Hoe Lustful Gal

As my friend D’Glenn likes to say….No shit, there I was. Sitting
in, of all things, con registration. It was the holiday season.
Funny, isn’t it, how people go “the holiday season”, and you know
which holidays they’re speaking of? It’s not Beltane, it’s not
Lammas…it’s “the holiday season”. And everybody knows it’s
Winter Solstice.

Okay, so it was the holiday season, and there I sat in
registration. I didn’t have to do this. I was a guest at this
con. I was providing these people with entertainment, free of
charge, except of course for a membership and room. Yeah, well,
that’s not the way we folk look at it. I wanted to give something
back, since I always got so much out of cons. Besides, working
registration is FUN. I was kind of tired at this point though, and
I was sort of wishing everyone would go away and register tomorrow.
I just sort of sat there, staring straight ahead. And then this
pair of black denim jeans walked up to me.

“Sherry Johnson. I’m preregistered,” said a voice, presumably the
one belonging to the jeans. Dutifully I checked my printout.
There were two entries under the same name, but spelled
differently, Sherry Johnson and Shari Johnson. So I mumbled the
following words, words I was later to muse over in astonishment:

“Sherry spelled how?”

“Sherry as in Cream,” answered the voice, and at that I looked up.

Sweet Jesus. Standing in front of me was everything I had ever
wanted in a woman. See, I’m the voluptuous type; I look like the
Ideal Fertility Goddess, except that I have only two breasts. My
feeling is that any more than that will get in the way. But my
tastes run to women more slender than I, preferably with dark hair.
Of course, such women, who are invariably tremendously physically
fit, see very little in me, so I take what I can get.

I looked up at this vision and tried not to tremble. She herself
looked tired and bored, perhaps more of the former than the latter.
She caught me staring and gave a little frown. “Something wrong?”
she asked.

“No, no,” I replied. “Okay, Sherry Johnson.” I handed her a
membership badge, a pin, and a ballpoint pen to write her name on
the badge. “Remember, your legal name has to go on the badge, but
you can also write anything else you want.”

“Right,” she mumbled, and I watched while she wrote her name, and
then added “Shadow Huntress” after it. I approved. This was my
kind of female person. I crossed out her name on the member list
and then nodded.

“All set then,” I said needlessly, handing her a program book. “Is
there anything else I can do for you?”

“Well, I don’t know,” she said with uncertainty. “Where do I go
to look for a room?”

“You mean besides hotel registration?” I responded with a smile.

“No, I mean, I don’t have the money for a room to myself, I was
hoping I’d crash. Is there somebody in charge of that?”

“Well, not officially,” I answered. “I mean, we don’t have a booth
for it or anything. But listen, if you need a place to stay, you
could stay in my room. There’s nobody else there but me.” My
heart beat a little faster as I said it.

She looked at me doubtfully. “But the more people in the room, the
less I’ll have to pay,” she said. “I’d rather find a room with a
lot of people in it, even if I have to sleep on the floor.”

“No, you don’t understand,” I answered. “I have a free room, so
you don’t have to pay me anything at all. Isn’t that a good deal?”
As she still looked doubtful, I added, “Listen, if you INSIST, you
can sleep on the floor.”

She flashed me her perfect teeth in a sudden smile. “I don’t think
so,” she replied. “Okay, what room?”

“Five-Oh-Five,” I responded. Whoever said there’s nothing to the
Rule of Five didn’t know what he was talking about. “Just go to
the desk and tell them that you’re with me and ask for a key,” I
added. “I’ll be up there in an hour or so.”

“I’ll wait there then,” she replied. “Maybe I can take you to
dinner to thank you, or something.” She pinned her badge to her
shirt, then picked up her bag and, smiling again, walked away
toward the hotel reception desk.

“Or something,” I breathed.

* * *

She was there, as she promised, when I got back to my room. I was
tired and thought that a shower would be just the thing.
Apparently she had thought so as well, for she was clad in a big
fuzzy bathrobe, and her short dark hair was wet. She looked up at
me and smiled as I entered. “Hi. Hope you don’t mind if I

“My home is yours,” I responded automatically. “I think I’ll have
one too.” I quickly stripped off my clothes, and was about to grab
my bathrobe, when I caught her staring at me. “What is it?” I
said, instantly defensive. Okay, I like my body — it’s been good
to me, and I hope it’s been good to my lovers too — but I KNOW
that I’d never make it as a centerfold.

“Oh — no — it’s just….you’re beautiful,” she said simply. Her
eyes were big and full of admiration.

I blinked at her, then shook my head slightly. “Huh?” I said, with
my usual eloquence. “No, never mind.” I held up my hand to
forestall further speech on her part. “I’m going to shower now.”

