You walk into the house and it is dark. This is not
unusual, as you live alone. However, tonight you worked
especially late for a Friday night and it was now nearly ten
thirty when you unlocked your front door.
You walked into the foyer and as you reached for the
light a hand grabs your and pulls you away from the light
switch. Suddenly another hand grabs for your free hand and
pulls it back behind you and both hands are quickly secured
behind you with the click of a pair of handcuffs. You
attempt to spin around and see who it is behind you and just
as you begin to turn a hood is quickly placed over your
head. The hood covers only to the tip of your nose. You
begin to say something and before the words escape your
mouth a soft ball gag is pushed into your open mouth and
pressed slightly behind your teeth. You feel a leather
strap fasten the ball gag firmly into your mouth and then
feel fingers fumble with the strap behind your head.
You are pulled from the foyer out into the cool night
air. Then pushed and pulled to a waiting vehicle with
engine running. Once inside you can feel the size of this
vehicle and realize it is a van of sorts, with carpeting on
the floor. You are pressed face down to the floor and the
doors close with a resounding thud.
All sorts of thoughts race through your brain. You can
not figure out who these people are, you don’t even know if
they are men or women. You assume they are men, from the
strength exhibited when they pulled your arms behind you and
secured them. You feel the motion of the vehicle now and
the pressure of a knee forced into your back, holding you
firmly down to the carpeted floor.
Suddenly you feel fingers pulling at your two and a
half inch heels and your toes are suddenly free. The
fingers find their way up your legs, slowly moving towards
your backside then in a quick motion the fingers find the
tops of your panty hose and begin to pull at them
feverishly. With a few firm tugs they release their grip
around your waist and you can feel them being pulled down
slowly over your mounds of fleshy buttocks. As they are
pulled down you can feel your underpants being caught up in
the panty hose and they too come down with the hose. You
feel the cool night air touch your now naked buttocks and
you quiver with the fear of what is to happen.
You feel the fingers now grope the waist of your skirt
and then you feel the release of the button on the side and
the skirt is pulled down over your exposed buttocks and then
finally over your feet.
You are now completely nude, to your unknown captures,
from the waist down. You try to fight but the knee presses
harder into your back and holds you still.
The pressure of the knee in your back is lessened and
you feel the fingers reach for your ankles. Something is
placed around each ankle. You are not certain what it is,
but it feels soft and yet stiff at the same time. You hear
the sound of metal touching metal and suddenly feel your
ankles being clipped together with a chain. You can only
assumed that is the item used, for you still can not see.
The chain is then attached to something in the van, for your
legs are pulled out straight and close together.
Firmly the hands reach for your shoulders and roll you
over onto your back. You moan as they do from the pressure
and pain forced onto your hands and arms from your own body
Seated upright now, the person belonging to the hands
moves behind you and releases one cuff from your handcuffs
then pulls the cuffed wrist out and attaches it to something
on the side of the van. Slowly the fingers begin to undo
the buttons on your blouse. As they reach the bottom of the
blouse the fingers slowly brush against the top of your
pussy mound. They press firmly on the mound but not into
your pussy. The blouse is pulled off the free arm and then
the bra is unhooked and removed from the your free hand.
Each time you have attempted to use your hand, the person
taking your top off, slapped at your hand and pushed it to
your side. Finally after being slapped three times, very
hard, you leave your arm to your side.
The same thing is now done to the other hand. Undoing
the cuff, securing the once free hand then removing your
blouse completely from your body. You now sit in the
coolness of the van totally naked. Your hands are cuffed
again behind your back and your legs are are freed from
whatever it the chain had been attached. When you attempt
to move, however, you realize they are still chained
together by a chain about two and half feet in length.
By now your heart is racing. You want to be free. Yet
you know, somehow, if you attempt to make a get away you
will be caught and probably killed. You are slightly panic
stricken by all of this, yet have resolved yourself to
tolerating it in the hope they will play with you, release
you and have done with you.
