Attractive collegue

that week i was going around to all the company’s PCs, updating
the network software; at one point i found myself alone in the
manager’s office with his secretary, Marseya. She has a lovely
precise, British accent, which contrasts in an interesting way with
her exotic asian looks; dark brown shoulder-length hair, her lips
ever pursed on the edge of a smile. Her dress-sense… neat?
neatness isn’t quite the word (although it would have been impossible
to describe her as untidy)… fashionable? i can’t see her as a
slave to the dictates of others when it comes to clothes; all i can
say is that what she wore accentuated her slight figure in a very
attractive way. Continue reading Attractive collegue

Secret fetish bondage

It all happened on a unusually warm night for December, in
1988. I work for a law office in the Capitola area, as I work on a computer
much of the time I often come in to work in the middle of the night. This
particular night was just one of the many that I spend sitting in my private
office tapping away at the keyboard. I was working on a secret project of
mine when I heard a noise, and it didn’t sound like any I had ever heard
before. I left my office. The atmosphere was quite sinister, I used all my
years of Chuck Norris films to make my way to the source.

I peeked around the last corner and saw quite a sight. Julie, a secretary we
had just had to fire was on her knees carefully sawing the legs of her ex-
boss’s chair. She was cutting carefully so that the first time he sat down it
would break and drop him to the floor with a mighty thump. I cleared my
throat with a carefully measured “Hrumph.” She immediately bolted
upright, quite surprised by my intrusion into her little game of revenge. Continue reading Secret fetish bondage

Paying for sex

One Thursday night, Tim and I were home watching TV when one of my
girlfriends called. She had stopped for a drink after work and ran into
two of our old classmates from graduate school and she was calling to
invite me to join them for a drink and some gossip.
I was still dressed from work and hurriedly put my shoes back on and
checked my purse for cash. Of course, my liquid assets totalled $2.14! I
asked Tim for some cash rather than wasting time stopping at an automatic
Tim smiled and brought out his wallet.
“Wait a minute,” he smiled, holding his wallet above his head, away
from my open hand, “How badly do you need this cash?”
“Come on, Tim, I’m in a hurry.” Continue reading Paying for sex

Teen girl slave

There he was again. Every day for two weeks he had been in her
car on the subway. She had felt him staring at first and had smiled to
him politely. He did not approach her during the train ride or after,
but for the 35 minutes it took to get her to her home station, he
watched her.
To start, Janet was rather annoyed at the invasion of privacy,
but as the days passed and she admired his muscular frame and soft blue
eyes she felt he was waiting for something.
This morning she had decided to do something about it. She had
woken up early to prepare. Her outfit for the day included medium
heels, garter belt and stockings, blouse, short-cut skirt, bra, and
jacket. Continue reading Teen girl slave

Bondage sinful tale

For as long as I remember, the thought of being the “victim” was
always exciting. And during my childhood, there were people around me that
made this desire even more real. I was eleven when the first real thoughts
came to my mind.
You could say I was a loner at that age. Few of the other girls were
really interested in being my friend. It didn’t help that both my mother and
father were alcoholics and the whole town knew it. So, I spent alot of time
alone. My parents were brutal to me at times, locking me in my room, going
without dinner, leaving me for hours on end. But, there was one person who
would come over and play. His name was Mark. And, at this time, he was just
turning fourteen. Continue reading Bondage sinful tale

The Three Of Us

I await for Sam to get here. An old friend dating back for some
35 years. I do not know what happened to him, flying high on the
Texas oil boom for so many years and now without a penny to his
name, I do not really feel sorry for him but I can not leave him
in the cold since he really wants to come back to the area to
live. Hope I can help him get back on his feet!

Its around 9PM when he arrives, his gleeful smile and happy-go-lucky
attitude mask the depression he must be feeling. “Hi Dan how’s every
little thing?” he asks then turning to her he say “Hi Karen”. My wife
does not want him staying with us as she feels that the drain on
our finances will be to great. She manages to utter “Hello Sam, glad
your finally here we were worried about you on the long trip!” What
tripe but it sounded warm and friendly, what more can I ask for. “Let
me show you to your room so we can put you bags there and you can get
use to a hard floor under your feet again.” I said feeling happy that
all the ill had been melted and things were off on the right track! Continue reading The Three Of Us