Hate working at night

I had always liked Jenny, though I didn’t know her well personally. We
worked together on the night shift. Us night-timers have a slightly different
perspective on the world that most other people on ‘normal’ shifts. We’re often
driving on streets devoid of life at 3AM, and spend a lot of time at home
because nothing’s open. And then we sleep through the morning, when everybody
else is alive and awake. It’s a very lonely life most of the time.
Jenny suffered from this as much as I. She had come to town almost a year
ago, and because of her hours, she hadn’t had so much as one date in all that
time. Often she would grumble about the lack of a social/sex life. There were
plenty of guys on the night shift, but for some reason she didn’t seem
interested. More than a few of them were interested, though. She stood about 5
foot seven and was rather busty. She was a bit overweight, but not seriously
and I found it quite a turn-on. It made her seem more real, somehow. More than
once I had half-jokingly offered my services, only to be turned down with an
appreciative smile. I could never seem to work up the nerve to come out and ask
her for a date. Mostly it was because I was certain she’d turn me down and
rejection was something I didn’t really care for.
I don’t know what got into me one night. It was a Saturday and we both had
gotten roped into putting in a ‘little overtime’. If you consider 10 hours
‘little’. Anyway, it was about 9PM and we both sat down to lunch. Since there
was no one else there we actually talked to each other. Somehow the
conversation got around to dates, and I asked her just what it was she looked
for in a guy.
“Well,” she said musingly, “looks aren’t all that important, I guess. A good
personality is more important.” She was silent for a moment, thinking. “Right
now what I would like to find most is somebody who’s good in bed. After a year
of nothing I’m getting kind of, well, itchy.”
My heart gave a jump at that and my temperature rose ten degrees. I got up
to get a cup of coffee from the machine behind her. As I did, I said, “How do
you expect to find somebody like that? Advertise?”
She chuckled. “I can see it now: Lonely woman seeks good fucker. Low pay but
great fringe benefits.”
“Those benefits look pretty good to me.” I said, still standing behind her
and sipping my coffee. My heart had calmed, but I was still tense.
Anticipatory, perhaps. “But seriously, that’s what you’re looking for? Not just
any old guy who can get it up?”
“Uh uh.” She said softly, almost dreamily. “It would be tempting, but hell,
if the guy doesn’t know what he’s doing, it just isn’t really worthwhile. Not
for me, anyway. For him it’s probably great.”
The it was my turn to laugh. “Yeah, I guess so. Some guys are like that.
They just want to, um, get off and go to sleep. But there are some who are
different, ya know.”
“Oh, really?” she said, still seemingly in a trance.
“Sure.” I said. I put the cup down. “For some of us half the fun is in
making the other person feel good.” I placed my hands on her shoulders, though
I wasn’t really aware of it at the time. “Sex is an artform. I think so,
anyway. I used to have a girlfriend who told me I was the only guy who was
capable of making her come almost every time. The only reason for that was
because I the only guy who really tried.”
I was massaging her shoulders while I said this. I looked down and saw that
she was breathing deeply and heavily, her eyes closed. My heart rate jumped
back up when I realized what was happening. I felt my prick swelling up inside
my jeans like a balloon. Slowly I moved my hands out along her shoulders while
I continued to talk in a husky voice. “You see, my favorite part of making love
is to explore the woman’s body.” My hands moved up and down her arms. Her
breathing grew more labored and she tilted her head up a bit, eyes still
closed. I leaned down and whispered close to her ear, “Every inch, from head to
toe. I like to touch, and be touched. I like to lick and nibble until until she
can’t take any more. And then…” I ran my hands up her sides and slowly,
gently slipped them around under her breasts. He breathing turned to gasps,
then moans. She arched her back as I fondled her. Even through her bra and
heavy shirt her nipples stood out like little buttons. I flicked my index
fingers across them gently and each time I did she jumped a little.