In the shower, I pondered what had happened. Me? Beautiful?
Okay, so I don’t crack mirrors or anything, but there’s nothing
special to recommend me either, unless you feel that big eyes,
large breasts, and a sweet voice are going to do it for you. I
don’t even have a charming personality. I thought about it some
more as I stepped out of the shower and ran a comb through my long
hair. Okay, I have good hair too. It’s long and sort of mahogany
colored. But for these little things she says I’m beautiful?

I pulled on my robe and went into the bedroom again. She was still
sitting there on the bed, and when she saw me she blushed. I would
have let her off the hook, but she rushed right in with an

“I’m sorry I embarrassed you,” she began. “It’s just that….this
is hard to explain….you look like my ideal of a woman, and I just
blurted it out without thinking.”

“*I* look like YOUR ideal?” I said, lifting my eyebrows.

“Yeah. I mean, you have all that long gorgeous hair — it looks
real soft — and that creamy white skin, and those breasts….”

“They’re not that great,” I muttered, embarrassed.

“I think they’re beautiful,” she said stubbornly. “I wish I looked
like you. Or I wish I had a lover who did. But women like you
never want me, they think I’m too tough….” She lowered her eyes.

I sat down beside her on the bed. “That’s funny, Sherry. You’re
my ideal too. I like slender women with little firm breasts and
short dark hair….I don’t know why, but women who look like you
drive me crazy. And not one woman like you has ever looked my

“Well,” she said, and her voice was a little shaky, “I’m looking
your way.” And she looked at me with those big eyes.

My response was to kiss her. I leaned forward, held her head at
the back of her neck, and caressed her lips gently with mine; when
she leaned toward me and parted her lips I slid my tongue between
them. Her mouth was sweet and hot, her lips soft and smooth. We
kissed deeply, our tongues gently probing, and then I sat back a
little. Wordlessly, I stroked her cheek with my fingertips, and
then my hand wandered downward, over her neck and throat, down to
her breast. Her robe had fallen open a little, and I cupped her
breast, squeezing gently, feeling ner nipple stiffen under my
thumb. Sherry closed her eyes and moaned gently, and I smiled and
pulled open her robe the rest of the way. Such a beautiful
creature, and she was mine…..

“Ohhhh….” she breathed. Our mouths met again, and I sucked at
her lips and tongue. She was passive under my hands, and I pushed
her down on the bed gently, where she lay, her arms and legs
spread, her eyes closed, her lips parted. She looked like a
sacrifice to Aphrodite.

I knelt between her thighs and leaned against her, my mouth at her
breasts. I began to suck gently, first one nipple, then the other,
and she gasped and writhed against me. I could feel her pubic hair
against my belly, and as I continued to lick and suck at her
breasts, I could feel it grow damp with her excitement. Her
nipples were erect and dark rose in color, and a blush was
spreading up from her breasts to her face as she began to lose
herself in desire.

I abandoned her breasts and began to move my mouth down her body.
Her belly was flat, but soft, and her navel was a perfect little
bowl. I licked it, sucked at it, and blew gently into it, and her
body jerked in response. I ran my tongue over her lower abdomen,
kissing the little hollows in her hips, working my way down and
around but never into the forest of her pubic curls. Finally,
though, I had mercy on her, and I kissed her lower lips with as
much passion as I had kissed her mouth earlier.

Her lips opened at the pressure of my tongue, which slid easily
into her pink slit. Instantly I moved my tongue up to her
clitoris, which was erect and throbbing a little. I flicked it
gently with my tongue, then swirled around and around it. Her
hands came to rest in my hair, not pressing my head, but just
holding it, in acceptance of and gratitude for my ministrations.

With a last little flick at her clitoris, I moved my mouth down
again, probing with my tongue. Sherry moved her hips upward and
put her legs over my shoulders so that I could taste her vagina,
and I happily complied. Her tunnel was sweet and tight; I pushed
my tongue in and listened to her moan. I wanted her to come, and
so one of my fingers joined my tongue inside her, pushing,
stroking, probing inside.

She tasted delicious. I let my tongue wander all over her pubic
area from her clitoris to her anus, slowly and lovingly stroking
everywhere. A second finger joined my first inside her, and I felt
her vagina begin to tense around my fingers in preparation for her
orgasm. I moved my fingers faster, let my thumb dance on her anus,
and flicked her clitoris over and over, very lightly with my
tongue. She clasped her thighs tightly around my head and
positively bellowed as she came, her fluids drenching my face and

As soon as I could move, I wiped my face against her thigh and
leaned over her again. She was staring up at me, her face still
flushed, tears in her eyes. I smiled at her, cupped her breast in
my hand, and kissed her again, long and deeply. Her arms came up
around my neck, and we held each other tightly, kissing over and
over again, pausing only to stroke or lick one another’s skin.

I was just musing to myself that sitting at the Registration desk
at a con does indeed have its advantages when the door opened and
the two men in my life, my husband and my lover, walked in
together. They stopped short when they saw us together on the bed
and grinned.

“Hi darlings,” I said lazily, and an evil idea formed in my