Lesbian outdoor sex story

Sue had the idea first, when she saw the ad in the magazine that
day in the office. I was typing at the computer when she called me over.
“Zoe,” she babbled excitedly, “this is just the thing. Look!”

We’d been thinking about a holiday for some months, but all we knew
was we wanted something different this year, just something out of the
ordinary. I mean how many times could you go to Spain, get shagged by a
bloke you’d never see again and then simply come home? What we wanted was a
holiday with a difference and, as I looked through the ad, I had the
feeling Sue just might have found it.

I confess I had a few doubts. Being a city girl, the idea of a week
out in the woods miles from anywhere was something of a challenge. After
all, what if we wanted to watch TV? Or get a Big Mac? And where, more
importantly, would be the blokes? But Sue had an answer to that one
straight away . . . Continue reading Lesbian outdoor sex story

Hormones to be a man

Aaron and Dan

Living in a suburban home with both parents working leaves you a lot
of free time. During school I did my homework or jacked off thinking about
other guys in my school. I maintained my body well because during the
summer months I practiced my boxing. I have a nice chest with a six pack
stomach. The girls love to touch me and feel my chest but I was never
really attracted to them, except for one, Julie, she was always nice to me.
Oh by the way, my name’s Aaron. I’m 5’8″, 160lbs. Of muscle, and I have a
7″ dick hard. I’ve had a few girls over time but they never lasted. So
finally the last day of school arrived. The alarm went off at 6am. I
turned it off, rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. I showered, and
dressed, and threw on my clothes and went to school.
The day dragged on, taking my last finals were a fucking pain.
Finally the last bell rang and we were off for the summer.
“Hey Aaron, wait up!” yelled my best friend Dan. Julie was right
behind him.
“Hey Dan, hi Julie.” I said.
“What are you doing this afternoon Aaron?” asked Dan.
“Nothing, but my parents will be away for the rest of the week if you
two would like to come over and stay the night.”
“That sounds great, what time should we be over?” Julie asked.
“Around 5:00 is good. I still need the rematch Dan.”
“I know, I can’t wait to kick your ass again.” Dan said smiling.
“Fuck you. Haha. See you two at 5:00 then.” They both agreed and I
drove home. When I got home I dropped my bookbag on the floor and went
downstairs to the basement. My boxing stuff was down there plus my
weights. I got out my boxing gloves and went over to the bag. I took my
shirt off and grabbed a water bottle and sprayed water on my body to try to
keep me cool longer. I started punching the bag with small punches, hen
progressed into and aggressive fight. After about 45min of continuous
punching I was working a good sweat. I decided to lay down for a while and
rest until Dan and Julie came by. The doorbell rang not soon after. I
went up to answer it.
“Hey, you seem anxious to get going.” Dan said.
“I was practicing for you, lets go.” I led Julie and Dan downstairs.
Dan stripped to his boxers, and Julie took her shirt off revealing full
breasts underneath a bikini top.
“Ok, I’ll make a deal with you guys, the first person to win, gets to
fuck me. Deal” Julie said.
“That sounds good to me.” I said. Dan also agreed and we got into our
fighting positions and began.
For the first five minutes we just danced around throwing small jabs
here and there. But after that Dan got very aggressive. He connected a
solid right hook to my head, I backed up to the wall and tried to cover my
body with my arms. But Dan delivered more than a dozen blows to my
stomach. I went down on my stomach and tried to get up. Dan lifted me up
an pushed me up against the wall. He hit me again with a dozen more
punched to the head. After that I was out cold. I woke up what seemed
like an hour later. I could hear moaning from the other end of the room.
I looked up to see Dan and Julie fucking. I got up and stripped naked, I
went over to them and placed my hand on Dan’s back.
“You need some assistance?” I said, and rammed my dick into his ass.
He yelled loudly as my hard-on penetrated his anus. I pumped him hard, he
seemed to get it on with Julie even more as my balls slapped against his
ass. At about the same time we both came and we all collapsed.
“That was really nice you two.” Julie said with a smile.
“Shit, its almost 10:00, you were out for a long time Aaron, I’m sorry
about that.”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ve had worse. hah.”
“I’m beat, lets go to bed.” Dan said, we all agreed and I led the way
to my room. My bed could only fit two people, so Aaron and I decided to
take turns, and allowed Julie to sleep in the bed for the two nights.
Since it was my house, Dan told me to go first. We all got settled in,
Julie and I waited until Dan was asleep before we faced each other.
“So, how do you want to do this?” I asked, as I kissed her.
“Well, why don’t I be on the bottom. And do it gently, we don’t want
to disturb Dan.” she said with a smile.
I got into position and slowly slid me penis into her pussy. We
kissed passionately as I humped her. We rocked back and forth slowly until
I came, we both moaned, trying not to wake Dan.
“That was real good Aaron, I wish we could have done this sooner.”
She said between kisses.
“I’ll be right back Julie.” I said, and kissed her, and went
downstairs. I slowly went to the kitchen to get a drink. I had my back
turned to the doorway and didn’t see Dan come in.
“Hey lovebird, that was a nice fuck you had.” Dan said, startling me.
He was still naked, as was I, and he had raging hardon that was standing
pointing towards his muscular stomach. My dick immediately began to rise
when he came in.
“You like that? Can you do any better?” I asked. He just smiled and
came over to me. He lifted me on to the counter and bent down. He took my
entire penis into his mouth and gave me the best blowjob I have ever
gotten. Before I could cum he pulled out and kissed me hard on the mouth.
He started to hump my crotch as our dicks slid next to each other. We were
hugging each other and kissing each others necks, his body became tense and
spasmed as he reached climax. Dan shot his load all over my stomach and
led, as I did the same to him. We both licked each other up and went back
to bed. The next day would be one of the best days of my life as Julie
told us she invited a couple of her boy and girl friends over…