The van stops. You hear the sliding door open and you
are pulled by your feet first to the edge of the door. Your
buttocks rubbing against the carpeting causing them to burn
as you are pulled forward. Your feet are guided to the
ground and the cold, damp grass squeezes between your naked
toes. A hand reaches behind your shoulder and pulls you
completely upright now and you stand, the night air makes
your nude body shiver slightly.
Someone behind you pushes at you gently and you begin
to walk slowly, finding the chain limitation quickly. After
walking several steps you are stopped and feel a hand reach
down to your leg and lift it by the calf then place it on a
step in front of you. Slowly you ascend the stairs, only
four steps, then you feel the firmness of a wooden planked
porch beneath your feet.
You hear the door open and you are led inside. Once
inside you hear a lot of commotion of your captures moving
about the house. Then you are led into another room.
No one says anything to you. You are stopped from
walking further then you feel a firm hand on your shoulder,
pressing you down. You slowly, with the hand guiding you,
kneel down. Once in kneeling position you feel the firm
hand press to the inside of your right thigh and begin to
push your thigh open more and more. When the hand achieves
the position he wishes he reaches for your other leg and
pushes at it from the inside thigh.
You can feel the air rush against your now spread open
pussy. The lips having parted with the spreading of your
legs. You are angry now, that you are being used in this
manner. You wish to yourself, that if they intend to fuck
you, which you know they do, they would just do it and have
done with it.
Slowly you feel fingers at your shoulders, rubbing
gently towards your breasts. As they reach your nipples
they stop, not touching the nipples, but lightly fingering
the breast all the way around the nipple. Your head goes up
and back at the sensation this causes your body. A reaction
you are angry with yourself for having but nonetheless have.
The fingers slowly caress your body down to the front
of your well stretched vagina lips, again being sure not to
touch the lips themselves. Playing lightly around the
entire area, causing a tingle to your sex and yet no
satisfaction or gratification.
You can feel the excitement begin to cream the inner
walls of your pussy. You now wish your capture would touch
you. Slowly the fingers find their way back up to your
breasts. Kneading them and teasing them. Finally they
encase the nipples of each breast and slowly play with each
nipple. You can feel them react by becoming firm and hard.
When they are firm and hard your capture pinches each one,
alternating between the two, very hard. Then with a firm
grip, pinches and pulls the nipples out, distending each
breast until you moan from the pain exerted to your tender
The fingers release the pained nipples now and rub
gently at the entire breast. Then slowly they make their
way back down your front to your opened sex and you feel the
fingers push in between the lips of your nether lips. First
one finger, then another finds its way into you and pushes
in and out gently. The fingers are then pulled out and
slowly they are inched through your spread crack to your ass
pucker. You wiggle at the pressure exerted to your virgin
hole. As you wiggle, the other hand of your capture moves
back to your nipples, and one at a time compresses his
forefinger and thumb over each tip. You stop all movement
now, and when you do the pressure to your nipples stops.
You have learned your first lesson.
The finger at your virgin hole is slowly pressed into
you. You moan and thrash your head about at the initial
pain this causes. Further and deeper the finger is pressed
into you, until you can feel the knuckles of the hand
pressing at the outside of your puckered hole. Slowly the
finger is pulled out and then pushed back into you. Each
time the speed and force is increased, until you feel the
excitement caused by this action and your hips begin to
wrench forward then back again. As you feel the passion
grow in your now wet pussy the hands touching you stop.
Leaving you in total frustration.
You are left in this position, untouched for some time.
Finally you feel someone behind you. Slowly the hands find
your shoulders and begin to rub you from behind. The hands
are obviously different, they are coarse and quite rough.
They move slowly down your back to your buttocks then
squeezes each cheek in each hand. The fingers pressing into
your spread crack. The hands are pulled away from you and
you feel the person walk to the front of you. You wait for
‘his’ next move. You have assumed it to be a him because of
the roughness of the hands. The fingers slowly circle your
nipples. They become erect and firm quickly at the touch.