By now I was hard as a rock and her hand found its way to my crotch, rubbing
its length almost desperately. She seemed almost out of control, her breath
coming in little cries. She turned around suddenly and buried my mouth against
hers. The kiss lasted forever, it seemed, as our tongues intertwined like two
sensuous snakes.
Then the shift bell rang. Lunch was over.
We both pulled back, confused and more than a little embarassed. Neither one
of us said much as we straightened out our clothing and got ready to go back to
On the way out the door though, our hands brushed briefly and a spark seemed
to jump between them. I looked up at her and saw a barely controlled fire
raging in her eyes. I knew right then that it was not nearly over yet…

The rest of the night passed quietly. I kept looking at Jenny across the
otherwise unoccupied shop but not once did I catch her looking back at me. I
didn’t have opportunity to talk to her at all, so I could do nothing but
wonder. Most likely she was trying to forget it ever happened. I was hardly a
woman’s dream come true, as past experiences had told me. Probably just as
But just try telling that to the ache in my heart. Or the one between my

Finally the end-of-shift bell rang. A couple of scraggly, sorry-looking
graveyard people had drifted in to take over our machines and we could take
off. I saw Jenny head over to the phone and dial a number.
“What’s up?” I asked her.
“Calling Dianne to come pick me up. She’s got my car tonight.”
Dianne was Jenny’s roomie. I had met her briefly before, and Jenny had once
mentioned that she worked an early day shift. Even if she didn’t have to get up
early tomorrow she surely wouldn’t enjoy dragging ass out of bed at 2AM to come
down here and get Jenny. Before Jenny dialed the last digit I volunteered,
“Hey, don’t wake her up. I’ll give you a ride.”
Jenny looked at me dubiously, her finger paused over the last number. “I
didn’t figure you for the altruistic type. Isn’t it out of your way?”
“It’s more out of Dianne’s way. The poor woman isn’t a creature of the night
like us. She needs her sleep.”
She considered a moment, then put the phone back with the last number still
undialed. “Okay,” she smiled, “but straight home and no sidetrips. I’m
“No prob.” I assured her. We walked out into the refreshingly cool night
air, across the parking lot to my junkmobile. I saw her giving it the wary eye
and I flashed her a grin, “Don’t laugh, it’s paid for.”
I thought I heard her mumble something about it being paid for in cereal
boxtops but I didn’t pursue the matter. I turned the key and the engine moaned,
grumbled, and finally coughed to life athsmatically. I revved the engine a
couple times and it roared impressively, the sound bouncing off the nearby
building walls in staccato bursts. I really needed to put a muffler on the damn
Pulled out of the parking lot and into the street–slowly. I was thankful
that it was dark and Jenny couldn’t see my foot which had the accelerator
pressed to the floor. I doubt she would have cared anyway. She was too busy
hanging on for dear life, trying to avoid being shaken out of her seat. I
*really* needed to put a muffler on this car.
Ten teeth-rattling minutes later we pulled up in front of her apartment
building. All around lights were coming on as people were getting up to see
what the hell was making all that racket. I found an empty spot along the curb
and turned the ignition off the keep from waking the other half of the
neighborhood. In the deafening silence I turned to face her. “Well, here we
She turned in the darkness, “Yep, here we are. Well, thanks for the, uh,
ride…” and opened the door.
I turned the key as she stepped out. I was rewarded by a low groan and a
death rattle from somewhere under the hood. Turning the key again only got me a
faint clicking sound. I hit the wheel with the palm of my hand. “Shit!”
“What’s the matter?” Jenny asked, leaning in the still open door.
“Fucking battery died again!” I groaned. “The alternator belt’s broken. I
was gonna fix it tomorrow.”
“Oh.” She said. “Well, I can go up and get the keys from Dianne and give you
a jump with my car. Hang on…” She disappeared into the darkness. Several
minutes later she returned with a disgusted look on her face. “I don’t fucking
believe it. She’s not there! She left a note on the ‘fridge saying she left
with some guy for the coast and won’t be back ’til tomorrow afternoon. In my
car, damn her! I coulda been stuck at work all night!”
