Attractive collegue

that week i was going around to all the company’s PCs, updating
the network software; at one point i found myself alone in the
manager’s office with his secretary, Marseya. She has a lovely
precise, British accent, which contrasts in an interesting way with
her exotic asian looks; dark brown shoulder-length hair, her lips
ever pursed on the edge of a smile. Her dress-sense… neat?
neatness isn’t quite the word (although it would have been impossible
to describe her as untidy)… fashionable? i can’t see her as a
slave to the dictates of others when it comes to clothes; all i can
say is that what she wore accentuated her slight figure in a very
attractive way. Continue reading Attractive collegue

Bondage in country

It is one of fall’s indian summer days and we decide to indulge in
one of the last warm sunny days by taking a ride. Today I insist that
you wear a dress which is made of a light cotton, ties up the bodice,
and has a short flirty skirt. You try to protest claiming that while
the day is warm there is still a cool breeze. We settle that you
should wear your leather jacket and press close to me while riding.

The ride is primarily uneventful as road winds sharply and any
distractions could be deadly. The speed is high and I can feel you
pressed to me. I start to slow down, you attempt to scream above the
wind and the engine but your words fly away. I turn down a small road
curving into a small clearing by a lake. You gently dismount so I can
put the bike on the center stand. A smile crosses your face as you
comprehend the action. You mount the bike, only this time placing your
arse on the gas tank, facing me. I can smell your excitement and push
your skirt up to reveal a pair of frilly bikini underwear. Continue reading Bondage in country

Paying for sex

One Thursday night, Tim and I were home watching TV when one of my
girlfriends called. She had stopped for a drink after work and ran into
two of our old classmates from graduate school and she was calling to
invite me to join them for a drink and some gossip.
I was still dressed from work and hurriedly put my shoes back on and
checked my purse for cash. Of course, my liquid assets totalled $2.14! I
asked Tim for some cash rather than wasting time stopping at an automatic
Tim smiled and brought out his wallet.
“Wait a minute,” he smiled, holding his wallet above his head, away
from my open hand, “How badly do you need this cash?”
“Come on, Tim, I’m in a hurry.” Continue reading Paying for sex

Teen girl slave

There he was again. Every day for two weeks he had been in her
car on the subway. She had felt him staring at first and had smiled to
him politely. He did not approach her during the train ride or after,
but for the 35 minutes it took to get her to her home station, he
watched her.
To start, Janet was rather annoyed at the invasion of privacy,
but as the days passed and she admired his muscular frame and soft blue
eyes she felt he was waiting for something.
This morning she had decided to do something about it. She had
woken up early to prepare. Her outfit for the day included medium
heels, garter belt and stockings, blouse, short-cut skirt, bra, and
jacket. Continue reading Teen girl slave

Sex at the poolside

It was a hot June afternoon. The humidity was low however
so it didn’t feel exhaustingly boiling outside. School had let
out not a month before and I couldn’t get over the feeling of
freedom. I was doing some things around the house feeling com-
fortable from the central air conditioning. Then, the doorbell
rang. I went to the door and there was Tiffany. I hadn’t seen
her since that BUS TRIP I took a few months back. She looked
spectacular! She was even more tan now then she was then. She
had on these bright pink shorts and a safire blue blouse which
was tied at the bottom. She had her hair partially pulled back,
but it looked real good. I smiled approvingly at her and said
“Hi, you’re right on time. C’mon in.” Continue reading Sex at the poolside

Fantasy Sinful Tale

The Bandit and Zero kicked the dirty grey snow off of their boots and
walked up the steps of the East Habitat. A quick ping of a security card in
the lock, and the door sighed open, brushing a warm breeze across their faces
from inside. They walked out of the dark and into the central lounge,
gratefully unzipping their coats. The usual late-night gang was there, Thud
holding court like a king in the chair by the coffee machine and dealing a
hand from his everpresent cribbage deck to Lanky and Plaids. Conan was
sprawled out on the couch, reading a paperback, and the notes of an acoustic
guitar wafted gently through the air as the Rainbow Wizard played a love song
for Mary Magdalene on a nearby stretch of carpet. Continue reading Fantasy Sinful Tale

