Innocent And Lustful Eyes

I met her on a warm summer evening, her eyes were the first thing that
intrigued me about her. She looked like a picture that was a
combination of lust and innocence.

I asked her how she was this fine evening, she looked at me like I just
ruined a perfect thought. I thought to myself “What a stupid thing to
say”. She replied “I don’t know, you tell me”. I was not sure but I
thought I caught a glimmer of a smile.

Being a very cautious, I told her she looked wonderful to me. This
seemed to please her.

In the few minutes we had been talking she seemed to relax. I finally
looked at her whole form.

She was beautiful, her hair was auburn, shoulder length with waves. She
was wearing a pullover top and a short leather skirt. Her skin was
tanned but not dark. Even though I wanted to look at her with lust, her
eyes still were captivating me. She has a way of looking at you that
makes you want to melt.

She started to walk away and I suddenly broke from my trance. “Would
you like to go for a walk” I blurted out. She stopped, turned, shot me
a smile and said “I am already, but you can join me”.

We walked for an hour or so and talked about most everything, her name
was Sara, she was 24, and had just graduated from college. She was at
that awkward time between school and getting a job. She really did not
have a boyfriend but did have a few male friends.

While we talked I felt more and more at ease with her, but there was a
nagging feeling that she was controlling my moves and responses. She
said she was a little insecure about her weight but from what I saw it
was not warranted. I told her so, but my comment seemed to go unnoticed.

We decided that walking was thirsty work and proceeded into a local bar,
typical college town tavern, that was pretty crowded for a warm monday
evening. She ordered a wine cooler for her and asked me, I think, if I
wanted one also. I agreed and the waitress went for our drinks. Minutes
later we were enjoying our refreshment.

She finally asked my name, I told her Dave. She smiled and said it
slowly. I asked her why she said it strange and she changed the subject.
We talked about my life and after another wine cooler I felt VERY
relaxed and pretty turned on. During the conversation we had decided
that both of us liked to watch the door and positioned ourselves as
such. With her sitting next to me I could savor the aroma of her

She looked at me and licked her lips, then asked me if I liked to have
fun. I was confused at first and asked what she meant. She said “DO YOU
like to enjoy yourself?”. I said yea, I suppose, why do you ask. “Oh,
just wondering,” she smiled. I thought to myself “This woman is strange,
but in a intriguing way”.

About three hours later we had exchanged phone numbers and agreed to
meet each other here, the next day at 7:00. I asked her if I could walk
her home, she said, ” No, I am a big girl”. With that she walked down
the sidewalk and I wondered if I would see her tomorrow.

The next day came around and I thought about her off and on. I got home
at 5:00 and started to get cleaned up when the phone rang. I answered
and Sara was on the other end. She asked if I was dressed yet and I
said that I was just getting ready. Her voice had a scolding tone to it
when she said I should hurry or I would be late. She told me that she
would pick me up at 6:45 instead of meeting me at the bar. I told her
that I could pick her up instead, she told me that was unacceptable and
not to be late.

At 6:45, exactly, a car pulled up and Sara called out for me to get in.
I saw she was wearing shorts and a tank top. I said hello and she gave
me a smile and her hand lightly brushed my thigh. My cock became
instantly erect. She looked at my lap and then at me and asked what
“that” was for. I looked down in embarrassment and she picked my chin up
and asked me again. I must have been red from ear to ear because she
just laughed and we drove to the bar.

When we entered the bar I noticed that her shorts were very short and
tight. They left little to the imagination and the rest was not hard to
make up. Her body moved very smoothly and I again began to get erect.
We sat down and positioned ourselves like the night before.