Actually, I had the idea Jenny was more pissed because her roomie had a date
tonight and she didn’t. Which I didn’t feel particularly sympathetic for at the
moment, considering my predicament. “Well, I could thumb it home and have a
buddy bring me back early tomorrow and jump me. That way I can get the car out
of here before it starts lowering property values.”
I got out and shut the door and locked it. I started to walk down the street
and I noticed Jenny keeping step with me, obviously wanting to say something
but not knowing quite how. She said haltingly, “Um, well, since it’s kinda my
fault that you’re stuck here, I, uh, could put you up for the night.”
Oh really? I was tired, but not so tired I didn’t pick up on the possible
implications of that statement right away. And even if it didn’t mean what I
hoped, it still sounded better than standing out in the cold for maybe hours
trying to get a ride from some soft-hearted motorist. It wouldn’t be the first
time I had done that and I wasn’t looking forward to doing it again. “Sure.” I
said, hoping I didn’t sound too eager, “It’s been a long day already. Thanks.”
“Thank *you*.” she murmured under her breath, and I wondered what that was
supposed to mean as I followed her to her apartment.

As I walked into Jenny’s apartment the first thing that hit me was the
all-permeating odor of catbox. It wasn’t too bad, though. I used to have a
cat myself, so I was used to it. The place was fairly small, with a kitchen
in an alcove off to my right and a short hallway to the left leading to the
bedrooms and bathroom. In front was the living room. There was a couch and
a couple of well-worn chairs. A small TV sat on a none-too-steady stand
opposite the couch and chairs. The place was clean, but cluttered.
Magazines and various articles of female clothing lay scattered about.
Jenny began picking up the latter while mumbling an apology. I remarked it
looked lots better than my place, which didn’t comfort her much since she
saw what my car looked like and could well imagine what my place must look
She was probably right on the money.
After a few minutes the place was fairly straight. She plopped down in a
chair, exhausted. I landed on the couch feeling about the same. Exhausted,
but far from sleepy. “Nice place you got here.” I remarked.
“Thanks.” she smiled tiredly. “It was cheap and clean.” She sat up a
little and said, “I really appreciate the ride. And… I’m kinda glad
you’re here. I hate staying in this neighborhood by myself…” She looked
like she was going to say more but stopped and looked away instead.
I started to reply but felt something moving by my feet. I looked down
and saw a little grey ball of fur playing with my shoelaces. Gently I
reached down and picked it up. It was a kitten, about four months old, all
fuzz and golden eyes, which stared into mine. And sharp claws, which I
discovered a second later as he(?) decided he wanted down NOW. I complied
quickly before he could do any serious damage. He shot across the room in a
grey blur and disappeared under the coffee table.
Jenny was grinning at me. Suddenly she got up and said “Excuse me, I
gotta change and clean up a little. Make yourself at home. I won’t be
long.” And she disappeared into one of the other rooms. A moment later I
heard a shower running.
I never was very good at making myself at home in somebody else’s home.
Not to mention I was worn out from work and a funny little knot of tension
rested in the pit of my stomach. I turned on the TV and settled back on the
couch, trying to relax.
It wasn’t long before she was done. I turned to see her and had to hold
back a small gasp of surprise.
She stood in the hallway dressed in just a nightshirt that just came
down to her upper thighs, and apparently nothing else. The shirt was slit
partway up the sides, showing tantalizing glimpses of skin. Her braless
breasts hung firm and high, the nipples hard, straining against the thin
cotton and just begging to be set free. Her bare legs were magnificently
toned, retaining just a hint of tan leftover from the summer. I noticed she
was smiling at me, nervous but apparently enjoying my attentions.