Bedtime Bondage Story

Some girls grow up wanting to be Vivian Leigh in “Gone With
The Wind,” gliding down an opulant staircase in an exquisite
evening gown. My fantasy aspirations came from a different era of
film. I wanted to be Samantha Eggar in “The Collector,” squirming
helplessly against my ropes with my captor is out of the room,
loving and dreading the thought of what he would do when he
That wasn’t my only fantasy, of course, but it was a powerful
one. I took a lot of pleasure from it laying in bed alone, rubbing
myself against the pillow between my legs, wishing for someone who
could push me to new and higher levers of sexual feeling.
But I had absorbed just enough feminist philosphy from my
mother to feel guilty about such thoughts. I also had just enough
self-protective distrust of men to keep me from asking any of my
early sexual partners to oblige. So I went off to college with my
submissive feelings still unfocused, compartmented away from my
“real” life. They probably would have stayed there but for
Colleen. Continue reading Bedtime Bondage Story

What Gives You A Hardon

“I don’t want to start like that. And again…two, three, four….”
“Hold it, HOLD IT!” The Bandit held up a hand and waved frantically,
making disgusted faces. Zero raised an eyebrow at the spastic diplay, but
willingly shut off the tape recorder.
“Something the matter?”
“YES, God damn your oversized beak!” The Bandit glared furiously at
Zero, fists on hips.
Zero selfconsciously rubbed the bridge of his nose, which was quite
frankly a tremendously outsized appendage for the face upon which it rested, a
bit of Cherokee ancestry that wouldn’t have been out of place on a nickel.
“What is it? And calm down, you look like you’re about to explode.”
“You promised me NO cliches and NO stuff stolen from other people!”
“Well, of course not,” Zero replied, looking hurt. “But we haven’t
even started playing yet….”
“You know damn well what I mean!” The Bandit rewound the tape, still
glaring at Zero. “That ‘I don’t wanna start like that’ line is straight off of
a Robert Fripp song! Now, NO FRIPP!”
“It is? Oh, so it is.” Zero scratched his head and smiled sheepishly.
“It’s from the prologue of his first album, isn’t it? The one that leads
into–” Continue reading What Gives You A Hardon

The Three Of Us

I await for Sam to get here. An old friend dating back for some
35 years. I do not know what happened to him, flying high on the
Texas oil boom for so many years and now without a penny to his
name, I do not really feel sorry for him but I can not leave him
in the cold since he really wants to come back to the area to
live. Hope I can help him get back on his feet!

Its around 9PM when he arrives, his gleeful smile and happy-go-lucky
attitude mask the depression he must be feeling. “Hi Dan how’s every
little thing?” he asks then turning to her he say “Hi Karen”. My wife
does not want him staying with us as she feels that the drain on
our finances will be to great. She manages to utter “Hello Sam, glad
your finally here we were worried about you on the long trip!” What
tripe but it sounded warm and friendly, what more can I ask for. “Let
me show you to your room so we can put you bags there and you can get
use to a hard floor under your feet again.” I said feeling happy that
all the ill had been melted and things were off on the right track! Continue reading The Three Of Us

Anal virgin sex story

You know what happened to me the other night? I went out drinking with Jill, a
friend of mine, and we ran into some guys we know. We sat around drinking and
talking for a long time. I don’t drink much, and after a while I was really,
really drunk and feeling funny. I suspect that there was something potent
other than alcohol in that drink. I asked Jill to take me home, but she asked
me to wait. In a few minutes I realized that I couldn’t move a muscle, not
even to open my eyes. Jill looked at me and said, “Oh, shit! Karen’s passed
out cold. Well, I’ve got to take her home. Help me get her to the car.”

