Hot July

Jenny was hot.

It was 90 degrees outside, the air conditioner had broken down,
and what’s more, she hadn’t had any sex for more than two weeks,
her boyfriend having gone away on a business trip. It was the
middle of a sweltering Saturday afternoon, and she sat alone and naked in
her apartment, the heat making her body shine with sweat.

She thought about her boyfriend, and the night before he left.
Her mouth filled with saliva as she remembered the taste of his
cock on her lips. She moaned and slid one hand down to her cunt,
tenderly stroking her clit. Her other hand cupped her full breasts,
pinching the nipples erect. Her cunt filled the air with the sweet
smell of sex as she got excited.

Abrubtly she stopped her gentle masturbation. Coming to a decision,
she went into her bedroom to put on some clothes. She put on some
sheer nylons, clipping them to a garter belt. Then she put on a thin
tank top with no bra, her breasts straining against the cotton. She
added a tight denim skirt and some sandals, put on some sunglasses,
and went out into the blazing sunshine to her car. If her boyfriend
wasn’t around to satisfy her desires, she thought to herself, she would
just have to do whatever she could.

Across town, about five miles away, Jenny’s old boyfriend Mike sat
in the middle of his non-airconditioned living room, listening to music,
sweating, and trying to read a novel. Damn heat! he thought to himself,
brushing the sweat from his forehead. He put his book down and ran his
thumb underneath the waistband of his shorts, trying to cool off his
sweating crotch. Over the course of the day he had gradually removed
items of clothing, until the white shorts were the only thing between
him and complete nudity. He went to the ‘fridge, hoping that there
was one more beer left.

As he stood in front of the fridge, Mike heard a car pull up in front of
the house. Shortly, there was a knock at the door. Mike opened it
to find himself looking at Jenny. Her tank top was now adhearing to
her beautiful tits, the nipples poking through the thin cotton like
finger tips. Her ass was molded into her skirt, and the odor of her
dripping pussy, which had not cooled off at all during the ten minute
drive, hit Mike’s nose like a hammer. His mouth watered, but he managed
to keep the surge of lust he felt out of his voice.

“Well, Jenny! How nice! What are you doing here?”

Jenny almost swooned at the sight of Mike standing there, his muscular
chest and legs completely exposed. She gained a little control of
herself, and said, “Well, I was just kind of bored, and wondered what
you were up to.”

“Just sitting around,” Mike said. “C’mon in.”

Jenny followed Mike into the dark living room. He sat down on the couch
and invited her to sit down.

Jenny was so excited now, she was almost visibly shaking. She could
contain herself no longer. Two weeks of no sex, and the memory of all
the wonderful nights (and days) she had spend with Mike, make her
boil over. Smiling seductively, she straddled Mike’s crotch, sitting
on his lap facing him. Her skirt rode up, and her bare pussy pressed
against Mike’s now-hardening dick.

“Jenny,” Mike sputtered, “what…” Her lips came down on his as she cut
him off. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissing him long and
passionately, her tongue driving deep into his mouth. She almost died
as she felt Mike’s cock through his shorts surge towards an iron-like
erection. Mike broke away from the kiss, moving his lips down to her
neck. He kissed her neck tenderly, and then nipped at it with his
teeth, making Jenny gasp and squirm against him in delight.

After a minute, Jenny pushed away from him, smiled, and stood up in the
middle of the floor. Swaying her hips and half closing her eyes, she
began to dance around the room. She faced Mike and pulled her tank top
down so that the deep cleavage was exposed. Turning, she bent over and
inched up her skirt, showing off her fine ass. Mike just got a glimpse
of the dark auburn hair surrounding her pussy, the same color as the hair
on her head, before she turned around to face him again.

Mike watching her dance with mounting excitement. He had always loved
her body: although just five feet tall, she had large, beautiful tits,
a wonderfully rounded, firm ass, and clear blue eyes. Her long auburn
hair fell just to her tits. Mike, remembering the feeling of her hair
on his face, his chest, his cock, groaned. He slid his hand under his
shorts and began stoking his cock gently.

Jenny now began slowly removing her clothes. First she pulled up her
top just enough to expose one tit. She slipped one finger into her
mouth, and then moved it down to the exposed nipple, running it around
and around until the nipple was as hard as a rock. Pulling up the top
some more, she repeated the move with her other nipple. When both nipples
were standing straight out, she removed her top and danced close,
caressing her breasts with both hands, right in front of Mike. Mike
moaned but did not yet reach for her, knowing that more was to come.

After teasing Mike with her breasts, she backed off, unzipped her skirt
slowly, and began inching it down. When it was down to just above her
pussy, with a few tufts of red hair sticking up over the waist band, she
stopped. Grinding her hips, she rubbed her hand up and down on her pussy,
outside of the skirt. The denim turned dark, wet with her juices.
Finally, she turned around, pulled the skirt up over her ass, and bent
over, grabing her ankles. She spread her legs slightly and slipped one
hand up into her pussy. She gasped as a finger pryed apart the wet
cunt lips, slipping deep inside. Slowly, she began to hump her finger,
moaning with self-induced rapture.