Then, to my complete shock she yawned and stretched her arms high above
her head. The shirt, which was just barely long enough to begin with, rode
up and I plainly saw the brown fuzz of her pubic hair. She held the pose
for one magnificent second, then dropped her arms down again, much to my
I made no pretense of not looking at her. That would have been
ridiculous. But her eyes met mine and I saw the same fire I saw earlier in
the lunchroom, only this time it wasn’t smoldering but raging almost out
of control.
With slow deliberation she walked across the room, swinging her hips
just the right amount to make the slits in the nightshirt part and give
excruciating glimpse of bare skin. She sat down on the couch next to me,
close enough to touch. One gorgeously unclad leg rested on the couch and
across the other leg at about mid-thigh. One arm draped carelessly over the
back. Her eyes met mine and seemed to capture me completely. My heart went
wild as what was going on here finally sunk in.
Finally she spoke, her voice low and throaty. “Did you mean what you
said earlier?”
Her voice startled me out of the spell I was in. “Um, what did I say
“That you like to give pleasure as much as receive it?” she said
My heart thudded slowly in my chest. “Sure.” I answered just as softly,
“Giving is lots of fun. I never tire of it.”
“And…” she asked, uncertainty crossing her face, “and… would you be
willing to give a little to someone who could really use it?”
Now, it would seem to be obvious that I should answer immediately with a
loud and enthusiastic YES! but being in such a situation is much different
from reading or fantasizing. In all honesty, I was a little frightened. I’d
had more than my share of fantasies about Jenny, but to be presented with a
breathing living willing reality was another thing. You don’t treat real
human beings the way you do in fantasies. But then I realized that she was
honestly asking for help, and taking quite a chance doing so. She was
obviously as scared and hopeful as I was. To turn her down would do great
damage to her self-esteem. I couldn’t do that to her.
So, I simply said “Yes.”
She gazed into my eyes for a long, long moment, uncertain how to
proceed. Then her lips met mine in a deep, open kiss. She moved forward
until she was laying on top of me while we were still kissing. Our bodies
moved together, rubbing in slow, sinuous motion. Her hips pressed down
directly on the hardness at my crotch and ground against it, sending waves
of pleasure though me. Her mouth was still locked with mine, but her breath
was coming in short gasps. Our activity became more frenzied as our
excitement grew, her gasps turning to low moans.
And all at once, the spell broke. She collapsed on top of me, her head
buried in my chest, crying softly.
The dry humping had stimulated me almost to orgasm, but my erection
quickly faded. Unsure of what else to do, I held her and caressed her hair
and rocked her back and forth softly while making what I hoped were
soothing noises.
For a long time we lay like that, until she sniffled and raised her
head. Her eyes were red-rimmed and very vulnerable. “God, I feel so
stupid…” she said in a very quiet voice.
“Shhh.” I said, “It’s okay. You’re not stupid. Things just went a little
too fast, didn’t they?”
She nodded, looking away. “I guess so. I’ve never been like this in my
entire life. I talk a lot, but I’m not really like that. Tonight I just…
I don’t know…” she started sniffling and buried her face in my chest
“There, there,” I said softly “being lonely and hurting doesn’t make you
a bad person at all. It makes you human, which is no more or less than the
rest of us. You’re a free adult and I don’t feel you did anything wrong.”
I don’t think she was convinced but she didn’t respond or argue. We lay
together silently until I wondered if she dropped off to sleep. Finally she
raised her head. “These long hours don’t help any, either. I think I’ll go
to bed.”
She got off me and stood unsteadily. Her nightshirt stuck to her body in
several interesting places but I found my interest surprisingly muted by my
concern for this girl. I thought I was going to be making this couch my bed
for the night but she held a hand down to me. “Come on.”
I got up painfully, and stretched as the circulation returned to my
muscles. How long had I been laying there, anyway? I was afraid to find
out. Holding my hand, she pulled me towards the bedroom. “I know it’s kind
of forward, in light of how this evening is going, but I’d really like some
nice company tonight, even just to sleep with. You don’t mind, do you?”