He slowly encases the nipples between his first and second
finger and begins to squeeze the mounds of flesh and as he
does he presses his fingers firmly around the nipples and
pinches them hard. As you moan from the pain and pleasure
this brings you, he pulls his hands from your breasts, still
keeping the nipples pressed firmly between his two sets of
fingers and extends the breast outward. He holds this
pressure on your now tender nipples for a full thirty
seconds or more, as he does, he compress the tits tighter
and tighter, a scream escapes your mouth, but the gag makes
it come out sounding like only a moan. You feel as though
your breasts are being pulled off and your nipples are being
pinched in a vice. Finally he releases both breasts and
slowly his fingers move lightly over the tips. Slowly he
flicks the nipples back and forth then rubs them lightly.
His hands move down your body now to the top of your
opened mound. Slowly they twirl around through your pubic
hair and then slide into your opened lips. They probe and
poke until they finally enter you. Three fingers at once.
They press in and out of you. Involuntarily your hips rock
back and forth. Your nether lips, with a mind of their own,
try to pull the fingers invading them, deeper and deeper
into you. As your rocking motion increases, it is obvious
you are nearing climax the fingers are withdrawn and you
again, are left without any touching. You moan through your
gag, pleading without words to be finished off. But it does
not happen.
You begin to move your knees closer together in the
hopes to satisfy yourself by pressing your thigh tightly
together. As you press your legs closer, you suddenly feel
a sharp sting to your still opened pussy. The fingers slap
in between the lips and catch your clit, causing you pain
and yet an excitement you had never felt before rush through
your wet pussy. Again a resounding smack hits your tender,
wanting pussy and you quickly spread your legs open wide
Slowly, methodically the fingers find your clit and
begin to rub it harshly. Faster and harder until you are
rocking with the pleasure it brings, you are so near climax
now you can hardly stand it. But the fingers, as if knowing
and sensing your level of excitement, are withdrawn again.
Your frustration is mounting now and you can feel tears
coming down your cheeks under your hooded head.
Slowly you are pulled up from your kneeling position,
after being left along for a good five minutes in your
frustration. Once on your feet, you are pulled by the elbow
and begin to walk slowly in the direction you are led.
Taking the first few steps carefully, for you are stiff from
having knelt for so long.
You are led into another room and your hands are
uncuffed. You do not struggle now, you are not certain if
it is because you know it will do no good, or if it is
because you are enjoying the activities. A leather cuff is
wrapped around each wrist. Your hands are then pulled in
front of you and you feel them pushed together and hear a
click. You realize they are snapped together firmly now.
Next you feel them being pulled upwards, until they are
extended over your head. You hear another click and then
feel your wrists straining within the straps around them as
you are pulled upward toward the ceiling so only your toes
touch the floor.
The hands now rub gently down your body until they
reach your ankles and you hear a click and then another and
feel the ankle straps being removed. They are quickly
replaced with another set of straps and you feel a bar
between your feet being pressed open further and further,
forcing your legs wide.
You can feel hands now on your back and also on your
front. Slowly they knead and tease your flesh. When you
attempt to wiggle you find you can not move hardly at all.
Your legs, secured between the spreader bar have been also
attached to, by a short chain, hooks in the floor. All you
can move is your hips and only those can be moved slightly.
The fingers probe and dig at your flesh. Finally one
set of hands finds your breasts and begins to rub and
squeeze them, while the other set of fingers finds your
opened pussy and begins to rub and press deep within you.
Your clit getting more attention, causing you to thrash
about as much as your bonds permit. As you reach closer and
closer to the edge the fingers at your breasts become more
attentive to your nipples only and then begin to pinch them
firmly and hard. The pain careens through your body from
the severe manner your tits are being used and much to your
surprise the excitement finds your pussy and brings you even
closer to the edge. Just then all the action stops and you
thrust forward in the hopes to find the fingers that were
fucking you and have them satisfy your much needed desire.
You hear the door close suddenly and then silence
encases your very body. You are left hanging there in this
room. Your thoughts wander, you wonder if you are going to
be left in this manner. You wonder if they have finished
with you or lost interest, though you can not quite believe
this. You think about the fact if you are found by the
police or someone else you would be humiliated beyond belief
and want to die.