Mike could stand no more, and stood up, yanking off his shorts. He
stepped over to Jenny, his cock hard as pole, hanging over her white
ass. Bending down, he pulled her finger from her pussy, placed the
head of his dick against the entrance of her sopping cunt, and pushed

Jenny moaned and tried to push back against him, but Mike put his hand
on her ass and prevented it. Slowly he began pumping in and out, just
the head of his cock and an inch or two of the hard shaft. In and out.
Jenny moaned in ecstasy and frustration, happy to at last be impaled on
a hard dick, but wanting Mike deep inside. Mike continued to tease her,
building himself to a wild pitch of excitement. Then, when he could
stand no more, and his cock had actually grown an inch or two from the
excitement, he slid all the way in her to the hilt. The front of his
sweat-slick thighs slapped against her firm ass with a loud smack,
and Jenny bit her lip to keep from screaming out her pleasure.

Slowly, feeling Jenny’s cunt milk his cock, Mike began to fuck her.
Jenny spread her legs and braced her palms against the floor. Mike
rapidly speeded up, grabbing her hips as he started long strokes, his
cock going in deep, and then pulling out almost to the head. He reached
under her with one hand and gently caressed her tits, tenderly flicking
her rock-hard nipples with his fingernails. The combination of his
hard, pile-driver strokes, and his tender hand on her tits, pushed
Jenny to a fever pitch.

“Don’t you love it?” gasped Mike.

“Oh, YES!”

“Don’t you love it from behind? I get so deep. Don’t you love it when
I’m DEEP inside?”

“Yes yes YES! Don’t stop! Fuck me, fuck me!”

Mike complied, fucking her harder and faster. Jenny moaned and shoved
her ass back at him just as hard, swiveling it around so as to feel Mike’s
cock touch different parts of her cunt.

Suddenly, Mike thrust as deep as he could go, and held himself there.
Sliding his hand down from her breasts to her clit, Mike homed in and
started rubbing it frantically.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh, God! Yes, like that!” Jenny shouted. Her ass started
rolling around almost uncontrollably.

She grunted and moaned and yelled as Mike held himself rigid inside her,
his hand rubbing her clit faster and faster. Finally, when he sensed she
was right on the edge, he started thrusting again.

The friction of Mike’s finger on her clit and his cock in her cunt was
too much. Screaming out in pleasure, Jenny came. Her cunt clamped down
hard on his thrusting cock, and with a gasp of pleasure, Mike cut loose.
He come shot into her like a cannon.

“I can feel it! I can feel it!” she cried, her ass and tits shaking
with her orgasm. “Oh god, it’s so good!”

They stayed like that until Mike’s softened cock fell out of her dripping
cunt. But after two weeks, and in this heat that seemed to drive her
hormones almost beyond control, one orgasm was not going to be enough for
Jenny. Mike sat down on the couch and gestured for Jenny to join him,
but she had a lot more than a little post-coital cuddling on her mind.
Smiling wickedly, she knelt down in front of him and lightly stroked his cock.

“A little on the horny side today, eh Jen?” Mike asked her, smiling.

Jenny didn’t say anything, her eyes glued to slowly stiffening cock in
her hand. Her other hand was lightly caressing her heavy breasts.
Unlike so many women with large breasts, Jenny’s were very responsive
and sensitive, and with very little caressing her nipples popped out,
and her breath became fast. She slowly stroked Mike’s cock up and
down, getting it hard. While Mike’s cock had softened, it hadn’t
shrunk very much after his orgasm, and was still quite long.
Smiling, Jenny put the semi-hard cock between her breasts, leaned
forward so that her nipples pressed against Mike’s groin, and began
to move her torso up and down.

Jenny looked up at Mike and smiled as she stroked his cock with her
tits. Then she leaned down and licked at the head, shortening
the strokes so that she could get some of his cock in her mouth.
In no time at all, Jenny’s teasing licks and firm breasts against
his cock caused Mike to get completely hard. His breath came in
panting gasps, and he started thrusting harder against her breasts,
desparately trying to get both more stimulation from her tits,
and bury himself in her mouth.

Jenny continued with the breast fucking, teasing Mike with her mouth
and tits until he was wild with desire. When he could stand it no
more, Mike pulled her up by her shoulders.

“Now!” he moaned. “I want to be inside you!”

Jenny smiled at him and shook her head. “Nope,” she said. “Now
it’s your turn to do me!”

Mike groaned, but complied. He let her go, stood up, and sat her
down on the couch. He kneeled between her legs, leaned over,
and kissed her. As the kissed, he pulled her hips forward to
the edge of the couch, so that the underside of his cock rested
against her wet slit. Still kissing her, his hands stroked her
whole body, and his cock rubbed up and down gently against her
cunt, getting her more excited.

Slowly, Mike slid his tongue down Jenny’s body, licking and nipping
as he went. He swirled his tongue around her breast, circling in
towards her nipple, but not touching it. When her nipple was hard
and her breast was covered with goosebumps, he closed his lips over
the nipple, flicking it rapidly with his tongue. Jenny squealed and
pulled his head tight against her tit. After a moment, Mike repeated
the treatment on her other breast. Finally, he pressed the two
breasts together, licking and sucking at both nipples simaltaneously.
Jenny writhed and gasped in delight.

