Hypnosis Sideeffects

When most people inquire about hypnosis in the bedroom
they are incredulous about it. It is not really a sleep, but
rather an altered state of consciousness or awareness. To give
you examples that each of us encounter in everyday life, I
believe the following will suffice. Have you ever traveled from
your home to work while your mind was on something other than
driving? You often arrive and don’t remember how you got there.
How about driving on a long trip in the morning after being well
rested over night? The road has an hypnotic effect on many of us,
and we seem to dose off.

We often convince ourselves of something even when it is not true
or accurate. This, in effect, is hypnosis. Each of us has varying
degrees of what is referred to as somnabulism. That is the depth
that we can go. A certain percentage of the population are som-
nambulists, or those able to go very deeply “asleep.” The rest of
us can approach some degree of hypnosis, whether it is through
the use of a hypnotist or by ourselves. Good indicators of our
potential measure of depth are how often we dream, whether or not
we walk in our sleep, talk in our sleep and the frequency with
which we put ourselves in some sort of a trance state when we are
driving and the like. A somnabulist can reach the deepest state
of trance and for them, anything is possible. This is evidenced
by some persons in various religious experiences who can attain
levels of pain reduction greater than that of anesthetics. Some
can walk on hot coals, others sleep on beds of nails and yet
others can reduce, almost stop their heartbeats or breathing. All
of these are examples of hypnosis. The possibilities are ab-
solutely endless.

You can see how effective such a technique might be in increasing
one’s sexual awareness and/or pleasure. Would you like to have
endless desire without fatigue? Wouldn’t it be great to increase
the number and intensity of climaxes? The number of sexual
partners can be endless. You can change the appearance of the one
you are with or create your own partner without the need of
having any real person around. With your mind you can experiment
with any desire or fantasy that you can invent.

If you would care to do a little experimenting on your own, I can
recommend renting one of a couple of video cassettes on the sub-
ject. I found several at Blockbuster Video at the corner of Rts.
7 & 224 in Boardman. I’m sure there are other Blockbusters in
other areas of our community. I found the cassette on Increased
Relaxation to be very indicative of what can be accomplished all
by yourself. The video is a combination of a very relaxing video
of a fireplace and other visual things coupled with the soft
relaxing voice of the narrator who gives direction and suggest-
ions for use during the tape and post-hypnotically. They also
make use of subliminal cuts in the presentation. Weird Huh?

I can also recommend that if the topic interests you, it would be
beneficial to get a few books at the public library on the topic
of hypnosis and autohypnosis. Try not to get anything too techni-
cal so it doesn’t become a bore. Many of the books available give
insight into many of the legitimate uses of hypnosis and indicate
what some of the truisms are so you don’t get scarred off by the
bull that you have heard over the years. Examples would be the
person that never woke up from a trance; the Svengali type who
would force people to do things they didn’t want to do; only dull
or stupid people can be hypnotized; etc. Most of these things are

Fortunately, my wife is a somnambulist and anything is possible
for her. I don’t share her ability, but I am attempting to train
myself to respond in an enhanced way. Much can be gained by prac-
tice. My wife, although never having the courage or specific in-
terest in a stranger to make it to bed with him, has had two
cocks in her at one time, one in each hand with two other men
licking her erect nipples. She has been fucked by many men and
women in her mind, and to her it is absolutely real and most ex-
citing. Because of our experimentation, I have been so excited
that I can’t put it into words. It has taken my breath away and
sent me in to convulsions of ecstasy. I have also taught her how
to put herself to “sleep” so she may go under and get off at
will. She doesn’t make nearly the use of it that I would, but she
has the ability and likely takes it for granted after these many
years. We can build mystery into any situation. Every day can and
often does become a fantasy.

The one thing that you don’t want to lose sight of, is the fact
that although she enjoys this new dimension, there is no replace-
ment for the real thing. She has indicated to me that she enjoys
these experiences, but she still prefers a real flesh and blood
cock in her hole. She’ll always love and demand lips on her
nipples and a tongue in her quim. These are, I believe, the foun-
dation for her mind to build on. Far be it from me to remove
someone’s foundation.