like that. Then he reached over and kissed me.
My head was spinning. It wasn’t too long before his hands were
under my sweater. He gently cupped my breasts and then unsnapped
my bra. He lifted my sweater and began sucking on my nipples. I
thought my head would explode.

“Jim; I touched another man’s cock. I unzipped his pants,
and I touched his cock,” Peggy said cautiously as she watched Jim
for a response. Jim grabbed her and began to squeeze her large
pink-nippled breasts. His tongue dove into her mouth, and he
began rubbing his thick rod against the soft skin of her hip.
This took much of the fear out of Peggy. She continued to tell
Jim about the feel of another man’s cock; the fluid that was
leaking out of the head of his raging penis; the weight of his
hairy balls. She went on to say that Marty had slipped his hand
down inside of her slacks and touched her thickly covered pussy;
the way he moved his hands through her wet cavern; first one
finger; then another; finally three fingers searching inside of
her hot, wet love hole.

“Did you suck his cock?” Jim whispered, with eyes closed, as
Peggy’s hand continued to travel over his gigantic shaft.

“No honey. I got scarred. I finally stopped him and told him
that I didn’t know if I was ready. I knew I was ready, but I
didn’t want to take the chance that you would be upset. I also
knew that this fuckn’ mammy-jammer cock of yours was sitting here
waiting for me if I needed it. I explained to Marty that I did
want him to fuck me, and that I did want to suck his cock. I told
him that one day we would probably be able to get together, but I
just needed time.

“Well you can see that I am not upset with you. I would have
loved to see his wet bone sliding in and out of your greasy hole.
Now that you know that, please feel comfortable with doing what
you want to do. I just want you to be happy and hot,” Jim
breathed into her ear.

“I did get to see him come Jim. He asked me if I would mind
if he got off so his balls wouldn’t blow up. I just smiled and
nodded my head. I kissed him while he stroked his cock and played
with my titties. He started to tense up, and I moved back to
watch. His cock went off, and thick gobs of come shot out hitting
the dash board. It was great to see that someone wanted me so
badly that their cock fluid was spilt so freely. Christ, what a
turn on. One day I would like to fuck him Jim. I just needed to
see your reaction to what has occurred already. I would even like
you to be able to watch it.

Peggy and Jim fucked until the sun came up. The next night
and several thereafter, Jim asked Peggy to tell him the story
again. Each time she told it was like the first. Each time they
made love afterward was better.

Jim began answering ads in swinger’s magazines in hopes that
he could convince Peggy to meet with other couples. She was
afraid and declined. Jim didn’t let that stop him. He met with
several couples over the next couple of years. Periodically, he
would share some of his adventures with Peggy, and their sex was
great due to the heightened libidos that result from such ac-
tivity. Year after year Jim would try new ways to lure Peggy into
experimenting with other men. Jim had to find another way.

Hypnosis was always a hobby of Jim. He was somewhat of a in-
tellectual and enjoyed reading about such things. He read every-
thing that he could get his hands on about hypnosis. As a result
of his job, he was enabled to attend several seminars on clinical
hypnosis. He got rather good at induction techniques, and Peggy
agreed to be one of his subjects. This began by simple experi-
ments like temperature control of the body, relaxation techniques
and similar approaches. Then one day, Jim decided to take hyp-
nosis to the bedroom. He gave Peggy the suggestion that she was
lying on a warm beach. The gulls were crying, the waves were
caressing the shoreline and the sun was licking her lovely, nude

He watched her as she lay on the bed. Her lovely pink
nipples became hard and reached for the mind-orchestrated sun.
Her legs opened to receive that warmth on her hair-covered pussy.
She was told to enjoy herself and not to concern herself about
anything as there was no one around and she had her “island” to
herself. Jim assured her that she could enjoy herself, and that
he would wake her after an enjoyable time in the sun. Jim con-
tinued to watch, his thick cock becoming harder and longer than
he ever remembered. His mind was working overtime as well. As he
watcher her turn over to permit the rays of the hot sun on her
soft, firm buttocks, his mind began to wonder about what other
“miracles” could be accomplished through hypnosis.

That night ended in Jim having three climaxes. One occurred
while he watched Peggy masturbate while lying on the secluded
beach. He didn’t even touch his straining penis. As his eyes
caressed Peggy’s wriggling body, his cock began to erupt into one
of the most wonderful climaxes in memory. He buried his blood-
engorged penis in his wife’s waiting cunt two times that night.
Each time he came was like the first. He had found one of the
most exciting approaches to sex he had ever dreamed of. When he
woke Peggy, he offered her a post hypnotic suggestion that she
would be well rested and remember everything.

About a week went by. Jim continued to analyze his “new sex
tool” and try to think of other exciting uses. The following
Friday night, he planned to take Peggy on her first experimental
strange experience. They watched TV for a couple of hours after
they got home from work. He tried to think of things to talk
about that would put her in the right frame of mind for sex, and
his mind was put to the task of how he would introduce this
sleep-affair. Soon it was late enough that he could suggest they
go to bed. Teeth were brushed, PJ’s were donned and they took
their respective places in bed. He had established a post hyp-
notic suggestion to reduce the time required to put her into a
trance. He merely had to snap his fingers twice.