The door finally swings open and creaks when it does.
You hear movement near you then feel the hands tugging at
your ankles. Your feet are freed suddenly then you feel
your body being lowered and your feet become firmly
flattened to the floor. You are pulled forward, your hands
still clipped at the wrist and you step slightly forward.
Your hands are now released and then you feel a strap being
placed around your forearm and one around your upper arm.
You are then forced to place your hands behind your back and
the clicking sound is heard again, again and finally one
last time. When you attempt to move your hands you discover
your arms are crossed behind your back and the wrist cuffs
have been attached to the cuffs on your forearms. A leather
strap that crosses your back holds your upper arms back
You can envision the sight you must be. Totally nude,
dripping wet between your legs, your breasts forced outward
from your arms being pulled behind you.
You are pushed from behind again and start to walk
slowly forward, being guided by the firm hand at your back.
You are led into a room where the floor is cold to your feet
and the firm hand presses onto your shoulder and pushes you
downward. You knee, being helped by the hand at your
shoulder. You recognize the feel of the floor to be that of
tile. You can not figure out why you have been moved, but
then you do not have any say in the matter anyway.
Slowly you are pushed forward from the back of the
head, until you bend at the waist and your face touches the
floor. Your ass jetting into the air. You are held firmly
by one set of hands in this position.
You can feel someone behind you and with a start you
lurch forward slightly when you feel fingers pressing in
between your asscheeks. The fingers find your puckered hole
and you can feel them lubricate the outside, slowly,
teasingly. Finally one slides into your virgin ass and
moves around in a circle, then the second one is forced into
you. You can feel the pain and thrust yourself forward
trying to avoid the probing fingers. As you do, a harsh,
resounding slap comes down on your right ass cheek. You
thwart your own movement and wait. The fingers move in and
out of you slowly, then around inside you in a circle. They
are then pulled out and you can feel your puckered hole
still slightly open from the pressure they caused.
You have no idea what is going on now. You have never
experienced anything like this before. Up until now, your
life has been fairly straight, simple sex, nothing unusual.
More like a slam, bam, thank you ma’am type of activity.
But now, with your eyes shielded from outside things, you
feel everything and all things are heightened to your being.
Your nerves feel as though they are on the edge all the
time. You are afraid and yet, at the same time, desire to
be led down this path of frenzied passion. Even the pain
inflicted on you thus far has not bothered you that much,
for it seems to enhance the pleasure you experience even
You can feel something firm pressing at your puckered
hole now. Slowly it is pushed into you. You scream through
your gagged mouth as it is forced deeper inside. Ever so
slowly it is pressed forward. Finally, you feel as though
you are filled to your neck and the pressure of the pushing
stops. Next you can feel the warm liquid slowly flushing
into your bowel area. You realize, at long last, that you
are being given an enema. You have not experienced this
ever, but the flow of the warm water flushing into you makes
you even more excited. You wish someone would touch your
clit and your pussy. But it does not happen.
The water fills you. You can feel the pressure
building within you and you feel your stomach becoming
bloated from the water flowing into you. When the sensation
turns from a warm feeling within your bowel to pain you move
about slowly. This action brings another sound, harsh, slap
to your left ass cheek. Finally the water stops and the
nozzle of the enema bag is pulled from you ever so slowly.
This action is erotic to you and you can feel your pussy
throbbing with eagerness to be satisfied. The enema hose
nozzle is quickly replaced by a thick plug, which is pressed
firmly into your puckered hole. You are held in this
position for what seems to be forever. The pressure is
building within your bowel and the butt plug in your is
causing you pain. Your clit is pulsating from these
sensations, inspite of or because of all of this.
After ten minutes you are pulled upward and then
pressed down in a seated position. You realize as soon as
the hands begin to press you downward you are going to sit
on the toilet and be permitted to relieve yourself. You can
feel the hand press between your spread legs and tug at the
plug pushed into you.