Jill wasn’t exactly sober herself. She wasn’t far from joining me collapsed in
a chair. I was hoping she wouldn’t try to drive, but I didn’t want to stay
here. Finally one of the guys suggested that they drive us home. One guy
would take Jill’s car and take her home. The other guy would take me home in
his van, then drive over to pick up his friend. Had Jill not been drunk, she
wouldn’t take these strangers up on their offer, but not wanting to wake up her
brother to come get us, she agreed. I didn’t like this idea, but I had no way
of expressing my opinion. Continue reading Anal virgin sex story

Gays in the lockerroom

Marty Carlson couldn’t believe his eyes. He had only been
working as waterboy for The Longhorns, the football team of
Leland College, for two daysnow, after Coach Keeley allowed
him to work of his required physical education credit by
working maintenance for the team. Two hours a day with all
those naked, sweaty jocks, peeling off dirty, grass-stained
uniforms for Marty to take to the laundry hamper as they
snapped wet towels at each other’s asses, asses hairy and
smooth, thick and muscular or trim and tight bulging out of
the back of their white jockstraps which, in the front, held
firm, full baskets of prime meat which Marty had to restrain
himself from reaching out and grabbing. He had been trying
not to be too obvious in his admiration of the player’s
muscular torsos and especially the showers full of
glistening soapy studs much like the one he was staring into
right now (from the back of an adjoining stall several rows
of lockers down, through the reflection from the overhead
mirror that ran the length of the locker room). Continue reading Gays in the lockerroom

HotWife Adventures

I just received an announcement for my tenth High School reunion. I
don’t know if I’ll attend, but it got me thinking about the incredible
changes in my life between then and now.
Ten years ago, one week after graduation, I became a secretary at a
medium-size plastics company. I was attractive (blonde, green eyes, great
complexion, good figure), but I was shy, demure and a virgin — the perfect
product of 12 years in Catholic schools!
Guys in the plant, salesmen, and even some clients flirted with me,
and a few asked me out. I went, but I guess the fact that I didn’t put-out
got around and the dates became fewer and fewer. Continue reading HotWife Adventures

Watching Thru Window

The sun was just starting to set as the cab dropped me off
on the corner of my apartment complex. I’d been flying all day
and was dead tired, all I was looking forward to a hot shower and
a warm bed.

I closed my front door and collapsed into my easy chair for
a few minutes to rest my feet. I disposed of my high heels,
dimmed the light next to the chair and fell back with my eyes
closed to let the hectic day I’d had disappear along with the sun
that slowly drifting below the horizon. I could still see rays
of sunlight peeking across the roof of the house next door.

I must have fallen asleep there in the chair, because when my
eyes opened again, it was dark outside. My own living room was
dark as well, the only illumination coming from a window in the
house next door.. Continue reading Watching Thru Window

Kinky Sex Experience

My name is Wendy, I’m a 30 year old Lesbian and although I’ve had a
lot of Lesbian lovers in my time, I never really been into Kinky sex.
However, Iv’e got to tell you about my Kinkiest sex experiance – god
my pussy gets wet just thinking about it!

I’ll start by describing myself. I’m 5′ 5″, 145 lbs., with Brown hair,
Green eyes. I measure 44-34-38 ( I can be described as Rubinesque ).
My breasts are huge as you can tell and they are very sensitive. I have
above average body hair. I keep my pussy hair well trimmed, although I
somtimes let it, as well as the hair under my arms grow. I love the
sight of a women with lots of hair under her arms. Continue reading Kinky Sex Experience

Hot July

Jenny was hot.

It was 90 degrees outside, the air conditioner had broken down,
and what’s more, she hadn’t had any sex for more than two weeks,
her boyfriend having gone away on a business trip. It was the
middle of a sweltering Saturday afternoon, and she sat alone and naked in
her apartment, the heat making her body shine with sweat.

She thought about her boyfriend, and the night before he left.
Her mouth filled with saliva as she remembered the taste of his
cock on her lips. She moaned and slid one hand down to her cunt,
tenderly stroking her clit. Her other hand cupped her full breasts,
pinching the nipples erect. Her cunt filled the air with the sweet
smell of sex as she got excited. Continue reading Hot July