As they settled in, he looked at her in the eyes and snapped
his fingers, telling her to sleep deeply. Her eyes closed, and
Jim could see her body begin to melt into a deep relaxation. He
indicated to her that she was in a large hotel in Florida and
that she had made an appointment for a body massage. She would
find herself in the massage room at the hotel. She was advised to
open her eyes, remove her clothing and place a towel over herself
when Jim snapped his fingers once. He further indicated to Peggy
that an attractive man would come through the door and it was his
job to give her a full body massage. Jim snapped his fingers and
left the room.

Jim was shaking as he peered through the crack he con-
veniently left in the almost closed door. He saw Peggy get out of
the bed, remove the top of her night clothes. Her breasts looked
glorious and he wished that another man could see their heavy
bounce and her pouting pink nipples. She laid the top aside. Her
thumbs were placed inside the waistband of her bottoms, and she
slid them down over her soft buttocks. Jim’s cock was already
rock-hard. Peggy laid down on the bed and pulled a towel over
herself in a modest fashion, waiting for the man who would give
her a massage. Jim could only wonder what was going through her

He entered the room sheepishly, towel over his arm and a
slight smile on his face. He said hello to Peggy, and she shyly
returned his smile and said hello. Jim asked her if she was ready
for her massage, and she said that she was. He asked her if she
liked it soft or hard. She responded by telling him to use his
own discretion. Jim asked her to turn over on her belly. She did
so as he held the towel in place. He turned the towel down a
couple of turns and placed baby oil on her upper back. As his
hands began to work the oil into her tense body, he felt as
though he was touching a strange body. His cock continued to
strain and he could feel the preparatory fluids seep from the
head of his hard cock. Peggy’s moans told Jim that she was get-
ting a great deal of satisfaction out of his efforts.

More and more the towel was lowered. He could see the swell
of the sides of her ample breasts as she held her hair out of the
way of the baby oil. Her moans continued as his hands moved lower
and lower down her back. Soon the towel was moved down to expose
half of her buttocks. His hands ventured onto these beautiful
mounds of flesh, and his mind spoke to him of the “strange” body
that he was touching. As his hands began to massage this new
flesh without objection, he reached for more oil. The oil ran
down into the cleft between these glorious mounds. His hand
quickly reached to capture the oil to work it into this bouncing
flesh. Peggy’s moans began to increase in volume.

Jim put oil on the backs of her thighs and massaged this in.
With each swipe of his hand he moved closer and closer to the
heated area between her legs. Her hips raised each time his hands
approached her hot cunt. Finally, Jim dipped down into this area,
and his slippery hand touched the oil drenched lips of her cunt.
With this, Peggy pressed her face into the pillow and pressed her
pussy against Jim’s wet hand. For fear of scarring her with this
new experience, he moved his hand back to her buttocks to con-
tinue his assault. After a short time, he instructed her to turn
over. This was the test. There would be a “strange man” looking
into her face.

Peggy turned over but kept her eyes closed as Jim held the
towel in place for her. She again placed her arms over her head
and had a peaceful look on her face. By this time Jim’s pants
were wet from his preparatory emissions. He rolled down the towel
to expose Peggy’s heavy breasts. Her juicy nipples remained hard
and pert. Jim poured oil in the valley between her large breasts.
Before it would flow off her body, his hands were on the lovely,
spongy tits. He slowly began to manipulate the firm breasts.
Peggy’s eyes snapped open and looked at Jim. He gave her a slight
smile and returned his gaze to the moving tits. She could not
restrain her pleasure. Her moans escaped her lips in soft tones
as her breathing began to shorten. Jim’s hands lingered over her
thick nipples as his thumbs and forefingers gently pinched and
manipulated these love zones.

Peggy began grinding her hot ass into the sheets and strain-
ing her breasts higher and higher. Jim put oil now on her belly
and began gently rubbing it in. His eyes were blessed as he saw
the oil run down her belly into the fluffy pubic hair covering
her already greasy slit. One hand continued working her breasts
as the other moved down to her mound. He dipped periodically to
her clit with the palm of his hand. At this, a loud moan escaped
her lips as she reached for his hand and held it to her swollen
pussy. Her eyes remained closed.

Jim allowed a finger to slip inside of her hot cunt, and he
could feel this tunnel tighten on his single finger. He worked it
around and deeper into her love hole while his other hand
remained on her heaving tits. She in turn grabbed her other
breast and started to manipulate its stiff nipple. With this as-
surance, Jim reached forward and placed his lips on the nipple he
had been pinching. Her body jumped and her hands grabbed his head
to insure against him moving it away. Jim put two more fingers
inside of Peggy’s swollen cunt and began to pump it as he manipu-
lated her clit with his thumb. She began to climax and her body
shook with convulsion after convulsion. After what seemed like
five minutes, Peggy’s body came to rest. With her eyes open she
looked at this “strange man” and offered her thanks.

Jim decided not to take it too far the first time. He washed
the oil from Peggy’s body and toweled her off. He again put her
to sleep and left her with another post hypnotic suggestion to
awaken feeling well rested and remember everything as a wonderful
dream. The possibilities for the next adventure began to roll
around in Jim’s head almost immediately. What was next? I think
you’ll be delighted to see.