A little faster now, Mike moved down towards her cunt. He stopped with
his tongue just above the hairly slit, watching as Jenny’s entire body
seemed to tense, waiting for his tongue on her. Then he moved over
to her inner thighs, kiss, licking, and biting tenderly. Jenny’s
hands tangled themselves in Mike’s hair, trying half-heartedly to
pull him up to her cunt. Mike ignored her, licking slowly closer and
closer to her cunt.

He licked around and around Jenny’s cunt, still not touching it,
while his hands slid up to caress her breasts and pinch her nipples.
Jenny moaned, and her hips started thrashing, trying to get Mike’s
tongue and lips on her. Finally, when it seemed as if she could stand
it no more, Mike began licking her cunt. Slow, long strokes at first,
from the bottom to the top of the slit, stopping just short of the
clit. Lightly, then deeper into her cunt he licked. After several
minutes, when Jenny was almost yelling out, he grabbed her ass in
both hands, put his lips over her clit, and sucked deeply.
With a scream, Jenny came, her hands pushing his face into her,
her head rocking back and forth, out of her mind
with passion. Her hair stuck to her sweat-soaked, flushed faced,
and her body heaved and rolled. Her scream rang in Mike’s ears,
and he smiled slightly.

Jenny relaxed, her orgasm fleeing her. Mike backed off her clit and
began stimulating her again, his tongue lapping at her cunt, once
again avoiding her clit. “No!” Jenny moaned, and tried to pull Mike
up on top of her. He ignored her, grabbing her wrists and pinning
them to her sides, his busy tongue never ceasing its caress. Her
hands held tight, Jenny began moaning loudly again, her hips rocking
back and forth. Once again, Mike closed his lips over her clit and
strummed it to orgasm. Jenny screamed, and her body thrashed about
furiously, barely held in check by Mike’s restraining hands. She
humped her cunt wildly, almost forcing his lips off her clit. Finally,
she relaxed.

Mike release her hands and smiled up at her, his face wet with her
juices, his hair tousled. Jenny smiled weakly down at him, and then
reached down and yanked him up so they were face to face. She kissed
him, reaching down and rubbing his now throbbing cock against her
slit. “I want to be on top,” she said.

Mike lay down on the couch, and Jenny straddled his waist. She rubbed
her cunt against his trapped cock, not quite entering him. She
leaned over and rubbed her tits against his face, and he eagerly began
sucking them, once again pressing them together so that he could lap
at both nipples simultaneously. She moaned and pulled his head tighter
against her ample chest. Finally, when her nipples were hard as rocks,
and he was thrusting his hips in a frenzy, desparately trying to enter
her, she sat up. Reaching down and grinning, she held his erect cock
strait up. Rising up, she placed the head against her slit, and rubbed
it delicately against her clit. Slowly, she started to ease down.

Mike could stand no more, and grasping her by the hips, he slammed her
down and thrust up his hips, penetrating her as deeply as possible.
They both moaned in delight.

“Do you like it deep like that?” he panted.

“Oh, YES!” she replied, beginning to move up and down on him. She leaned
back, her magnificent breasts thrust forward, and he reached up and fondled
them delicately. “Harder!” she moaned, and he began squeezing and pinching
them, all the while thrusting faster and faster. He could feel her cunt
clench and squeeze at his cock and it drove him wild. He started thrusting
into her urgently, desparate to come. Jenny put a hand on his chest and
stopped him. “Wait,” she said, panting.

Mike stopped, his face twisted with the effort of holding back. Jenny
slid up on his cock, and let it fall out of her. “What…” Mike stuttered,
but she shushed him. Grinning devilishly, she placed the head of his
cock against her asshole. Leaning forward to kiss him, she wiggled her
hips gently, and slowly slid him inside her tight ass. Mike gasped
at the tightness, and Jenny’s eyes rolled up in her head as she slid
slowly all the way down. When he was completely inside her, she
looked down at him, placed her hands down on the bed, and began riding
him slowly.

Slowly they picked up speed, Jenny rubbing her tits across Mike’s
face, and Mike reaching down to fondle her clit while she rode her
ass up and down on his cock. He reached around with his other hand,
pinching and squeezing her tight butt. Soon, she was riding him
almost as hard as before, and they sound of their moaning and yelling
filled the hot air of the apartment.

Mike held himself in check, a hair away from coming, as he frantically
stroked her clit and sucked her tits. Finally, Jenny leaned down, bit
down hard on Mike’s neck, and screamed her orgasm into his throat.
Mike let go with a moan, his cock swelling and firing in her tight ass.
Jenny screamed louder as she felt him come, her ass clenching tight
around his cock, milking it. Finally, they were quiet.

Mike kissed her face and stroked her her, his cock slowly softening
inside her ass. “Nice of you to drop by, Jenny. Feel free to come
by any time.”

Jenny smiled at him, stoking his lips tenderly. “Maybe I will,”
she replied. “My boyfriend’s going to Cleveland in September.”