When you have finished you are pulled up and with a
simple movement you are lifted into the tub. The water hits
your body, first running cold and sending chills through
you, then turning to warm. You are washed down by two sets
of hands, then lifted once again, stood outside the tub and
you feel the towels drying you off, one in front and one
You feel something being pressed to your right ear,
through you hood, hear a click and then a voice. “We shall
remove your gag if you promise not to scream or talk. If
you promise shake your head up and down. If you do scream
or talk, the gag will be replaced and you will pay dearly
for it.” The gruff, raspy voice hissed through the tape
recorder. You quickly nod your head up and down in
compliance. You feel fingers at the back of your head and
the pressure of the leather strap is released. The fingers
probe your mouth carefully and tug at the soft ball and pull
it slowly from behind your teeth, over your lips and out.
You swallow quickly and hard. Then a glass is pressed
to your slightly parted lips and you open to receive the
contents. The cold water washes through your mouth down
your dry throat, giving you some relief.
You are then pulled forward and you walk slowly as you
are guided from the room. Again your hands and arms are
unhooked and reattached in front of you. They are then
pulled upward toward the ceiling and before you even realize
it you are secured in the same manner as before receiving
your first enema.
Another drink is offered you. This time it tastes
somewhat sour. You recognize the taste quickly to be orange
juice. The entire glass is slowly emptied into your mouth.
Fingers begin to probe at your spread pussy again. You
moan as they find your clit and begin to slowly tease it
until it is erect and firm. Slowly the fingers slide into
your canal and press deep into you. You moan again and
attempt to thrust your hips forward.
You feel something being pressed to your mouth. You do
not know what it is but when the fingers reach for your chin
you open your mouth without further encouragement. The item
is pressed in and then a strap secures it in place behind
your head. It is shaped like a penis, small and rubber.
You are left hanging for several minutes now, without
anyone touching you. You do not know if your captures are
even in the room or not, but you did not hear the door
close, so you assume they are. You suddenly feel a moisture
on your pubic mound. Then the fingers begin to massage over
your mound slowly and carefully. Finally you feel something
pulling lightly at the hair and this is when you realize
they are shaving your pussy clean of hair. You want to
scream, you could jerk away, but fear being cut by the razor
if you do, so you stay perfectly still, hating, deep down
what they are doing to you. Finally you feel a warm cloth
rub over your pubic mound then fingers soaked with oil
rubbing gently over your now very sensitive pussy. Slowly
they work the oil into the freshly shaved area. Every so
often the fingers press down between the spread open lips
and tease at your erect clit, then back up to pet the oil
into your shaved pussy.
You have seen women with a shaved pussy before. You
thought they looked like little girls and knew you would
never do this to yourself. It is embarrassing to be a full
grown woman of twenty eight and have your pussy look like
that of a child of ten or so. You figured women did this
only to try to recapture their youth, not realizing the
sexual pleasure it could bring. You still have not realized
the sexual pleasure it could bring, but before this long,
holiday weekend is over you shall.
You feel fingers reaching up and playing with your
nipples. Quickly they react and become hard to the
touching. While the fingers play with the right nipple, the
other hand squeezes your breast from the base and forces the
nipple to protrude even more. Suddenly a pinching is felt
on the nipple and you moan a scream through the gag in your
mouth. The hands pull away but the pinching continues. The
left breast and nipple are played with in the same manner
and then the pinching starts to it also. The pinching is
not severe, even less severe than the pinching from your
captures fingers, but it is constant and does hurt some.
The hands pull away from you and your nipples continue to
pinch, causing you even more excitement in your nether
region. The pressure is unbelievable to you, for you never
knew you could become so stimulated from your nipples being
pinched firmly and constantly.
Next a wide belt is placed around your waist. You can
feel, what you can only describe as a tail hanging from the
back of it, swinging into your asscheeks as it is let loose
by your captures hands. The belt is tightened around your
waist, not too tight but firmly so it has no movement.