I felt her move her hand to the top of my thigh. She started to
stroke me through my jeans. I was sitting back and enjoying the
treatment when the waitress asked for our orders. Sara told her to come
back in a few minutes and then proceeded to unzip my jeans and stroke my
cock with slow, long motions. I was very excited and started to breath
heavy. She looked at me and laughed quietly. The waitress came back
and I thought that my fun would be postponed or stopped. Sara had other
ideas though, she told me to order for both of us. I said, in a shaky
voice, “Two wine coolers”. Sara continued her stroking and told me that
she did not want wine tonight. I was very close to cumming and asked
her what she would like. She said she would have a beer and I would
have water. Since I was in no position to argue I let it stand. She
continued her actions and I felt the tension build, I knew I would be
cumming in front of all these people and no one would know. This gave me
a perverse sense of pleasure. The waitress came back and I thought I
would cum while she was serving our order. Sara suddenly stopped what
she was doing, thanked the waitress and looked at me with a devious
grin. I zipped myself up, with some difficulty.

I looked at her and asked why she stopped. She said “Our order is here
silly, that is what we came here for isn’t it?”. I thought to myself
that I was being tormented with, at first I felt anger but I realized
how much pleasure I had got out of it. As I drank my water I thought
how strange this woman was.

About two hours later we ended up at Sara’s house. She told me to make
myself at home and went into her bedroom. Minutes later she came out in
a robe. We watched television for awhile and I decided to make a move.
I put my hand on her knee and slowly moved it up her thigh, at any
moment I expected to be stopped. I moved my hand to the top of her
panties. Her breathing became more rapid and shallow. I moved my hands
to her breasts and pinched her nipples lightly, she arched her back and
moaned. I moved her back onto the couch and pushed her robe aside. I
licked her neck very lightly and nibbled on her ear. She responded to
my passionate kiss with enthusiasm and sucked my tongue tenderly. I
took my shirt off and she ran her hands along my chest. Sara pulled me
close to her and ran her hands down my back. With a sudden motion she
flipped me on my back and she was now on top. She was a sight to
behold, sitting on top of me with her robe open. Her breasts heaving
with her breathing. Her nipples were erect and the look in her eyes was
pure lust. She look like a wild animal and I was the first meal she had
in years.

Sara ran her nails up and down my chest drawing little patterns in the
hair. She pinched my nipples lightly and I moaned, she seemed to like
this. Then she twisted them hard, the pain made me yelp. Sara smiled
and then laughed. She was in complete control and knew it, so did I.

Sara leaned down on me, the heat and pressure of her body felt
wonderful. She licked my ear and nibbled on it. Her hips were moving
slowly up and down on my jeans. Her pussy was making them wet. She
reached back and unzipped my jeans. She took my cock in her hand and
stroked it. Sara told me to close my eyes and waited til I had obeyed.
I felt her take off the rest of my clothes and and heard her drop her

I felt her touch my stomach and run her fingers down to my cock, I
wanted so badly to take control and fuck her right there but the
sensations she was generating were beyond anything I had experienced. I
felt her breath on my cock and pushed it upward only to find air. She
used her tongue to lick my inner thighs and stopping short of my
balls. This woman was driving me crazy with lust. She sighed and I
opened my eyes and saw her looking at me, strangely.

Sara moved up and kissed me lightly on the mouth and I returned it with
passion. I ran my hands up and down the middle of her back, she arched
it and I thought I heard her purr. Moving my hands up the inside of her
thighs I placed one hand on her panties. They were very wet and I
awkwardly helped her off with them.

I moved my finger around inside her pussy , clumsily, until she showed
me what she liked. I knew I had done well when she gasped and moaned
loudly. Sara took my cock and we stroked each other in unison, She
stopped just before I came and moved my hand from her pussy.

I looked at her thinking this was a repeat of the bar, I think she knew
what was going on in my mind because she looked at me and smiled. She
took my cock in her hand and helped me deep inside her. The warmth and
sensation was delicious, I had to hold back from cumming inside her.

Sara and I moved in unison, I felt the pressure from my long awaited
orgasm. I tried to hold back but came for what seemed like minutes. I
felt guilty but Sara smiled and leaned back on one arm. She rubbed her
fingers over her hot clit and masturbated herself to orgasm looking at
me all the time. I could feel her pussy contract around my semi-rigid
cock and I smiled.

Sara and I lay in each others arms for hours listening to the rain that
had started while we were making love. She told me that she had to work
in the morning and it was late. I asked if I could stay the night and
she told me that it was too soon for that. Sara is a very hard woman to
get to know but we will see each other again.