Tropical Sex Story

The two years since my divorce had been filled with loneliness and
depression, and my few attempts at dating had been awkward and unsatisfying.
I had deeply loved my wife, and until she met Paul we’d been very happy
together and enjoyed a good sex life. After the divorce, the few dates that
ended in bed had provided temporary physical relief but left me feeling empty
and emotionally numb. Fortunately, I was able to immerse myself in my work
and managed for the most part to hide my unhappiness. Some of my frustration
seemed to find an outlet in mastering the challenges presented by my job, and
from Monday through Friday I was reasonably content. Weekends were, of course,
a different story. Continue reading Tropical Sex Story

Attractive collegue

that week i was going around to all the company’s PCs, updating
the network software; at one point i found myself alone in the
manager’s office with his secretary, Marseya. She has a lovely
precise, British accent, which contrasts in an interesting way with
her exotic asian looks; dark brown shoulder-length hair, her lips
ever pursed on the edge of a smile. Her dress-sense… neat?
neatness isn’t quite the word (although it would have been impossible
to describe her as untidy)… fashionable? i can’t see her as a
slave to the dictates of others when it comes to clothes; all i can
say is that what she wore accentuated her slight figure in a very
attractive way. Continue reading Attractive collegue

Secret fetish bondage

It all happened on a unusually warm night for December, in
1988. I work for a law office in the Capitola area, as I work on a computer
much of the time I often come in to work in the middle of the night. This
particular night was just one of the many that I spend sitting in my private
office tapping away at the keyboard. I was working on a secret project of
mine when I heard a noise, and it didn’t sound like any I had ever heard
before. I left my office. The atmosphere was quite sinister, I used all my
years of Chuck Norris films to make my way to the source.

I peeked around the last corner and saw quite a sight. Julie, a secretary we
had just had to fire was on her knees carefully sawing the legs of her ex-
boss’s chair. She was cutting carefully so that the first time he sat down it
would break and drop him to the floor with a mighty thump. I cleared my
throat with a carefully measured “Hrumph.” She immediately bolted
upright, quite surprised by my intrusion into her little game of revenge. Continue reading Secret fetish bondage

Hot wife

I married Jane when we were both still in college, a little
over ten years ago. They have been a great ten years. I just
had my 32nd birthday, and Jane’s is in a couple of months.
Jane still looks fantastic. We walk or cycle almost
everyday, and she teaches an aerobic class at the community
center. He body is firmer and tighter, now, than it was when I
met her. She is 5’6″, weighs about 110-115, and measures in at
an eye-catching 36-24-35. She has deep green eyes, a great
complexion, and bright blonde hair cut in a short, stylish bob.
So, when I tell you that just looking at her still makes my heart
go pitter-patter, you know why. Continue reading Hot wife

Bondage in country

It is one of fall’s indian summer days and we decide to indulge in
one of the last warm sunny days by taking a ride. Today I insist that
you wear a dress which is made of a light cotton, ties up the bodice,
and has a short flirty skirt. You try to protest claiming that while
the day is warm there is still a cool breeze. We settle that you
should wear your leather jacket and press close to me while riding.

The ride is primarily uneventful as road winds sharply and any
distractions could be deadly. The speed is high and I can feel you
pressed to me. I start to slow down, you attempt to scream above the
wind and the engine but your words fly away. I turn down a small road
curving into a small clearing by a lake. You gently dismount so I can
put the bike on the center stand. A smile crosses your face as you
comprehend the action. You mount the bike, only this time placing your
arse on the gas tank, facing me. I can smell your excitement and push
your skirt up to reveal a pair of frilly bikini underwear. Continue reading Bondage in country

Bored babes

The mild winter began to recline into the arms of an anxious
spring. Jim opened the door to approach his car for the trip to
his office, as his nostrils were welcomed by the fragrance of the
changing season. His heart was light, and he had a bounce in his
step. The conversation that occupied the previous evening was
music to his ears.