I really didn’t, and I said so. She kissed me on the cheek. “I’ve always
liked you.”
The bedroom was about as orderly as the rest of the apartment, but still
seemed feminine, without being really obvious about it. She had a full size
bed, with the blankets thrown over it in a hurried attempt at neatness. She
had probably done it before leaving for work this morning. Yesterday
morning, actually.
She pulled the covers down and sat on the edge of the bed with a sigh,
springs groaning beneath her. “God, I’m so tired.” She gripped the lower
hem of her nightshirt, apparently to pull it off, and then looked up at me,
concerned. “You don’t mind, do you? I don’t usually sleep with anything
My mouth had suddenly gone dry again as my heart leaped. I shook my
head, trying not to appear too anxious, “No, that’s… okay.”
She pulled the shirt up, up, revealing inch after agonizing inch more
of bare skin, until she pulled it off over her head and dropped it on the
floor beside her. She stretched her arms, gloriously, wonderfully nude, and
sighed “Ah… that feels so much better.” She swung her legs up onto the
bed and covered herself up to her waist. Her breasts were so large and
inviting, the aureoles a bright rosy read, the nipples still partially
erect, that my hands just ached to touch them. Instead I tore my eyes away
and walked around to the other side of the bed, where she smiled and pulled
the covers down for me. I sat down and almost got in before she said
“Aren’t you at least going to take your shoes off?”
I *had* forgotten that little detail. I still had my jacket on, even. I
stood up and pulled off my jacket and kicked off my shoes. For a moment I
wondered how far I should go, then decided to hell with it. I pulled my
shirt off over my head, then unbuckled my pants. She was watching me, of
course, and there seemed to be a hint of excitement in her eyes. I took my
pants off and saw her eyes lock on the bulge in my shorts. I was still
somewhat erect so the bulge was pronounced, to say the least. Slowly I
pulled them down and my penis, freed from imprisonment, leaned out from the
dark fluff of my pubic hair, almost at it’s maximum size though still
pointing downward. There was an audible intake of breath from her when she
saw it.
I sat down and removed my socks and crawled under the covers. In a husky
voice she said, “That was magnificent.” as she reached over to turn the
light out. Then she snuggled against me, laying her head on my arm.
Her body was warm, almost burning, and the feel of her bare skin next to
mine and the excitement of knowing there were absolutely no layers of
clothing between us soon had me excited again. My heart wouldn’t stop
pounding and my cock stood ramrod stiff and twitching. She moved her arm up
and placed her hand on my chest. “Anybody ever tell you how attractive you
Actually, nobody had, and I said as much and I placed my free hand on
her side and moved it from shoulder to hip in a long, slow caress, back and
forth. After a moment her breathing changed pitch and became quicker,
Her hand caressed my chest in a similar manner and she nuzzled my neck
softly. This time there was none of the hurried frenzy of earlier. Things
were progressing smoothly and more naturally, without a word from either
one of us. I became a little more adventuresome with my explorations, and
moved my hand to cup one soft breast. I moved my hand under it, feeling
it’s weight, and my thumb found her nipple, finally bare and fully erect. I
rubbed my thumb across it and a short, breathy moan escaped her lips as she
arched her back.
Her hand moved down, raising to trail her fingers through my pubic hair
before resting lightly on my cock, sending little twinges and flashes of
pleasure through my pelvis. I raised my hips in response and she grabbed my
cock almost tight enough to hurt. Almost, but not quite. Instead it felt
I was now massaging her whole breast and her breath came in ragged moans
and she whole body writhed in slow, sinuous motion. I moved my face down
and extended my tongue, slowly circling it around her nipple. Then I took
it in my mouth, as much as I could, and sucked it in and out rapidly
between my teeth, and her writhing became more violent, almost pulling away
from me. My free hand, meanwhile, moved around to her back, traveling up
and down exploring freely from her neck to her ass, which I grabbed hard
when I reached it.
