I Fuck My Own Mouth

I have often wondered whether I am more or less unique in the ability to
suck my own cock, and would be interested in hearing from others with this
ability. The following post is intended both as a description of my own
method and as a primer for those who would like to try.

Here is my method: First, I lie on my back on the bed,
usually with my ass at the bottom edge of the bed so that my
head is just about in the center of the bed. Next, I lift my
legs up and above my head so that my feet are resting fairly
high on the wall behind me and my cock is positioned above my
head several inches away. This much is easy, and any
reasonably flexible person should be able to replicate it.
Next comes the hard part. I slowly walk my legs down the
wall, inching my cock closer to my mouth. This puts a
considerable strain on the lower back and on the neck, and I
recommend caution, but the reward is well worth the effort.
Eventually, I can reach my cock with my tongue. It is good
at this point to spend several minutes simply licking the
head of the cock, moistening it and letting it grow harder,
as well as allowing the back and neck to become used to the
awkward position.
After this period of foreplay (I suppose the term is
appropriate here), I move on to the real fun. I begin to
flex my knees, pushing my cock against my lips. I can almost
always get three to four inches in my mouth after a few
minutes, and on good nights I am able to deep throat myself
(this took several years of practice to accomplish: I don’t
recommend it as part of a first attempt). I can usually
manage to fuck myself in the mouth for five to ten minutes
before the lower back pain becomes unbearable, at which point
I speed up my thrusts and shoot my load into my throat.

To summarize, let me emphasize that I do not
have a huge cock, I’m not incredibly thin, I’m not terribly young, and I’m
not in very good shape. The important thing is practice, practice, practice.