Marilyn, a computer bulletin board friend had agreed to meet
him for the first time. She wanted to know more about the use of
hypnosis in sex. They had shared many thoughts on previous evenings. Some were simply warm and friendly, and others were
downright steaming. They had discussed everything from children
and pets to jumping one another’s bones. Continue reading Bored babes


You walk into the house and it is dark. This is not
unusual, as you live alone. However, tonight you worked
especially late for a Friday night and it was now nearly ten
thirty when you unlocked your front door.
You walked into the foyer and as you reached for the
light a hand grabs your and pulls you away from the light
switch. Suddenly another hand grabs for your free hand and
pulls it back behind you and both hands are quickly secured
behind you with the click of a pair of handcuffs. Continue reading Captured

Paying for sex

One Thursday night, Tim and I were home watching TV when one of my
girlfriends called. She had stopped for a drink after work and ran into
two of our old classmates from graduate school and she was calling to
invite me to join them for a drink and some gossip.
I was still dressed from work and hurriedly put my shoes back on and
checked my purse for cash. Of course, my liquid assets totalled $2.14! I
asked Tim for some cash rather than wasting time stopping at an automatic
Tim smiled and brought out his wallet.
“Wait a minute,” he smiled, holding his wallet above his head, away
from my open hand, “How badly do you need this cash?”
“Come on, Tim, I’m in a hurry.” Continue reading Paying for sex

Mind sex story

Jim wondered whether he was unusual in terms of his sexual
fantasies. He had married his childhood sweetheart when they were
both relatively young. He and Peggy had started going together
when he was seventeen and she fifteen. They were married at
twenty-one and nineteen respectively. After about a year’s marriage, Jim began his fantasies about Peggy making love to another
man. He never really analyzed why this idea excited him. All he
knew was that his cock became eight inches of rock hard sex when-
ever he thought of it.

He wondered how he might be able to broach the topic with
Peggy without offending her. Their regular sex life was rather
exciting. They fucked often and with a fervor. She was a fox. Her
height was about 5’3″ and she weighed about 120 pounds. She had
great tits that filled a 34 C bra without trouble. With a rather
small waste, she sported the lovely undulating pair of buttocks
that rippled so nicely when she walked. Needless to say, Jim’s
mind worked overtime when it came to his libido.

Jim tried some of the traditional approaches like attending
X-Rated movies and playing touch and go with some of their
friends. She never found any of his friends exciting enough to
respond or say anything that would suggest she wanted to fuck any
of them. Then one day she returned home after working the after-
noon shift at a local assembly plant. She indicated that Ray, a
guy that worked on her line, was teasing her about her jeans
being too tight. She asked Jim if he thought that Ray was right. Continue reading Mind sex story

Teen girl slave

There he was again. Every day for two weeks he had been in her
car on the subway. She had felt him staring at first and had smiled to
him politely. He did not approach her during the train ride or after,
but for the 35 minutes it took to get her to her home station, he
watched her.
To start, Janet was rather annoyed at the invasion of privacy,
but as the days passed and she admired his muscular frame and soft blue
eyes she felt he was waiting for something.
This morning she had decided to do something about it. She had
woken up early to prepare. Her outfit for the day included medium
heels, garter belt and stockings, blouse, short-cut skirt, bra, and
jacket. Continue reading Teen girl slave

Sex at the poolside

It was a hot June afternoon. The humidity was low however
so it didn’t feel exhaustingly boiling outside. School had let
out not a month before and I couldn’t get over the feeling of
freedom. I was doing some things around the house feeling com-
fortable from the central air conditioning. Then, the doorbell
rang. I went to the door and there was Tiffany. I hadn’t seen
her since that BUS TRIP I took a few months back. She looked
spectacular! She was even more tan now then she was then. She
had on these bright pink shorts and a safire blue blouse which
was tied at the bottom. She had her hair partially pulled back,
but it looked real good. I smiled approvingly at her and said
“Hi, you’re right on time. C’mon in.” Continue reading Sex at the poolside

The four of us

We were in Jane’s room. She had a single room right next to Sam’s
(that’s Samantha, not Samuel) and it became a hang out for the four of
us. Brain was pretending to be asleep on the floor, and Sam was trying
to find a ticklish spot with little success. I was sitting behind Jane
on her bed, massaging her shoulders and neck. A nice neck, Burried
under her long brown hair was a firm little body that delightedly held
some curves. She was enjoying the backrub and said as much.
Just then, Sam found a ticklish spot, and Brain sat up, saying Hey
now, hey, now… He was from texas. It showed. He patted Sam on her
blonde head. She had long silky blonde hair that would put a fur seal
to shame. She also posessed a the narrowest waist I’ve ever seen on a
grown woman, all the more amazing set amid her more than generous
curves. Continue reading The four of us

Sex with a married man

This last weekend was a surprise for me, the first time I’d
“done” a married man (though god knows I’ve looked at ’em in the
past!). When it was all through, though, he could say he’d still
been (mostly) faithful.

I threw this small party for a dozen or so friends Friday
night, sort of a kickoff for the July 4 weekend. John came up
from The City, on his way to the Sierras for a weekend’s
backpacking, something his wife never really liked. I think she
went home to mother, or somesuch. Anyhow, the party went late,
and when it was breaking up, John asked if he could stay on the
sleeper in the living room, rather than try to drive on at night
to a dark campground. I said sure.
Continue reading Sex with a married man