Fingers begin to probe your freshly shaved pussy. The
touch, at first, sends waves of stimulation through your
body. Slowly they rub over your clit then into your
dripping hole. They are quickly replaced by a thick, but
short inflexible cock. You recognize the feel immediately
as a dildo with knobs all over it. It is pressed into you
slowly then pulled out then back in and out again. Finally
after three more strokes it is pulled out completely. You
thrust your body forward to try to capture it with your
pussy lips and hold it within you but thrash against the
empty air.
You feel the thick short cock being pressed into your
ass pucker now. You tighten your body as it presses into
the outside of the virgin hole. A series of harsh slaps
come to your freshly shaved pussy lips. You attempt to
relax, and as you do, the spanking to your pussy stops. The
dildo is slowly, but firmly pressed into your ass. It feels
so big inside you, you feel as though it is ripping your
apart. After the first initial pain subsides, you then just
feel full within your ass.
Fingers play with your pinching nipples to heighten the
sensation of them. The pain you felt now streaks through
them again, as the fingers draw attention to them.
You feel another firm, long hard cock being pressed
into your spread open pussy. Slowly it is teased in and out
of you and finally you explode with your first orgasm. Your
body shaking uncontrollably from the tremor of the orgasm.
Again the cock is thrust deep within you. You can feel the
two artificial cocks touching each other through your thin
wall. Once it is pressed deep within you it is left and no
further action is taken with it.
You feel full and stuffed in each hole now. You are
still excited and can feel the building of another orgasm
flowing through your body.
A finger reaches out and begins to massage the tip of
your clit. It rubs the head thoroughly then around the
outside then pulls away. Suddenly you can feel the heat
spreading from your clit, as the cream that your capture
just rubbed there gets warmer and warmer. You moan from the
impact this has on your body and you feel a second orgasm
rush through your body.
Then you feel the hands press between your legs again
and you hear and feel the hum of the vibrating dildo pressed
into your pussy. Another set of hands pushes the dildo in
your ass in deeper and the vibration begins from it also.
The leather strap that had hit your buttocks now is pressed
between your legs and forces both hard cocks deeper into you
and is fastened to the front of the belt around your waist.
You move from one orgasm to another, stimulated by the
artificial, vibrating cocks within you and the heat cream on
your clit. Fingers flick at your pinched tits and this
sends you into a wave of orgasms. Your body is dripping wet
from the perspiration. You hear the door open and close and
you are left hanging there brought from one orgasm to
another to another.
After a very long time to you, but in reality only
about an hour, you hear the door open again and feel the
strap being undone from the waist belt. Slowly it is thread
back between your legs and then the dildo in your pussy is
turned off then the one in your ass. You are unhooked and
your arms are secured behind you once again and led slowly
from the room. The dildos still seated deep within you.
You are so tired from the orgasmic pleasures you can
hardly walk. Suddenly you are lifted into someone’s arm and
carried. You are placed on a bed on your back. Your hands
are unhooked then hooked to the head of the bed. Slowly the
dildos are pulled from you. You suddenly feel empty and
open. Your feet are pulled wide apart and attached to the
foot of the bed. You suddenly feel someone between your
legs and slowly you can feel a cock being pressed into your
well used pussy. Slowly the cock pumps in and out of you,
until finally as you are about to erupt with another orgasm,
you feel the cock swell and the hot cream fills you.
After a few more hard, fast strokes inside you the limp
member is pulled out and the capture moves over your leg and
lays on the bed on your right side. You think it is over,
but suddenly you feel the presence of your other capture
between your legs. His cock is thick and hurts when he
pushes into you. He slams it in and out of you, as though
he was in a big hurry to achieve his goal. Faster and hard,
deeper and deeper, then you feel yourself tighten around the
cock and another orgasm flushes through your body. He
continues to beat his cock in and out of you for several
minutes more, bringing you to yet another orgasm, then you
feel his hot cream shot into you. As it does, he thrusts
even hard and deeper into you, until his member is limp.
Finally he withdraws and rolls over to your left side and
lays on the bed. A hand reaches to your nipples and the
pinching devices are removed. You all sleep soundly, you
especially, for it is the first time you have ever been so
filled and fulfilled sexually.