Her mouth covered mine and our tongues intertwined frantically. Her arms
wrapped around me almost hard enough to squeeze the breath out of me and my
cock ground hard against her pubic fuzz. Finally her mouth released mine
only long enough to gasp, “I want you in me now!”
I had roughly the same idea by then myself. She rolled over on her back,
more or less pulling me on top of her. I raised my hips and she reached
down to guide me into the right spot.
With slow deliberateness I thrust my cock into her. She was so wet and
excited that it slid in with no resistance at all, until I was buried in her
as deep as I could go and I felt her fuzz tickling my lower belly. She
pressed her hips against mine for maximum penetration as her gasps became
I did not pump but simply held myself there as her movements grew more
frantic and her cries louder. I knew if I moved too much I would come and I
wanted to enjoy this as long as I could. Instead I just moved myself from
side to side a little, pushing her even closer to the brink as she bucked
beneath me.
“Oh God… Oh God…” she moaned, her voice getting higher and louder
until her muscles locked and held rigid in an explosive orgasm. The muscles
of her vagina locked tight on my penis and almost against my will I
orgasmed, pumping my seed deep into the warm depths of her body for what
seemed a long, long time and intensifying her pleasure even more, if such a
thing was possible.
We shared an endless moment of agonizing pleasure before collapsing in
an exhausted heap, with me still laying on top and buried deep within her.
Gasping for air and trying to regain some of our strength, we lay like
that for who knows how long. Jenny’s eyes looked up into mine and she was
so achingly beautiful in the half-light streaming in from the window. In
those eyes there was no more fire (though I knew it would soon be back) but
warmth and tenderness and gratitude and… love?
In an exhausted voice she said, “Hi there, stranger.”
In a similarly exhausted voice I replied, “Hi there yourself. Come here
often?” My unintentional double entendre sent us both into a fit of
laughter that wiped away any tension that might have remained. It felt as
if we had been lovers for years, instead of just one frantic night. For a
fleeting instant I felt a glimmer of hope that it might go on for years…
She spoke and interrupted my musing. “You know, it’s been well over a
year since I’ve… been with anybody. In one short night you’ve made up for
all that lost time and then some. I’ve never experienced anything this
intense. Never.”
“I don’t think I have either.” I replied tiredly. “This was incredible.
Just as I had always thought it might be.”
“Yeah. Me too.” She shifted a little and a wave of residual pleasure ran
though me. “Actually, I could get used to this on a… a regular basis.
I’ve always, um, liked you. Maybe in the near future we could… um…”
I shushed her quietly, “The future can take care of itself, and perhaps
we’ll be in each other’s. I think I’d like that myself very much. Right now
let’s just enjoy the moment.” She nodded silently and relaxed.
It was not long before my penis began to swell again, and Jenny noticed
it almost before I did for I had never pulled it out. The second time
around I was much less sensitive and lasted far longer. She climaxed at
least six times before I came again and we both collapsed, exhausted for
real, as the first light of dawn began to color the sky outside.

We spent most of Sunday in bed, and not from exhaustion either, although
we did exhaust each other eventually. I never did make it home that
weekend, and it was with bitter disappointment we faced the reality of
Monday and going back to work. We dragged in together half an hour late,
disheveled and in rumpled clothes (mine were the same ones from Saturday).
I was barely coherent enough to work all day long, but not for one second
did I regret it.

That was six months ago. We saw each other every weekend, and most
nights in between. Dianne moved out to join her new boyfriend in Oregon
City, and Jenny immediately invited me to move in with her. I didn’t waste
any time packing.
At work they don’t know anything about it, because the boss frowns
heavily on employee relationships (Or any other form of fun that doesn’t
increase his profits, for that matter.) but every time I walk by Jenny or
meet her in the lunch room she always favors me with a little smile and a
conspiratorial wink, which I always return.
You know, I used to hate working nights…